NAREDCO - All About National Real Estate Development Council


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NAREDCO - National Real Estate Development Council

The term NAREDCO stands for National Real Estate Development Council which was established after the amendment of the policy of National Housing and Habitat. With the backing of the Housing and Affairs of Urban Ministry, Government of India, the NAREDCO was formed with the help of these collective forces. NAREDCO was formed with the vision for providing NAREDCO housing for all and to bring transparent ethical measures in the sector of housing. It was also visioned by the managerial members of NAREDCO to have a platform where the stakeholders with a diverse background can discuss the opportunity and adversities which the sector of real estate faces and they also discuss the ways through which they can sort solutions and make resolutions whenever they face any issue.

Objectives of NAREDCO

There are several potential objectives that NAREDCO has strived to achieve. Read the following to understand the objectives of NAREDCO housing for all, better.

  • They are aimed towards preparing codes of ethics which can be in the form of rolling out for the developers, builders, operators of marketing alike.

  • The existing criteria laid down by the industries are their objectives to evolve with.

  • Their objectives are also aimed towards developing a mechanism of ombudsman.

  • They take the help form NAREDCO-NHB mechanism of rating and make sure to keep an eye on the developers rating and the projects they’re working on through CRISIL/ICRA.

  • To serve the purpose of studying, processing and researching with appropriate training and certifying processes, they have set up a centre of National Institute of Real Estate Development (NIRED).

  • They keep an objective of putting emphasis on the establishment of a bank of data for the sector of housing.

  • They are keen towards supporting varied operations which are related to the business of real estates on the basis of them having principles which are fair.

  • Taking part in the process of formulation of policies that are national along with setting the agenda on the basis of development of the sector and reforms on the fiscal basis.

  • They also aim towards contributing to assist the establishment process of REDCOs in the different parts of the country.

  • Strengthening the role of the sectors of real estates for the development of the nation on the economical facet.

  • Encouraging the cooperations between all the enterprises.

  • Contributing towards and being a driving force towards the growth and development of the sector of real estate.

  • Their support towards the efforts of the industry of real estate when it comes to protecting the quality of their services, the environment and their services to the consumers is immaculate as they strive to keep it constant.

  • They set objectives on setting up meetings, organise seminars, workshops and conferences on the varied issues which are related to this sector.

Structural Division of NAREDCO Housing for All

Here are all the details of the structural division of National Real Estate Development Council:

  1. Hardeep Singh Puri is the Chief Patron and the Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India.

  2. Rajeev Talwar is the Chairman of NAREDCO who is also the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company of DLF limited.

  3. The Vice Chairperson of NAREDCO is Parveen Jain who is also the CMD of the company of Tulip Infratech Private Limited.

  4. Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani is the President of NAREDCO and is also the founder and the chairperson of the Hiranandani Group of companies and the CMD of Hiranandani Communities.

  5. The President Elect of NAREDCO is R Chalapathi Rao who is also the managing partner of Sirisampada Constructions.

  6. The central Vice President of the NAREDCO is Ashok Patni, who is also the CEO of The Trading Corporation of Rajasthan and the Vice President of the Council of Development of the Real Estate of the state of Rajasthan.

  7. The Vice President of the west area of NAREDCO is Rajan N Bandelkar, who along with this is also the director of Estate of Unnathi, which is a part of the Raunak Group.

  8. The Joint Vice President of the north area of India under NAREDCO is Gaurav Jain, who is also the director of management of SAMYAK Properties and Infrastructure Private Limited. Anil Suri is also the joint Vice President who, along with this is also the chairperson of Suri Infotech Private Limited. He is a member of the council of Government.

  9. The Vice President of the South is Prem Kumar Polavarupu, who is also the Chairperson of Doyen Constructions Private Limited.

  10. The Vice President of the East is Manoj Kumar Tripathy who is also the Managing Director of Satyabadi Construction of Private Limited as well as the president of NAREDCO Odisha.

  11. The member of finance of NAREDCO is Rajesh Arora who is also in the position of being the chairperson of Arora and Associates Realty Limited.

  12. The director general of NAREDCO is Rajesh Goel.

How to contact National Real Estate Development Council

If you wish to get in touch with the officials of NAREDCO, please ensure that you have the right contacts. Note down the following, or visit the official website of National Real Estate Development Council for any further information that you require.

  • The official website of NAREDCO is

  • The contact number to get in touch with NAREDCO is +91-11-26226795.

  • The email id to reach to NAREDCO and get in touch is

  • The address of the head office of NAREDCO is, First floor, 8, Community Centre, situated at the East of Kailash, at New Delhi - 110065.

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