✓ Home Loan Balance Transfer Facility ✓ Multiple Lending Partners ✓ Interest Rates Starting @ 8.50%


Registered with the National Housing Bank, PNB Housing Finance is among the leading Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) for providing home loans. One of the key highlights of its home loan facilities is the provision for PNB home loan balance transfer. If you have availed a home loan from any other financial institution and want to avail lower EMI payments, then you can apply for home loan transfer at Finserv MARKETS. The approval of the application is subject to fulfilling the eligibility conditions and submission of the requisite documents.


The PNB home loan transfer rate starts from 8.50%, depending upon various factors such as loan amount and tenures. Along with availing a lower interest rate on your outstanding amount of home loan, this balance transfer facility can also allow you to change the terms of your home loan. For instance, you can choose to increase the tenures. 

PNB Home Loan Balance Transfer Features

Here’s a look at the features of the home loan balance transfer facility:

  • Loan to Value Ratio:

The loan to value ratio in home loans is the maximum percentage of the property value that a lending institution provides to a borrower. For home loan balance transfer, PNB will sanction a maximum LTV ratio as specified below: 

Loan Amount

LTV ratio

Up to Rs. 30 Lakhs


Between Rs. 30 Lakhs and Rs. 75 Lakhs


Above Rs. 75 Lakhs



  • Tenure:

For PNB home loan balance transfer, you can avail a maximum tenure of up to 30 years.

  • Collateral:

For PNB home loan balance transfer, you have to submit the required documents about the property being financed. You might be also required to provide for additional collateral or security, based on the review of your application.

Other Features of PNB Home Loan Balance Transfer

Other features of this facility include:

  • Zero foreclosure and part-payment fee.

  • Minimal documentation and the fast process of your application.

  • Competitive PNB home loan transfer interest rate.

  • Flexible terms and conditions. 

PNB Home Loan Balance Interest Rate

You can avail affordable PNB home loan transfer rate by opting for this facility. The interest rate starts from 8.50% for salaried individuals and 8.55% for self-employed applicants. This rate is contingent upon the following variables:

  • Credit score:

A credit score is a three-digit number, reflecting your creditworthiness. A higher credit score will enable you to avail home loan at a lower PNB home loan transfer rate. 

  • Income:

A higher income will provide you with an affordable PNB home loan transfer rate. 

  • Loan amount:

For a higher loan amount, exceeding Rs. 30 Lakhs, you can be required to pay higher interest rates. 

  • Loan tenure:

A longer tenure can allow you to avail lower PNB home loan transfer rate. 

  • Nature of employment:

Salaried individuals can avail lower rates of interest as compared to self-employed individuals. 

  • Type of interest rate:

You can choose either fixed or floating rates of interest. The interest rates for loans not linked with Repo Linked Lending Rate (Floating interest rates) ate typically higher. 

PNB Home Loan Balance Transfer Documents Required

You are required to submit the following documents:

  • Filled-in application form.
  • Address proof, like Aadhaar, Voter’s Id, passport, driving license etc.

  • Identity proof.

  • Salary slips and Form 16 for salaried individuals.

  • IT Returns for a minimum of 3 years along with financial reports, like profit and loss account and balance sheet for self-employed individuals.

  • Self-attested passport size photographs.

  • Copies of the property documents.

  • No Objection Certificate or consent letter from the current lending institution.

PNB Home Loan Balance Transfer Fees and Charges

For availing this facility, you have to pay different charges and fees depending upon your state of residence and the current home loan provider. Here’s a look: 


PNB Home Loan Details

Interest Rate

  • Salaried Applicants: 8.50% p.a. onwards 
  • Self-employed Applicants:  8.55% p.a. onwards 

Processing Fees

  • Salaried Applicants: 0.25% of the loan amount 
  • Self-employed Applicants: 0.50% of the loan amount

Loan Tenure

  •  Up to 360 months (for salaried applicants)
  • Up to 360 months (for self-employed applicants)

*The charges are subject to policy changes of PNB Housing Finance, from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions on PNB Home Loan Balance Transfer

✔️What is the process for applying for PNB Home Loan Balance Transfer?

Applying for balance transfer on Finserv MARKETS is really simple. Enter personal and income details, select the repayment tenure as per your choice and you are good to go.

✔️Who is eligible for PNB Home Loan Balance Transfer?

Salaried and self-employed applicants are eligible for Home Loan Balance Transfer.

✔️How is the quantum of loan arrived at?

The quantum of loan is based on your income and property value.

✔️If a floating rate of interest is opted for, will the EMI change with the change in the rate of interest?

Yes, the EMI will change in tune with the rate of change in interest rates. In the case of interest rate fluctuations, you can either opt for a change in EMIs or choose to extend your loan tenure.

✔️Are there any prepayment charges for PNB Home Loan Balance Transfer?

No, there are zero charges for part-payment or prepayment.