7.5 lakh more PMAY units to be launched in UP

7.5 lakh more PMAY units to be launched in UP

Count of PMAY units to be increased by 7.5 lakh in UP

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By the joint effort of the central and state government of UP additional 7.5 lakh housing units have been authorized under the PMAY or PM Awas Yojana. This project is said to be inaugurated by Narendra Modi. Under the Mukhyamantri Awas Yojana, Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, transferred a loan amount of Rs. 87 Crores in order to construct 21,500 housing units. Anyone left out from PMAY is eligible to apply for this scheme.

According to Yogi, numerous communities that are socially oppressed, such as

Vantangiya and Musahar, did not receive any benefits from the government allotted schemes like the PMAY until the year 2017. And a lot of these communities had benefited from the government scheme of Mukhyamantri Awas Yojana. This was in emphasis on the 50,700 people that were recorded to reap benefits under this scheme in the previous three years. Yogi further ensured that applicants selected for this scheme would automatically be given other schemes that they were thus far deprived of.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana or PMAY:

PMAY is a scheme that is funded by the government which aims to provide the society's weaker section an affordable housing. This project involves construction of housing units with the utilization of eco-friendly ways. The eligibility for the PMAY scheme includes:

● The household's annual income must be in between Rs. 6 Lakhs to Rs. 18 Lakhs.

●  There must be no pucca houses under the name of the applicant or their family members anywhere in the country.

●  Sections of the population that belong to scheduled tribes and scheduled castes are also eligible to apply.

In order to apply or register for the PMAY scheme follow the given steps:

1. Visit http://pmaymis.gov.in/.

2. Under the menu click on 'Citizen Assessment'.

3. Enter Aadhar number and submit.

4. You will be brought to a new page where you need to fill in your required details.

5. At the end of the page check the 'I am aware of' option and click on 'Save'.

6. An application number then is generated which needs to be noted for future use.

7. Download and print your application.

8. Submit it at the CSC office or any financial institution nearby.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Gramin or PMAYG:

The aim of the PMAYG scheme is to provide concrete housing with fundamental amenities. This is for all the people who live in damaged houses or do not even own a house for themselves. In order to apply for the PMAYG scheme, four crucial informations are required:

● Personal details

● Details of bank account

●  Details of convergence

●  Details of the office that is concerned

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How to check the rural PMAY list using registration number?

If the application you sent for PMAYG 2020-2021 was selected then you will get a registration number. Using the registration number follow the given steps to check your name in the rural list:

1. Visit the official website https://rhreporting.nic.in/netiay/Benificiary.aspx.

2. Enter your given registration number and click submit.

3. If your registration number is indeed a part of the list, your details would immediately appear.

How to check the PMAY list without using a registration number?

To check your name on the list without using a registration number, follow the given steps:

1. Visit the official website  https://rhreporting.nic.in/netiay/Benificiary.aspx.

2. Click on the option of advance search.

3. Enter the details that are required and click on 'Search'.

4. If your application was selected then your name will appear on the list.

How to check the urban PMAY list?

To check your name on the urban list follow the given steps:

1. Visit the website  https://pmaymis.gov.in/.

2. Click on 'Select Beneficiary'.

3. In the menu choose the option to search by the name.

4. Enter the first three characters of your name and click 'Show'.

5. If your application has been selected then your name should appear on the list.


The chief objective of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme is to provide reasonable pucca housing with basic amenities for all the economically weak population of the country by the year of 2022. It was first implemented in the year of 2015 with the vision of providing proper housing to each and every citizen of the country before celebrating India's 75 years of independence.

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