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How do I transfer my Home Loan from one bank to another?

Home Loan Balance Transfer can be done by either applying for a new loan with the same loan provider or applying for a new loan with another loan provider who is offering a more affordable interest rate. You just need to get NOC from the current loan provider and apply for balance transfer with the new provider.

Should I transfer my Home Loan?

If another loan provider has better terms for the interest rate, loan tenure and the EMI amount, then you should consider Home Loan Balance Transfer.

Is balance transfer a good idea for Home Loan?

Whether or not balance transfer is a good idea for Home Loan depends on the benefit of such an action. The revised interest rates should not be offset by the processing fees and prepayment penalty charged by the provider for settling the loan early.

What is Home Loan Balance Transfer?

It refers to the facility where the entire unpaid principal loan amount of your Home Loan is transferred to another bank for a lower rate of interest.

What is Home Loan Balance Transfer charges?

When you apply for a Home Loan Balance Transfer, the loan provider charges you a prepayment penalty between 2% and 5% of the outstanding balance and processing fees which may be between 0.5% and 1% of the borrowed amount for the premature settlement of your loan.

Do balance transfers hurt credit?

No. A Home Loan Balance Transfer does not lower your credit score. Once the loan is foreclosed the same is reported to CIBIL as ‘Closed’ and it would have no impact on your CIBIL Score.

How long does it take to switch a lender?

It usually takes around 5 to 10 days to switch lenders. After you obtain a NOC and apply with the new lender, the new loan provider will evaluate your application and decide on your eligibility. You can get your Home Loan Balance Transfer application processed online and approved under just 3 minutes at Bajaj Markets.

What is the maximum limit for the transfer of amount?

The maximum Home Loan amount you can apply for is Rs 3.5 crore.

Can I get a top-up loan at the time of balance transfer?

Yes, if you need a top-up at the time of balance transfer, you can get it without any extra documentation.

Can repayment period be extended at the time of transfer?

Yes, you get the flexibility of choosing your Home Loan repayment tenure that goes up to 300 months and even part-pay or foreclose the loan without paying any charges on Bajaj Markets.

Do I require a guarantor for Home Loan transfer?

No. There is no mandatory requirement for a guarantor.

Can a Home Loan be transferred to another person?

Yes. You can transfer your Home Loan to another person if you are selling your property to that individual. It is, in fact, very convenient to do - if you have a running Home Loan and you plan to sell off your property, then the buyer can avail Home Loan from the same lender though an internal Home Loan Balance Transfer.

Is Home Loan Balance Transfer eligible for PMAY?

Yes. PMAY already offers a low-interest rate, so a Home Loan Balance Transfer would certainly be useful, but you have to be eligible for PMAY. You can learn more about the nuances of this scheme here.

Can we transfer Home Loan from NBFC to bank?

Yes, you can. However, if you opt for Bajaj Markets for your Home Loan Balance Transfer, you can benefit from lower interest rates, lower EMIs, top-up loans, among other benefits.

How does Home Loan Balance Transfer work?

Once you have carried out a cost-benefit analysis to conclude that a balance transfer would be a beneficial option, you need to obtain a NOC from the current loan provider and apply for a balance transfer with the new loan.