Bajaj Finserv Business Loan EMI Calculator

Now that you have decided to opt for a business loan, it is important that you plan your EMIs and other monthly business commitments in advance. The aim is to pay the EMIs on time without defaulting. To ensure this, you need to know the exact monthly outflow of your EMI and that is exactly what the Business Loan EMI Calculator by Bajaj Markets does for you.

How to use the Bajaj Business Loan EMI Calculator

Calculating your loan EMI is really a simple process. You need to click on the Business Loan EMI Calculator onBajaj Markets website. After that, all you need to do is to input the following:

  • Business loan amount: This is the principal amount of Bajaj Finserv Business loan that you wish to avail from us.
  • Rate of Interest: The rate of interest is the actual cost of your Business Loan application.
  • Loan tenure: The next input is the loan tenure or loan duration. This the total duration in months or years in which the EMI will repaid.

In a nutshell, you need to do here is to provide the required loan amount, rate of interest, and loan tenure as input to get the required information. You will instantly get the amount of EMI that you need to pay against your business loan.

Benefits of Choosing Bajaj Finserv Business Loan

  • Instant Loans

Whatever your need be, get business loans online for self-employed individuals for up to Rs. 30 Lakhs to live your dream!

  • Exclusive Offerings

We offer tailor-made Bajaj Finserv pre-approved loans to meet all your financial requirements.

  • Zero Collateral

No need for a guarantor when you apply for a Business Loan. We trust you.

  • Range of Tenure

With repayment tenures ranging from 12-60 months, choose between short-term or long-term loans.

  • Value Added Services

Get easy access to your Financial Health Check Report (FHCR) and protect your business loan liability with customized insurance plans.

Bajaj Finserv Business Loan Interest Rate and Charges

The processing fee for Business loan payable to Bajaj Finserv is up to 2% of the loan amount. The Foreclosure Charges amount to 4% of the outstanding loan amount in addition with the applicable taxes. In case, you are not able to pay your loan on time, you will be charged a penal interest of 2% per month on your overdue EMI in addition to the applicable taxes.

Documents required for Bajaj Finserv Business Loan

Following are the documents required while applying for a Business Loan:

  • Proof of Applicant's Identity: Passport, Photo PAN card, Voter’s identity card, Driving license and MAPIN card
  • Proof of Address: Ration card/Telephone Bill/ Lease agreement/ Electricity Bill/ Passport/Trade license /Sales Tax certificate
  • Proof of Age: Passport, Photo PAN card, Voter’s identity card
  • Financial Documents: Copies of IT returns for the last two years along with the latest Bank statements for 6 months and P & L and balance sheet for last two years audited by a C.A.
  • A passport size photograph

Frequently Asked Questions on Business Loans

✔️ How much money is considered a small business loan?

On Finserv MARKETS, you can get a small business loan of up to Rs. 30 Lakhs.

✔️What is the interest rate for Bajaj Finserv Business Loan?

The interest rate on Bajaj Finserv Business Loan starts from 12.99% p.a. onwards.

✔️What is the minimum and maximum business loan repayment tenure at Bajaj Finserv?

You can calculate the EMI using the Business Loan EMI Calculator, by entering the loan amount, repayment tenure and rate of interest.

✔️How to calculate your EMI using an unsecured business loans calculator?

You can calculate the EMI using the Business Loan EMI Calculator, by entering the loan amount, repayment tenure and rate of interest.