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Home loans are tools that can enable you to get your dream home, but you must plan the loan appropriately. With tools like the PNB Home Loan EMI calculator, you can compute EMIs and ensure that repayment stays manageable. Read to know more about the Punjab National Bank Home Loan EMI calculator. 

How does PNB Calculate Home Loan EMI?

Punjab National Bank, like any other lender, calculates your home loan EMI amounts based on three factors:

  • Total amount borrowed

  • Repayment tenure of the loan 

  • Applicable rate of interest

Since the interest rate of the loan depends on other factors, including your credit score and monthly income, you may only be able to estimate your EMI amounts based on the advertised interest rate. For more accurate calculations, you will need to know the final interest rate offered.  

How to use the PNB Housing Loan EMI Calculator?

You can use the PNB Home Loan Calculator on Bajaj Markets to determine the EMI amount you would need to pay towards your home loan. You can use this convenient tool in three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Enter the home loan amount that you want to borrow

  • Step 2: Select the applicable rate of interest on the home loan

  • Step 3: Choose the preferred tenure, i.e. the term for which you wish to avail the home loan.

Once you enter these values into the PNB Home Loan Calculator, the EMI amount is instantly displayed on the screen. You can even change the variables to arrive at better suited terms. When it comes to getting a home loan, PNB calculator and other tools like it should be used when planning.

PNB Home Loan EMI Calculation Methods

You can calculate your EMIs in three ways:

  • Using the manual formula

  • Using Microsoft Excel

  • Using the PNB Home Loan Calculator available on Bajaj Markets 

1. PNB Home Loan EMI Calculation Formula

You can calculate your PNB Home Loan EMI using the following formula:

E = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1]


  • E is the EMI amount

  • P is the principal loan amount

  • N is the number of months

  • R is the rate of interest

2. Calculate PNB Home Loan EMI with Microsoft Excel

To know your EMI outgo using Microsoft Excel, enter the following functions in one of the cells:



  • RATE stands for the applicable PNB housing loan interest rate.

  • NPER is the total number of EMIs.

  • PV stands for the outstanding principal amount.

  • FV is the future value or the cash balance after the last EMI payment. Note that this can be omitted and the value will be counted as zero.

  • Type is 0 or 1. This is an indicator of when the payment is due. If it is due at the end of the month, the type will be 0. If it is due at the start of the month, it will be 1.

This method is simpler than the manual calculation but can still lead to errors as you are required to enter accurate values. You could make mistakes here that would lead to inaccurate results. 

3. Calculate PNB Home Loan EMI with Home Loan EMI Calculator

While the methods mentioned above are time-consuming and tedious, you can get accurate results instantly using the Punjab National Bank home loan calculator. The Home Loan EMI Calculator is a free online tool in which you may have to enter some basic details related to the PNB Home Loan.

All you must do is enter the principal amount, the preferable loan repayment tenure (in months), and the estimated interest rate on the borrowing. Within seconds, the PNB housing loan EMI calculator computes your EMI and it is displayed on the screen.

PNB Home Loan EMI at Different Tenures

The PNB home loan interest rate calculator requires you to enter the tenure as one of the three criteria to calculate the EMI amount. This is because apart from your loan amount and the interest rate, the tenure (the term for which you will repay the loan) plays an important part in calculating your overall EMI amount. 

Here is a tabular representation of how your PNB Home Loan EMI amount changes across different tenures for the same loan amount (at an interest rate of 7.35%):

Loan Amount

Loan EMI 

(based on tenure)


15 years

20 years

30 years


















This way, you can easily compare EMIs across various tenures and loan amounts using the PNB housing EMI calculator. The process is quick, easy, and can be done using a smartphone. 

Benefits of Using the PNB Home Loan EMI Calculator

While it is possible to calculate your home loan EMI manually, the PNB home loan eligibility calculator can make the process much simpler for you. To understand how the PNB Home Loan Calculator can help you, here are some of its benefits:

  • The Home Loan EMI calculator calculates the EMI accurately within seconds. All you need to do is enter the required values for the loan amount, interest rate, and desired tenure.

  • The PNB Home Loan Calculator helps you determine the EMI amount and the tenure that works best for you. By tweaking the tenure options on the calculator, you can estimate which time frame works best for repayment.

  • Overall, using a PNB Home Loan Calculator makes the loan management process convenient and hassle-free. It allows you to figure out exactly what tenure, loan amount, and interest rate work best for you in the long run.

Factors Affecting PNB Home Loan EMI

As mentioned above, the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate play an important role in determining your EMI amount. So, when you change the values of all these three factors, your EMI changes accordingly.

  • Loan Amount: Also known as the principal amount, this refers to the amount you borrow when you avail a home loan. This amount is directly proportional to your EMI. Therefore, the higher the loan amount, the higher the EMI amount.
  • Interest Rate: The interest rate on a home loan is determined by the financial institution from which you avail it. Interest rates also have a direct relationship with your EMI. As the interest rate increases, your home loan EMI also increases.
  • Loan tenure: This refers to the time frame during which you have to repay your PNB Home Loan. It has an inverse relationship with your EMI. The longer the loan tenure, the lower your housing loan EMI. Alternatively, the shorter your tenure, the higher your EMI amount. Pay close attention to this relationship, as it will dictate the efficiency and affordability of your loan. 

The PNB Home Loan calculator is an efficient digital tool to help you make an easier, quicker decision when it comes to determining your home loan EMIs. In addition, using the EMI calculator can help you manage your finances efficiently. Access this tool easily on Bajaj Markets and get access to home loan deals from leading lenders. 

FAQs on PNB Home Loan EMI Calculator

✔️How does a PNB Home Loan EMI Calculator help me plan my home purchase?

The PNB Home Loan EMI calculator estimates the amount you have to pay to the bank every month. Knowing your monthly liabilities can help you plan your finances accordingly.

✔️How do part-prepayments impact my PNB Home Loan EMI?

Part-payments or part-prepayments help you reduce your outstanding balance, thus reducing the principal amount outstanding and the interest payable. In general, prepayments reduce your total interest outgo.

✔️Can I reduce my PNB Home Loan EMI?

Yes, you can reduce your home loan EMI by prepaying a part of your loan or paying higher EMIs during the initial few months of the loan tenure. In doing so, the total principal amount outstanding is reduced, and so the interest payable reduces significantly.

✔️What do you mean by an amortisation schedule in a PNB home loan?

The amortisation schedule contains information about your outstanding loan amount, how much you have contributed towards principal repayment and your outstanding loan amount after each EMI. It is a clear breakup of your home across the entire tenure

✔️How can I increase my PNB home loan eligibility?

You can increase your eligibility by applying jointly with a co-applicant or spouse. Another way to improve your eligibility is to improve your income and maintain a stable financial profile.