Why Buying a Green Home is a Must Today?

Eco-Friendly House - Benefits of Buying a Green Home

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As the world moves towards embracing sustainable living, everything from shopping to investing is being revolutionised to include eco-friendly practices. Real estate is no different. Green homes or eco-friendly homes are gaining increasing popularity by the day.

But what is a green home, exactly? Well, it is simply a residential property that is designed and built in a manner that is environmentally friendly. It reduces the negative effects on the environment and contributes to the ecosystem in a positive manner.

Eco-friendly homes use sustainable building materials, reduce wastage of limited or non-renewable resources, and improve the quality of life for the residents. 

Why Buying A Green Home Is A Must Today

There are many reasons a green home is the need of the hour. Traditional homes make use of materials that are not always environment-friendly. They also use electricity that is sourced from coal, which is a non-renewable source of energy. Given the times we live in, here are the top reasons an eco-friendly home is a must today.

  • Lowers the negative impact on the environment - A sustainable house eliminates or reduces the negative effect of housing on the environment, since it uses eco-friendly resources that do not harm the planet.

  • Improves the health of the residents - With plenty of natural lighting, indoor plants and biodiversity and overall improved air quality, residents of a green home tend to enjoy many health benefits. 

  • A positive effect on the environment - Thanks to usage of sustainable biodiversity, the rise in green homes will eventually have a very positive effect on our ecosystem and environment. 

  • Makes the home more durable and long-lasting - The use of recycled products in these sustainable homes makes them more durable and tough than traditional houses.

  • Makes power consumption more eco-friendly and affordable - Sustainable homes rely on solar energy and wind energy for power. These natural sources are available in abundance, making them easy on the planet and the wallet. 

There are many benefits of eco-friendly homes, which make them the better choice for anyone who is keen on buying a house today. Let’s take a look at the advantages of eco-friendly houses that make them a necessity in today’s world.

6 Benefits of Buying a Green Home

A sustainable, eco-friendly house is already ahead of the competition in many ways. Buying a green home comes with many advantages. If you already own such a house, or if you are planning to buy one, here are the top benefits of eco-friendly homes.

  • Energy Saving: Green homes save energy in several ways. For starters, many such houses make use of solar panels to reduce dependence on coal-based electricity. Then, there is the design, which is created in such a way that there is plenty of natural lighting in the house. This eliminates the need to use lights during the daytime. Green homes are also built to save energy in other ways. Water wastage is minimised, and the electrical fittings used are energy-efficient and power-saving. This not only brings down your electricity bills, but also makes your home environment-friendly.

  • Water Saving: Water scarcity is fast becoming a reality in many cities and towns across the world. In the midst of a looming crisis, eco-friendly homes that reduce water wastage and prioritise water saving are a crucial necessity. An eco-friendly home can help save water by using rainwater harvesting techniques. Many green buildings also make use of evaporative cooling systems to save energy, while simultaneously recycling and reusing the water in these systems to conserve this scarce natural resource. 

  • Enhanced Air Quality: The levels of pollution in many cities are on a rise. Alarming trends have been recorded in many metro areas as well as suburban regions. Considering the poor air quality overall, green homes are even more important today than ever before, because they are designed to enhance the quality of air in the home. In an eco-friendly house, the architecture supports uninterrupted circulation of air, due to measures like cross ventilation. The use of plants in such eco-friendly homes also encourages natural air filtration. Furthermore, exhaust fans and chimneys ensure that the air quality inside the house is always excellent.

  • Natural Lighting: Another defining beneficial feature of sustainable homes is that they make use of large windows and open spaces, which allow natural light to filter into the home easily. This reduces the need to rely on artificial lighting. Furthermore, it also gives your home a natural glow and helps bring nature indoors.

  • Healthy Lifestyle : Eco-friendly houses also benefit your health in many ways. The abundance of natural lighting ensures that your body gets adequate levels of the sunshine vitamin, namely vitamin D. Then, there is the fact that these homes have large and open spaces, which you can use to exercise your body and mind. Green buildings also use eco-friendly paints and materials, which do not harm the body like their non-sustainable counterparts. You also benefit from the better air quality inside these homes.

  • Enhanced Resale Value: Sustainability is increasingly finding more space in the spotlight across the globe. It is the future, which is why eco-friendly homes are likely to have a higher resale value a few years down the line. As the conversation around environment protection gathers traction, eco-friendly houses may be the next big thing, since they use sustainable designs and materials. So, from an investment perspective too, these homes are good options to consider. 

Can I Get Home Loan on Green Homes in India

In case you are planning to buy or build an eco-friendly home in India, you will need to shell out quite a bit of money. The cost of a green home can run from a few lakhs to a few crores, depending on the area in which the house is to be located and its size. 

The good news is that you can meet this financial requirement by availing a house loan. There are many leading banks and financial institutions that offer home loans for green homes in India. Dubbed as green home loans, they generally carry marginally lower interest rates than regular housing loans. Some green home loans also waive off the processing fees, making it easier for the borrower.

So, now that you know why green homes are necessary and what benefits they offer, you can check out the eco-friendly homes available in the real estate market. If you find the right sustainable home for your family, a home loan is always just an application away. Look for green home loans to get more favourable terms on your financing.