Lendingkart Business Loan for Quick Finance

Lendingkart Business Loan for Quick Finance

12 Nov 2020

Any and every business requires financing for several reasons at different points in time. The needs for every business differs based on multiple factors. Any startup, for example, would require finances in order to organise operations. On the other hand, any small business would require finances for the flow of cash and working capital. Medium businesses generally require finances in order to purchase machinery, while large businesses require finances for much larger capital. At the end of the day, it is important to understand that it is much easier for large and established businesses to acquire or raise funds for their capital expenditure while it is not the case for small businesses looking for financial help in India.

The issue with machinery loans

Quick finance for a machinery loan in India has remained elusive for a large number of SMEs that are in need of business loans . What becomes difficult for these business owners is the fact that the nature of the SMEs mean that they cannot usually afford the collateralization of their holdings in order to get a machinery loan without security. One of the biggest disadvantages that are caused due to the lack and/or absence of adequate numbers of stable machinery loan(s) in the country is the fact that the SME sector in India contributes roughly 45% of the GDP, and is not equipped enough to compete with foreign businesses at this point. 

Lendingkart Business Loan

However, there has been some recent improvement in the matters of machinery loan in the country. There are a number of non-banking companies in India that are taking up the matter in their hands, and planning on providing financial help for the SMEs in India. Lendingkart Business Loan is one of the most widely known of such business loans, which is provided by an Indian NBFC, Lendingkart Finance. Lendingkart Business Loan is a machinery loan without security which can be used for achieving a stable working capital, purchase of machinery, and for meeting several other goals and objectives.

What are the features and/or benefits of Lendingkart Business Loan?

There are multiple benefits and reasons for which you should apply for Lendingkart Business Loan:

1. Lendingkart business loan offers business loans of upto Rs. 35 Lakhs. An amount as high as that would be highly beneficial in terms of developing one's business, and reaching their full potential with financial stability.

2. Lendingkart business loan has a superfast processing system. The entire process is online. If you are looking for Lendingkart Business Loan, apply easily online at Finserv MARKETS. The process of application is smooth and requires no heavy paperworks or documentation.

3. If you are looking for Lendingkart Business Loan, apply without worrying about turnaround time or the disbursement of funds. The money would be credited in your account within three working days.

4. One of the most vital features of this business loan is that there are no collaterals associated. It is a machinery loan without security, which is best suited for small or micro businesses that cannot afford to pledge what they own as security as part of the deal.

5. Lendingkart Business Loan comes with interest rates that are best suited for the business workers. You will be able to find low interest rates that are perfect for the loan amount that you are looking for with the help of the business and/or data tools being used.

6. The tenure for repayment ranges between 6 months and 36 months. Therefore, there is flexibility in terms of what tenure you would like to choose for yourself.

7. There are absolutely zero hidden costs associated with the lendingkart business loan. There is only one processing fee that is 1-2% to be paid. 

Eligibility for Lendingkart Business Loan

If you are looking for Lendingkart Business Loan, apply keeping in mind the criteria for eligibility:

●  The business in question has to be in operator for a minimum of 6 months at the time of application.

●  If you are applying for the loan, a minimum of Rs. 12,00,000 turnover per annum would be required, which would be applicable for three months prior to the date of application.

● The applicant or the borrower has to be between the age of 25 and 60 years.

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Documentation Required for Lendingkart Business Loan

The following are the list of documents and paperwork that would be required to complete the application process:

1. Address proof such as Aadhar card, voter’s ID, or driving license, etc.

2. Proof of identity such as Aadhar card, Passport, or Driving license, etc.

3. Business proof such as trade license, certificate of GST registration, sales tax.

4. Photocopies of the returns of income tax of 2 years prior to the application.

5. Bank statements of the past 12 months prior to the application.

Lendingkart Business Loan is available on Finserv MARKETS with minimal paperwork and complete transparency. The turnarounds and disbursal are fast, and there are no collaterals or hidden costs associated. The repayment term is flexible and ranges between 6-36 months.

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