Huda Affordable Housing Scheme Haryana

Know about HUDA Housing Scheme

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Huda Affordable Housing Scheme Haryana

HUDA stands for Haryana Urban Development Authority. HUDA affordable housing is a scheme of housing which was launched for the providence of plots to the members living in urban areas in Haryana who belong to different categories of income. This scheme of HUDA affordable housing provides plots to serve the commercial as well as residential purposes in the new sectors of the state.

To register with the HUDA Housing scheme, visit the official website and pay a fee. Once the registration is complete, the selection is based on the procedure of the lottery. Once selected, it is mandatory to pay 25% of the cost of the plot under HUDA housing scheme along with 30 days of registration and the pay can be commenced within the remaining 180 days of allotment. HUDA is regarded as the best housing scheme in Haryana.

Areas included under HUDA Housing Scheme

There are many areas which are covered under the Housing Board Haryana New Scheme:

  • Sector 77 and 78, Faridabad where only people belonging to the reserved category (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) are accepted.

  • Sector 78, Faridabad, in this area, people belonging from the general category are accepted for availing this scheme.

Other areas include the following where there are no categories imposed on the people for being eligible for availing this scheme.

  • Sector 9 and Sector 8-part, in the area of Dadri

  • Sector 32 and 33, in Karnal

  • Sector 21-P, in Rohtak

  • Sector 10, in Bahadurgarh

  • Sector 1, in Pehowa

  • Sector 7 Safidon, in the area of Jind

Eligibility of using the HUDA Housing Scheme

For being eligible to avail the benefits of the HUDA housing scheme, there are certain criteria.

  • They need to be the residents of Haryana. Residents of no other state or country are eligible for this scheme.

  • The client’s yearly household income must be below Rs. 3 Lakhs per annum.

  • The government of Haryana Group D staff are also eligible to avail the benefits of the HUDA housing scheme.

  • There are several documents which are needed for availing this scheme which the interested candidates must carry for being selected.

    • passport size photographs

    • copies of PAN card which should be self attested

    • copies of the bylaws which should be certified

Process of Application of the Housing Board Haryana New Scheme

The process of applying and drawing an application for the HUDA housing scheme is effective and simple as well as a quick process. 

  1. The first step is to visit the official site of HUDA and then to select the option of the form for HUDA affordable housing scheme.

  2. The client needs to fill up the form which is generated, and after that, it is important to upload the documents which are asked for.

  3. The client should submit the form after having completed whatever is asked.

  4. The client can make the payment of the fee of the application form either through online mode, or at any authorized bank.

  5. For future reference, it is advised to note down the application number. 

Authority of Urban Development of Haryana

There are several functions of the Authority of Urban Development of Haryana. 

  • Their primitive function is to promote and develop areas which are urban with a systematically planned way with the authority for the pursuit of selling, acquiring, and disposing off of properties which are both movable and immovable.

  • It is mandatory for them to make land which is developed, available to the Board of Haryana Housing and several other entities who will make use of the land in exchange for providing the benefits of housing to the sections of the society which are economically weak and unstable.

  • It is their function to take up works which are related to constructing buildings and housing.

  • The land which they acquire are for them to use for purposes which are residential, commercial, industrial and recreational processes. 

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  • ✔️If there is a Non-Resident Indian (NRI), are they eligible to apply for the housing scheme of HUDA?

    Yes, people who are NRIs and People of India Origins (PIO) are eligible to apply for housing projects under the scheme of HUDA.

  • ✔️What is the step to be taken in case someone loses the copy of acknowledgement?

    It is advisable to get in touch with the developer who can provide you with the number of your application if the acknowledgement copy of your form is lost. However, a duplicate copy of the same cannot be issued.

  • ✔️Before the draw, is it possible to withdraw any application?

    No, it is not valid in the system to withdraw any application before the draw.

  • ✔️How can the results be viewed of the lottery for the housing scheme of HUDA?

    Newspapers that had initially advertised the opening of the applications to the housing scheme of HUDA will publish the results. The allottees who are successful in the draw will be informed by the developers through personal mediums like email or postal letters. The website which projects will also display the results of the draw and the successful allottees.

  • ✔️Will the amount of the booking be refunded if a client does not win the lottery or is unsuccessful in winning the lottery?

    Yes, the amount used for booking will be refunded to the client through the medium of cheque which will be sent to the address of the correspondence through the post which is registered. The amount can also be collected from the office of the developer which needs the providence of valid documents for the process of verification.