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Bajaj Housing Finance home loan EMI is calculated based on the amount borrowed, the loan repayment tenure, and the rate of interest. Since the interest rate and tenure of the loan depend upon your credit score and your monthly income, it will be fair to say that your loan EMI is also determined by your income and your credit score.


The equated monthly instalment (EMI) you must pay to service a home loan from Bajaj Housing Finance will depend on several variables. These mainly include your Bajaj home loan repayment tenure, principal amount borrowed, applicable interest rate, and your creditworthiness. If you want to know what your monthly EMI outflow will look like with different Bajaj home loan amounts, tenures and interest rates, you can use the Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan EMI calculator on Bajaj Markets.

How to use the Bajaj Housing Finance EMI Calculator 

The Home Loan EMI calculator on Bajaj Markets can be used to determine the near-exact amount you must pay to service your Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan repayments. This convenient tool can be used in three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Enter the Home Loan amount that you desire

  • Step 2: Next, select the expected rate of interest applicable on the Home Loan

  • Step 3: Lastly, select the preferred tenure, i.e. the term for which you wish to avail the Housing Loan.

Once you enter these values, the Home Loan EMI amount will instantly be displayed on the screen. You can even change the variables to arrive at a number that is most comfortable to you. 

Bajaj Finance Home Loan EMI Calculation Methods

You can calculate your Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan EMIs in three ways, using the manual formula, using Microsoft Excel, and using the Home Loan EMI calculator available on Bajaj Markets. Let us understand about these methods in detail:

  • Bajaj Home Loan EMI Calculation Formula: The traditional  home loan EMI calculation formula that is used by Bajaj Housing Finance is as follows: Bajaj Home Loan EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1] where, P is the borrowed principal amount, R is the rate of interest (expressed monthly), and N is the loan repayment tenure (in months)

  • Bajaj Home Loan EMI through Microsoft Excel: To compute Home Loan EMIs using Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet software you will need the exact same three variables you need to calculate your EMIs manually (Principal amount, repayment tenure, interest rate). Once you have determined your principal amount, repayment tenure length and your applicable rate of interest, pick a cell in your spreadsheet software and enter the following formula: =PMT (RATE,NPER,PV,FV,TYPE) where, RATE stands for the applicable home loan interest rate, NPER is the total number of monthly EMIs, PV stands for the outstanding principal amount, FV is the future value or the cash balance post the last EMI payment. Type is 0 or 1. This is an indicator of when the payment is due. If it is due at the end of the month, the type will be 0. If it is due at the start of the month, it will be 1.

  • Bajaj Home Loan EMI with Home Loan EMI Calculator: You can save yourself the time and energy you would have otherwise wasted on the above two methods simply by using the Housing Loan EMI calculator available on Bajaj Markets. It is a free online tool available on our portal that will ask you some basic information pertaining to your Bajaj home loan.

Bajaj Home Loan EMI amount at Different Tenures

If you go for a longer home loan loan repayment tenure, you will pay lesser amounts as EMIs, but the money that you will pay as interest over time will be much more. On the other hand, if you choose a shorter loan repayment tenure, you will pay higher amounts as EMIs every month, but the total interest that you will pay over time will be considerably lower. The following table will show you what your Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan EMI will look like at different repayment tenures. For the same, assume that the applicable interest rate is 12%: 


Principal Amount

Loan EMI (based on tenure)

15 years

20 years

30 years


















Factors affecting Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan EMI

Here is a list of factors that affect Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan EMI:

  • Change in the Interest Rate: Any kind of change in your house loan interest rate during the tenure can have a positive or negative impact on your EMI. If you have already taken a home loan with floating interest rates, then there will be changes in your EMI depending on the prevalent lending rates in the market. This means, every time there’s changes in bank rates, your EMI will be affected.

  • Change in Tenure of the loan: Even the slightest change in the tenure of the loan can impact your monthly equated instalment. The basic principle says that, the longer the tenure, the lower will be your loan EMI and vice versa.

  • Prepayment of Home Loan Principal amount: Prepaying your home loan brings down the principal amount and lowers the interest burden on you. However, you may be charged with a prepayment penalty. You can try and negotiate with your lender to bring down the pre-payment penalty charges to as little as possible.

  • Step-Up or Step-Down Repayment: A step-up home loan repayment option is considered for those who have just got started with their career. Your EMI will increase with time. On the other hand, a step-down payment is convenient for those who are close to their retirement. Here, you start with EMIs of high amounts and gradually pay less with time.

FAQs on Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan EMIs

✔️What are the benefits of using Bajaj Home Loan Calculator?

The benefits of using a Bajaj Housing Finance home loan EMI calculator are as follows:

  • Plan your finances accordingly: Once you know what your monthly home loan EMI outgo will look like, you will be able to make a place for it in your budget so that your monthly home loan EMI payments do not disturb your finances.

  • Compare different home loan options: You can use the calculator tool to compare several offerings by simply adding their respective interest rates, home loan amounts and tenures. That way, you will be able to zero down on the most pocket-friendly home loan option for you.

✔️How can the Bajaj Home Loan Calculator help me plan my home loan purchase?

A Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan EMI calculator tool can help you determine your monthly EMI outflow so that you know what amount of money you need to set aside every month.

✔️How do part payments impact my Bajaj Housing Home Loan EMI payments?

Partial repayment will help you save up on the interest you would have otherwise paid the lender over time. Additionally, if you partially prepay your home loan, you will either get to reduce your repayment tenure or you will be able to get your monthly EMI outflow reduced.

✔️Can I reduce my Bajaj Housing Home Loan EMI?

Yes, you can reduce your home loan EMI by prepaying a part of your loan or by paying higher EMIs during the initial few months of the loan tenure.

✔️What are the prepayment charges on my Bajaj Housing home loan?

It is usually 2% of the loan amount plus GST.