Business Loan EMI Calculator

Though the loan repayment appears to be a very simple process, it requires careful planning. Paying EMIs on time requires managing the finances efficiently so that your monthly budget does not dwindle. By using the Business Loan EMI Calculator available on Finserv MARKETS, you can determine the monthly EMIs that needs to be repaid, so that your finances are in place.

How is the Business Loan EMI Calculated?

The business loan calculator by Finserv MARKETS, is a simple online tool, with which you can find out the EMI that you need to pay per month. There are three inputs, which you need to enter to find out the EMI. They are as follows:

  • Loan Amount

It is the loan amount that you want.

  • Rate of Interest

This is the amount that a lender charges along with the principal. It is expressed in percentage.

  • Loan Tenure

This is the period over which you need to repay the loan.

The formula used is:

E = P * r * (1+r)^n / ((1+r)^n-1)

Where ‘E’ is EMI

‘P’ is the Principal Loan Amount

‘r' is the rate of interest calculated every month

‘n’ is the tenor or duration of the loan

Use our Business Loan Calculator to calculate your EMI instantly

What are the Benefits of a ‘Business Loan EMI Calculator’?

The main benefit of the EMI Calculator is that you can find out the amount that you need to pay monthly before actually paying it. This will help you plan your monthly budget accordingly. Also, you can realize as to how much amount that you can set aside for your EMIs and how much for monthly expenses.

Check out the business loan eligibility criteria to find out if you qualify for a business loan.

Benefits of Choosing Finserv MARKETS for Business Loan

The Business Loans available on Finserv MARKETS are custom-made and convenient to all your financial needs. The end to end online process is very smooth and you can proceed with minimal documentation requirements. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Business Loan

✔️What happens if I miss one EMI payment?

Missing an EMI payment can lead to late payment fee that you need to pay.

✔️Why is it important to calculate Emi before taking out a business loan?

Calculating the EMI beforehand can help you find out the EMI amount that you need to pay monthly and manage your finances accordingly. 

✔️Will my EMI change in the future or remain the same?

The EMI typically remains the same.

✔️Can the interest in EMI be reduced?

Yes, the interest can be reduced with increase in repayment tenure. 

✔️What is the mode of repayment of the monthly EMI?

EMIs can be paid online through debit mandate, ECS or cheques.