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Latest Updates on Goa Land Records - November 2022

According to the latest updates, the State Government has taken the initiative to link the land records with the contact number and email ID of its owner. This allows them to curb the rising land-related frauds in the state of Goa. 

Once this system starts functioning, the landowners will immediately get notified if anyone tries to manipulate the land records. This initiative will help to instil transparency in the land records across the state.

DSLR Goa Land Records Details

Here are the important details about Goa land records.

Name of the Online Portal

Directorate of Settlement & Land Records (DSLR)

Official Website

Launched By

Goa Government 

Contact Number

0832 242 2453

Email Id

Postal Address

GR2F+3M7, Collectorate Building, Swami Vivekanand Road, Near Military Headquarters, Panaji, Goa 403001


How to check Goa Form I and Form XIV Land Records

Here are the steps to view Form I and Form XIV at Goa Land Records:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of DSLR Goa.


  • Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Form I & Form XIV’ tab and click on it.

  • Step 3: Choose the taluka, land survey Goa number, village and subdivision number from the drop-down option.

  • Step 4: Provide the captcha and click on ‘View Details.’

  • Step 5: The Goa land records will appear on the screen.

How to view Goa Land Record Form D Information

The following steps will assist you in viewing Form D. 

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of DSLR Goa.

  • Step 2: Click on ‘Land Records (RoR).’

  • Step 3: Now, choose the ‘Form D’ option.

  • Step 4: Enter details about the city, chalta number, etc.

  • Step 5: Provide the captcha and click on ‘View Details.’

  • Step 6: Form D will be displayed on the screen.

How to view Mutation Status of Form I & XIV and Form-D

In order to view Goa land record mutation status of Form I & XIV and Form - D, below are the steps that you must follow. 

  • Step 1: Browse the official website ( of DSLR Goa.

  • Step 2: Click on ‘Mutation Status.’

  • Step 3: To view Form I & Form XIV, enter ‘Taluka’ and ‘Mutation Number’ and click on ‘View Status.’

  • Step 4: To view Form D, you are only required to provide the ‘Mutation Number.’ and click on the ‘View Status’ option.

How to view Notices on Goa Land Record Portal

There are two types of notices that you can check on the portal: Partition Notices and Mutation Notices.

1. Partition Notice- To view Partition notices, follow the below-listed steps.

  • Access Goa’s official DSLR website.

  • Click on ‘Notices (Partition)’ to view the same.

  • You may also enter details in Form I & Form XIV and Form D available on the same page to check notices.

2. Mutation Notice-  Follow the instructions indicated below to view partition notices.

  • Visit the official DSLR website for Goa.

  • To view notices, click on 'Notices (Mutation)'.

  • To view the same, you may also input information in Form I & Form XIV and Form D, which are all located on the same page.

How to Check Goa Land Survey Maps

You can check for two types of Goa land survey map: Rural and Urban. 

Goa Rural Land Survey Map

Here are the steps that will assist you in checking Goa land survey maps for rural land records. 

  • Step 1: Visit the official webpage of Goa DSLR.

  • Step 2: Click on ‘Maps.’

  • Step 3: A new page will appear where you are required to provide a few details.

  • Step 4: Enter details about taluka, village, survey number, and subdivision number.

  • Step 5: Provide the captcha and click on ‘View Details.’

  • Step 6: Land record maps for Goa rural area will appear on the screen.

Goa Urban Land Survey Map

Follow these instructions to examine land survey records of Goa for the urban region.

  • Step 1: Visit Goa DSLR's official website.

  • Step 2: Select "Maps."

  • Step 3: You will be sent to a new page where you must enter some information like city, sub-city, etc. 

  • Step 4: Enter the captcha and select ‘View Details’ after that.

  • Step 5: The screen will provide land record maps for the urban areas of Goa.

How to view Goa Land Record Property Register

Here’s a step-by-step guide to check the property register of Goa land records: 

  • Step 1: Visit Goa DSLR’s website.

  • Step 2: You will see the option of ‘Property Register’ on the right top. Click on that.

  • Step 3: You will be redirected to a new page. 

  • Step 4: Next, select the ‘Proceed to View’ option. 

  • Step 5: Now, enter details of taluka, village/town, survey number, and subdivision number.

  • Step 6: Once all details are provided, verify the ‘I’m not a robot’ alternative.

  • Step 7: Lastly, click on the ‘Search’ option and the details will appear on the screen.

How to check Survey Plan Online on Goa Portal

To check Goa survey plans, you must follow the given procedures: 

  • Step 1: Browse the Goa Online portal.

  • Step 2: In case of an existing user, log in to the page using your credentials.

  • Step 3: If you are a new user, register yourself on the page.

  • Step 4: Once logged in to the page, you may view Goa survey plans. 

Download Forms from Goa Land Records

You can download multiple forms from Goa DSLR portal. Here are the details about the same. 

Form for employment with DSLR and all programs.

  • Application for all Form III, Ruling, and DC Order preparation activities.

  • Application for request access to all supporting documentation for a digital survey strategy.

  • Application for a certificate of registration, and Form B.

Form for registering for a division.

  • Application for recognition certification at the workplace.

  • Request form for a relevant certification.

List of Important Documents You Need during the Process of Registration

Below are some documents that you will need during property registration process in Goa:

  • Identity proof documents such as Aadhaar card

  • Ownership proof documents of a land

  • Address proof documents of the land owner

  • Power of attorney documents for the land

  • Address proof documents of the property

  • Papers reflecting survey number of the property

  • Papers reflecting document number of the property

  • Property card if present

  • Document containing time period for which EC is required

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)

  • Stamp duty payment proof

  • Map reflecting the structure of a property

  • Digital photograph of the property

Other Important Services Related to Goa Land Records 

Some other essential services related to Goa land records are as follows:

  • Verifying all land records available: You can easily check the land records of your property from the head office at Panaji, as per your need.

  • Requesting digital copy of new maps: You can apply for getting a digital copy of new maps by filling up the application form and making necessary payments.

  • Checking Goa land records dating back to pre-independence period: You can quickly fill an application form to get the relevant information.

  • Requesting for official copy of Form D: You will need to make the necessary payments and fill in the application form to get the required data.

  • Obtaining official copy of title cadastral plan: You can obtain this facility from the Panaji Head Office by filling up an application form with necessary details.

  • Confirming ownership of a property: You can make an appeal for reconsideration of the ownership of a property.

  • Requesting for correspondence certificate: You can get this service by filling up an application form and paying the necessary fees. 

Service Centers available on Goa Land Record website

Here is the list of service centers available in Goa where you can visit in person to get assistance regarding DSLR Goa. 


Center Name

Contact Number


Directorate of Settlement and Land Records

0832 2422453

Collectorate Building, Panaji, Goa

Inspector of Settlement and Land Records (Margao)

0832 2701479

Margao, Salcete

Inspector of Settlement and Land Records (Panaji)

0832 2235186

Collectorate Building, Panaji, Goa

Mamlatdar of Quepem

0832 2662228

Government Office Complex, Quepem

Mamlatdar of Canacona

0832 2643329

Government Office Complex, Canacona

Mamlatdar of Mormugao

0832 2513014

Government Office Complex, Mormugao

Mamlatdar of Sattari

0832 2374243

Government Office Complex, Sattari

Mamlatdar of Salcete

0832 2722909

Government Office Complex, Margao

Mamlatdar of Ponda

0832 2312121

Government Office Complex, Ponda

Mamlatdar of Bardez

0832 2262210

Government Office Complex, Mapusa

Mamlatdar of Pernem

0832 2201223

Government Office Complex, Pernem

Mamlatdar of Tiswadi

0832 2425533

Collectorate Building, Panaji, Goa

Mahiti Ghar (Margao)

Not Available

Opposite to Collectorate Building, Margao

Mahiti Ghar (Kadamba, Bus Stand, Panaji)

Not Available 

KTC Stand, Panaji

Mahiti Ghar (Panaji)

Not Available 

Opposite to Collectorate Building, Panaji

Inspector of Settlement and land records (Mapusa)

0832 2254151

Mapusa, Bardez

Mamlatdar of Sanquem

0832 2604232

Government Office Complex, Sanguem

Mamlatdar of Bicholim

0832 2363886

Government Office Complex, Bicholim

Mamlatdar of Dharbandora

0832 2614111

Mamlatdar Office, Dharbandora

Inspector of Settlement and Land Records (Vasco)

0832 2516101

Vasco, Mormugao


Service Charges of the Goa Land Records Online Portal

Here are the details about Goa Land Record service charges: 




Records of inspection

₹10 per hour

The old plan’s certified copy

₹30 per sub division

Search and Inspection of the Property 

₹20 per hour

Alvara/Title and Registo de Agrimensor certified xerox copies

₹60 for a page and ₹30 per page respectively/ Paper will cost extra in both the cases

The mapping exercise partition, re-survey, demarcation, re-fixation, and convention expenses for Goa

₹820 per day

  • Every single computerized certified copy of a serial number or entry from the rights records, mutation register, and other Talathi-maintained documents including accounts, registers, and records other than maps

  • Every copy of a serial number or entry in the rights records of a mutation or record that has been digitally signed, with the exception of maps, which are kept by a Mamlatdar

  • ₹15 for the first page, and then ₹5 for each subsequent page

  • ₹25 for each serial number 

  • Each certified copy of a computed map with a land survey Goa number, a subdivision map with a survey number, or a map or plan of any real property created in accordance with section 56 of the law.

  • Every certified copy of Form XV, each digitally signed copy of a map, survey number, a sub-division of a survey number, map/plan of any immovable property developed under section 56 of the Code with the details of Form I annexed to the Goa Daman and Diu Land Revenue (RoR and Register of Cultivation) Rules, 1969

  • A map, plan, or subdivision of a land survey Goa number that has been digitally signed and generated in accordance with Form J of the Goa, Daman, and Diu land Revenue (city land survey Goa) Rules, 1969 (Integrated Record)

  • ₹60 for each individual survey number or survey division including the price of the paper.

  • For every single survey number or division of the same, between ₹75 and ₹85, excluding the cost of paper.

  • ₹105 for each survey number or division, excluding the cost of paper

  • Every certified copy of a digital map, plan, or non-agricultural land survey number with the Goa prefix, or a subdivision

  • Each digitally signed copy of a map with a land survey number, a subdivision number, or a map/plan of any real estate developed in accordance with Section 56 of the code

  • ₹60 for each survey number or subdivision, which will include the cost of paper

  • ₹75 for each land survey Goa number or sub-division, excluding the cost of paper

Every certified copy of a map or plan, as well as every digital copy of the map or plan. The same is applicable for any section of a map or plan that does not come under items 4, 5, or 6

Fees of not more than ₹50, ₹200, and not less than ₹20 may be levied to a collector by an Officer subordinate if approval from DSLR is not obtained

Every certified copy of a map/ plan, or any section of a map/plan (colored copy with all details) that does not fall under 4, 5, or 6

₹250 for a copy up to 10 sheets and 50 for each extra sheet in color, including paper costs

A certified copy of every document that is 

30 *21 cms in size, either typed or handwritten

₹30 for each portion of a sheet of paper


Goa Land Record Contact Details

Here are the contact details of Goa land records. 

  • Contact Number: 0832 2422453

  • Email Id:

  • FAX: 0832 2234360

  • Address: GR2F+3M7, Collectorate Building, Swami Vivekanand Road, Near Military Headquarters, Panaji, Goa 403001

State-wise Land Records

State-wise land record portals of different states are as follows:


Land Records portal

Andhra Pradesh

Meebhoomi Andhra Pradesh


Delhi Land Records


Apna Khata Rajasthan

Himachal Pradesh

Himbhoomi Land Records


Jamabandi Punjab


AnyROR Gujarat

Uttar Pradesh

UP Bhulekh


Bhulekh Bihar


Jharbhoomi Jharkhand


Odisha Bhulekh

Madhya Pradesh

MP Bhulekh


Jamabandi Haryana

Tamil Nadu

Patta Chitta





West Bengal



Bhu Naksha Maharashtra


Bhuiyan CG


Now you must have understood what Goa Land Records are and how you can access them. This article has covered crucial facts concerning the land record details, registration process, and so on, allowing residents to know details about the property in Goa with ease. If you have relevant plot documents, you can avail of a home loan in a few simple steps. Through Bajaj Markets, you can avail affordable housing loans. You can also use the home loan eligibility calculator offered by Bajaj Markets and check whether you are eligible for a home loan.

Goa Land Records FAQs

✔️What is Form I & XIV and Form D?

These forms are used to check land records of Goa. Through DSLR Goa's official web page, you may get Forms I & XIV and Form D.

✔️Where should I register my documents for Goa Land Records?

You will have to register the documents at the Sub-registrar’s office, nearest to your location.

✔️Are Goa land records services available offline as well?

  1. Yes, all Goa land records-related services are available both online and offline.

✔️How can I get a mutation certificate in Goa?

Here are the procedures to follow to get a mutation certificate. 

  • Following the acquisition of the ‘Dalil’ land registration document, the applicant who intends to get the mutation certificate must visit the Tehsil office. 

  • Then, in Form 21 of the TRLR (Application form for Mutation), they must apply for the mutation certificate. 

  • After all of the essential tests and verification procedures have been completed, the mutation certificate will be provided to the applicant.

✔️Can I get the information on the service centres in Goa on the DSLR website?

On the DSLR website, it is simple to get information about the service centres in Goa.