Home Renovation Trends

Check Recent Trends to Renovate your Home

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A home is a place where you put down your roots and build a family. But that does not mean that it has to stay the same over the years. In fact, as the years pass by and the needs of your family changes, some home alterations may even be necessary. A home renovation project can help give new life to your old space, and help your house keep pace with the times. 


In recent years, many new home remodelling trends have been growing popular in the country. So, if you are planning to give your home an upgrade, it may help to be aware of the top home renovation trends in 2023.

So, let us take a look at 6 of the latest home renovation trends that are on the rise. 

1. Special Office Spaces

Remote working has become increasingly popular and necessary in recent years. Taking this into account, many home renovators have now begun to include personalised home office spaces as a part of their remodelling projects. 


If you are planning to modernise your home, you may want to include an exclusive home office too. You can set aside an entire spare room for this, or allocate a small area in an existing room for this purpose. Ensure that your office space has ample light and enough power sockets.

2. Multi-functional kitchens

Another recent home remodel trend in 2023 is replacing the traditional kitchen space with a multifunctional kitchen area. A kitchen is, after all, the heart of a home. And if you are planning to redo a part of your house or all of it, you may want to give your kitchen an upgrade. 


Modern multifunctional kitchens have dedicated areas for food preparation, doing the dishes, storage and even for dining together as a family. The use of hidden storage cabinets can also give your kitchen an aesthetic appearance while still keeping it functional.

3. Spa-Like Bathrooms

Also among the top home renovation trends in 2023, spa-like bathrooms have an ambiance to mimic that of a 5-star hotel or a top of the range spa. Some popular trends in this regard include a wooden finish, modern furnishings and fittings, delicate hidden lighting, and dimmable lights. 


You can also include a full size bathtub to give your bathroom a better ambiance. Many modern day bathrooms also have dedicated spaces for holding candles, incense and aromatic oil diffusers. 

4. Additional Storage Areas

Storage is an important part of living in most Indian families. And if you have stuff that you hold on to from years before, you will no doubt relate to this. Home renovation trends in 2023 include creating additional storage areas from the existing space in a house. 


In recent years, home renovators have found ingenious ways to integrate storage into the most unexpected places. For instance, if you live in a multi storeyed house, you can add a storage draw under each stair in your home. Or, you can make more room above doors or under your furniture.

5. Plywood Interiors

Traditionally, plywood has been used in making furniture. However, in modern home decor and renovation, the uses of plywood have evolved and expanded into multiple areas. Today, according to the latest home renovation trends, plywood has become synonymous with luxury finishes.


In case you are planning to renovate your house, you can hop onto this trend and make use of different kinds of plywood for different areas of your home. This versatile material can be used as wall cladding, to create false ceilings and even to complement wooden flooring. 

6. Fancy Windows and Curtains

This is another home renovation trend in 2023 that may be easier on your wallet too. You’d be surprised how much of a difference a simple change like adding curtains to your windows or changing the window panes to fancy options can make. 


If you want to make a more material change to your windows, you can opt for wall-length windows or French windows to give your house a more spacious appearance. Pair them with minimalist and visually pleasing curtains for a stunning end result 


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