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CRIF Highmark is a credit bureau that provides CRIF credit scores and a credit history of an individual or an organisation. It was founded in 2007 and was able to work as a credit bureau in 2010 after receiving its license from RBI. CRIF Highmark works among a number of sectors ranging from the commercial sector to the agricultural sector. The credit score it provides is essential to soliciting financial services such as Loans for personal use or Business use such as those available on the Finserv MARKETS portal. 

CRIF High Mark Credit Score Meaning

The CRIF credit score can range from 300 to 900 for individuals. The CRIF score means that an individual is creditworthy and depending on the score can reflect how likely they are to default on a loan in the coming year. The higher the CRIF credit score, the less likely they are to default on the loan.

What is the CRIF Score Range?

Similar to CIBIL in India, the CRIF score ranges from 300 to 900, this is what each range in the CRIF score means:

1. 300 to 600 -

This score is indicative of a poor credit score and that this individual is likely not to complete their loan payments. This score would show that they have poor credit history, therefore, most lenders would not provide loans to those with such low scores

2. 600 to 800-

This score shows that the individual may have a history of some late payments or loan defaults however, with stricter terms and conditions, some banks may choose to take them on for a loan after assessing the risks.

3. 680 to 750-

An ideal CRIF score means 750 or above to be considered by banks for loans. It shows creditworthiness, timely payments and a good combined credit history of both secured and unsecured credit.

4. 750 to 900-

Anyone with a CRIF score in this range is considered the least risky and most trustworthy as they are known to repay loans on time and have not defaulted either. Lenders will lend to them without any stress and even offer some exciting deals.

Most Financial services providers require CRIF scores in the higher ranges. For example, the Home loans, available on the Finserv MARKETS portal require a CIBIL score of over 650, implying a similar cut-off for CRIF scores.

How to check your CRIF credit score?

According to the RBI guidelines, credit bureaus must show individuals a free credit report once a year. One can find out about their CRIF score and credit report through the online portal offered by CRIF High Mark where one can apply for the same.

Once the required information is provided, the CRIF credit score and report will be emailed to the concerned person. It is an efficient process online and if one wants a hard-copy via post that is also an option after providing the address as mentioned while providing proof of the same.

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Factors that affect a CRIF credit score

There are a few factors that can affect one’s CRIF score and therefore affect the creditworthiness of an individual while applying for loans with financial institutions:

1. Length of credit history:

The longer and more stable the credit history, the more banks are assured of the applicant’s ability to repay their dues.

2. Hard enquiries and soft enquiries:

 When a lender applies to see your credit history it is considered a hard enquiry, however a soft enquiry is when you wish to see your own credit history, such as before applying for a loan. Too many hard enquiries over a short period of time can give the image of an individual being too “credit hungry” and can adversely affect the CRIF score.

3. Past problems:

A negative mark can be seen through foreclosures, ‘settled’ accounts or loan defaults. These are shown in detail in the final report and too many negative marks shows poor creditworthiness.

4. Timely Repayments:

If one has ensured timely repayments of past debt and loans, it reduces one to be seen as a risk and assures lenders. This has a positive impact on one’s CRIF score.

5. Credit mix:

Having a longer credit history means that one should showcase a variety of credit types, secured and unsecured. It reflects good management over one’s finances and a positive effect on the CRIF score as well.

Two key differences between CRIF Highmark and CIBIL

Similar to CRIF High Mark, CIBIL is also a credit bureau in India. Both these bureaus offer credit scores and reports to both individuals as well as companies. Here are a few factors on how they differ from each other:

1. Cost of a report:

CIBIL offers subscription plans throughout the year however, one can also purchase the report and score at Rs. 550 after the first time being free of cost. CRIF offers the report and score for Rs. 399 after the first time.

2. Time needed to receive the report:

CIBIL requires one week to verify the documents and email or post one’s credit report. However, CRIF will email the report as soon as one answers the questions asked for on the portal correctly.


While applying for any loans, it is important to have a good credit history and score. A good CRIF score allows one to apply for such loans with financial institutions without being seen as a risk as long as one ensures timely payments of their loans.

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