✓ Home Loan from ₹2 Lakhs To ₹15 Cr ✓ Multiple Lending Partners ✓ Interest Rates Starting @ 8.50%

Interest rates on Punjab National Bank’s (PNB) home loan start at 8.50%  per annum. The home loan interest rate applicable to you, the borrower, will depend on whether you are a salaried individual, a self-employed person, or an employee of a public sector firm. Moreover, if you choose to repay your loan before the end of the repayment tenure, you also have the option to do so by paying a minimal foreclosure charge.

PNB Home Loan Processing Fees and Other Charges

The charges associated with a PNB home loan are as follows:

Processing Fee

Up to 0.35% of the loan amount (inclusive of the minimum non-refundable amount of ₹2,500 which needs to be paid at the time of applying. Note that this amount can go as high as ₹15,000)

Foreclosure Charges

0 if the amount is paid from the borrower’s own pocket.

3% + GST if the amount is paid using a third-party source of funding or if the applicant is a non-individual entity.

Penalty Interest Rate
(Charged on EMIs that are paid late)

2% per month

Change in interest rate system

Changing from fixed to floating: 3% of the outstanding principal + 18% GST

Reducing the applicable interest rate under the floating interest rate system: 0.5% of the principal outstanding + 18% GST

Applicable fee if the Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) is paid in cash or through cheque

₹1,000 + 18% GST


Illustration of PNB Home Loan Interest Rates

The following example will tell you exactly what your minimum and maximum EMI payment will be if your PNB home loan interest rate and repayment tenure is on either extremes of the spectrum.

Let us assume that you have taken a home loan online of ₹2,00,000 from PNB at an interest rate of 9.10% p.a and your loan repayment tenure is 5 years. On the other hand, your friend has availed the same amount, but the applicable interest rate to him is 6.75% p.a. and his loan repayment tenure is 30 years. Now, let us look at the applicable charges and the amount that will be paid by the both of you by the end of your respective tenures.

Processing fee

Up to ₹700 (Up to 0.35% of the loan amount)

Maximum and minimum EMI amounts

In your case, you will have to pay an EMI of ₹4,161 every month
Your friend, on the other hand, will have to pay ₹1,297 per month

Total amount payable

You will have to pay a total of ₹2,49,683, whereas your friend will pay ₹4,66,990 over 30 years.


PNB Housing Loan Scheme Interest Rates

PNB has several housing finance schemes available for Indians from all walks of life. The interest rates at which the loans under those schemes are offered as follows:

PNB Housing Loan Scheme Name

Interest Rates

PNB Gen-Next Housing Finance Scheme

7.50% p.a. onwards

PNB Housing Loan for Public

7.50% p.a. onwards

PNB Pride Housing Loan for Government Employees

7.50% p.a. onwards

PNB Max-Saver Housing Finance Scheme

7.50% p.a. onwards


PNB Home Loan Interest Rates for Salaried and Self-Employed Individuals

The applicable PNB housing loan interest rates for salaried and self-employed individuals are as follows:

Applicant Type

Interest Rate Range


8.50% p.a. onwards


8.55% p.a. onwards


PNB Housing Finance Interest Rates for Women and Government Employees

The interest rates at which PNB Housing Finance provides home loans to women and government employees are as follows:

Type of Applicant

Interest Rates


8.50% p.a. onwards

Government Employees

8.50% p.a. onwards


PNB Home Loan Balance Transfer Interest Rates

A Home Loan Balance Transfer facility allows you to transfer your outstanding home loan balance to a different lender. You may want to consider this option so that you can take advantage of the lower interest rate which the other lender will offer you. However, before you go ahead and make the switch, you must check the applicable foreclosure and processing fees with both of your lenders. As of now, the PNB Home Loan Balance Transfer interest rate is 8.50% p. a.

Compare PNB Bank Home Loan Interest Rates With That of the Top Banks

The interest rates at which other leading lending institutions offer home loans are as follows:


Interest Rate (per annum)

PNB Housing Finance

7.50% onwards

Union Bank of India Limited

7.40% onwards

Bajaj Housing Finance Limited

8.85% onwards


7.60% onwards

Home First Finance Company (HFFC) Limited

11.90% onwards


Factors That Affect PNB Home Loan Interest Rates

The factors that could affect the your PNB Home Loan interest rate are as follows:

  • Your CIBIL score: A CIBIL score above 750 will get you a loan at a lower interest rate and vice-versa.

  • Your monthly income: Your monthly income determines your loan repayment capacity. Ideally, the higher your monthly remuneration, the lower your interest rate.

  • Your loan amount: Higher loan amounts would mean a higher home loan interest rate and vice-versa.

  • Your applicant category: If you are a self-employed person, you will be charged a higher interest rate as compared to what a salaried professional will be.

  • Relationship with your lender: If you have an account with the lending bank and have taken loans in the past which were repaid on time, you can get a home loan at a lower interest rate.

  • Down payment: If you have paid a considerable percentage of the property value upfront as down payment to the relevant authorities, you can get a PNB home loan for a lower interest rate.

PNB Home Loan Interest Rate FAQs

✔️What is the PNB home loan interest rate of ₹ 25 Lakh for 15 years?

PNB provides home loans of up to ₹25 lakhs at a rate of interest starting from 8.50%  per annum. However, if you have a good credit profile, you can also negotiate a lower interest rate from the bank.

✔️Can I convert my Home Loan rate from fixed rate to floating rate or vice-versa?

Yes, you can convert your home loan rate from fixed rate to floating rate as well as vice-versa.

✔️What is PNB Home Loan interest rate?

The PNB housing loan interest rate starts at 8.50% p.a. for salaried applicants and 8.55% p.a. for self-employed applicants.

✔️Do I get tax benefits on a Home Loan from PNB?

Yes, you can convert your home loan rate from fixed rate to floating rate as well as vice-versa.

✔️At what interest rate does a PNB employee get a home loan?

PNB gives a concession of around 1% on home loan interest rates to its employees.

✔️What is the effect of part prepayments on PNB housing finance EMI?

With part prepayments, you can repay your loan faster by significantly lowering the outstanding amount of your home loan.

✔️Am I eligible for top-up on my existing Home Loan?

With the PNB Home Loans, you can top up your loan at any point during the tenure.