Business Loan from Prefr Partners Interest Rates

Business Loan from Prefr Partners Interest Rates

Loan of up to ₹2 Lakhs | No Collateral | Quick Disbursal

Business Loan from Prefr Partners

Business Loans by Prefr Partners help you scale your business to great heights, whether it is purchasing new equipment, hiring more personnel, clearing your debts, or expanding the operations. These loans come at highly attractive interest rates making your process of availing the loan hassle-free. There are also certain processing charges that you need to pay in order to avail the loan.

At Bajaj MARKETS, you can get Business Loans at affordable interest rates & processing charges. Take a look at the business loan interest rates with the help of the table given below.

Prefr Partners Business Loan Interest Rates and Charges

Interest Rate

10% - 16% per month

Associated Charges

Processing Fees: 3-5% (Approximately) with Minimum Processing fee of INR 1500 + GST

Foreclosure Charges: 4% of outstanding loan amount + GST

(Allowed only after 3 installments).

Repayment tenure

6 months – 24 months

Disbursal Time

24 hours

Factors that Affects Business Loan Interest Rate

Credit Score: A great credit score always helps you with a competitive interest rate. A high credit score is always appreciated and makes your loan process smoother.

Business Experience: It means how much experience do you have in your business. The more the experience, the easier it is to avail a business loan with an affordable interest rate.

Monthly Revenue of your Business: Regular & stable income has a strong bearing on the repayment capability of your business. We make it a point to analyse the daily average balance before deciding your business loan interest rate.

Collateral: This means the security that you are willing to pledge for availing the business loan. The higher the value of the secured asset, the higher the chances of you getting the business loan at an affordable interest rate. Collateral such as home equity, deposits, equipment, and investment real estate can be pledged as a security.

Why Choose Bajaj MARKETS

A Business Loan from Bajaj MARKETS will always give you benefits such as

  • End to End Online Process

  • Minimal Documentation

  • Zero Hidden Charges

To know more benefits on availing a business loan from Bajaj MARKETS, please visit our Business Loan Features & Benefits section.