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The city of Hyderabad is known for its trade center for diamonds and pearls and is therefore known as the ‘City of Pearls’. The growth of the financial services sector has helped in the evolution of the services industry in the city. Also, considering the rise of online pharmacy in the city, the industrial sector is constantly growing and is widely seen as the country’s major distributor of bulk drug and vaccine production. Hyderabad also has a prominent location for aerospace, computer, and electronic related hardware industries.


Such business opportunities are sure to catch the interest of enterprising entrepreneurs, who can start their businesses here and take advantage of the growth opportunity the city has to offer. To start a business these entrepreneurs will require a good amount of funds. By availing a business loan at Finserv MARKETS they can kick start their career and fulfill all the financial requirements with ease.

Start-up Business Loan

This loan is ideal for budding entrepreneurs in order to manage sufficient finances to fund their start-ups. If your business requires financial assistance you can easily avail startup business loans from leading financial institutions at attractive interest rates. At Finserv MARKETS the Bajaj Finserv Business Loan for start-ups can be availed up to an amount of INR 30 Lakhs with facilities like quick loan approval and instant cash disbursal.

MSME business loan

An MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) loan can be used for several purposes such as upgrading your company’s infrastructure, buying / repairing machinery, purchasing raw materials, etc. It is extremely easy to avail an MSME business loan to meet your business’ working capital requirements. This loan can be used for several purposes such as upgrading your company’s infrastructure, buying and repairing factory machinery, purchasing raw materials, etc. With us, at Finserv MARKETS, you can easily avail MSME and SME business loans to set-up or expand your business.

Features and benefits of applying for a business loan in Hyderabad

  • Instant Loans

Avail business loans online for self-employed individuals for up to Rs. 30 Lakhs. You can utilize the business loan funds to meet the different needs of business ventures.

  • Exclusive Offerings

Bajaj Finserv pre-approved loans are designed to meet all your financial requirements and if you’re already a customer at Finserv MARKETS, you get access to special offers like lower interest rates and much more.

  • No Collateral required

When applying for a business loan you are not required to provide a guarantor or pledge any of your valuable assets as collateral.

  • Range of Tenure

With repayment tenures ranging from 12-60 months, choose between short-term or long-term loans. With our flexible loan repayment tenure, the loan can be repaid easily through easy monthly installments. Our business loans in Hyderabad are designed to provide momentum to the growing small businesses.

  • Value-Added Services

Along with your business loan, on Finserv MARKETS, you can get access to your Financial Health Check Report(FHCR). You can also get protection against your business loan liabilities with customized insurance plans.

Business Loan eligibility criteria

To avail a business loan in Hyderabad, the following eligibility criteria needs to be fulfilled:

  • Your age should be between 25-66 years

  • To be eligible for the loan you need to be a self-employed individual

  • A minimum vintage of 3 years is required for your business

  • Income tax returns of at least 1 year are required for your business

Documents required for business loan

The documents required for Business Loan are as follows:

  • Aadhaar Card/Passport/Driving License.

  • PAN Card.


Steps to apply for a business loan in Hyderabad

To apply for a Bajaj Finserv Business Loan you need to follow the steps below.

  • Online Form Filling

The online application process makes it easier for anyone to apply for a loan for your business. You simply need to fill in your personal and employment details to get started with the process.

  • Specify Loan Details

You need to provide your loan details specifically like the amount you require for your business and the repayment tenure of the loan.

  • Approval & Disbursal

Our representative will process your loan application within a few hours after you submit it. With loan approval in 3 minutes, you can expect to get the money credited in your bank account within 24 hours.

  • Business Loan Disbursement

Quick disbursement of loan makes it easier for a business owner to utilize it for their business. With Bajaj Finserv Business Loan, your loan amount would get disbursed within a few hours after you get done with the final paperwork and sign a contract with us.

Calculate your Business Loan EMIs

The Business Loan EMI Calculator on Finserv MARKETS is an online tool that provides you the exact amount that you need to pay as EMI by taking into account the following 3 factors:

  • Loan amount: This is the principal amount of loan that you wish to apply for

  • Rate of interest: You can fill your desired rate of interest here

  • Loan tenure: The next input is the loan duration. This is the tenure (year or months) in which you will pay back the borrowed amount.

By getting a business loan at Finserv MARKETS, you can avail the necessary financing for your business. Bajaj Finserv business loans come with attractive interest rates. The online application for business loans is quite simple and easy; you also get pre-approved offers for an instant loan without any collateral. The business loan amount can be utilized in undertaking various business operations, such as an expansion of your business, acquisition of other companies, buying high-value and getting new machinery or equipment, etc. At Finserv MARKETS, you can enjoy custom-made online Bajaj Finserv loans with flexible repayment tenures and get access to your personalized Financial Health Check Report.

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