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How to Use PNB LAPBT EMI Calculator

It is very easy to calculate the PNB LAPBT EMI. Enter the principal amount, the interest amount and repayment tenure and get the EMI amount to be paid in seconds. 

How Home Loan EMI is Calculated

Loan Against Property Transfer EMI calculator is a user-friendly tool to evaluate the Loan Against Property EMI. To understand how the PNB loan against property transfer EMI calculator works, following are the are the points you need to look at:


  • PNB LAP EMI is evaluated through the PNB loan against property transfer EMI calculator by obtaining a mixture of the loan percentage you want to take and loan term in the field and the interest rate

  • The tool will immediately help you chalk out a reasonable plan for outflow for every month and will contribute to the loan reimbursement

  • The LAPBT EMI loan calculator, evaluates the EMI on a lessening proportion rationale and accepts expenditure of EMI in outstanding payments (means the interest is taken for the month coming before the date of EMI expenditure on EMI day) and not ahead of the day.

The procedure used by the PNB LAP EMI loan calculator is:

P*r* (1+r)^n/([(1+r)^n]-1)

Where P is the loan quantity that you want to obtain

r is the rate of interest/month

n is the tenure of loan reimbursement every month 

Benefits of using PNB LAP Balance Transfer EMI Calculator

There are several benefits of using the PNB LAP balance transfer EMI calculator. The following are some of them:


  • It can save your time: You can effortlessly evaluate the EMI by using the EMI calculator and this can conserve a lot of your precious time. All you have to do is put the needed essential pieces such as the amount, interest rate and tenure period and get a comprehensive plan

  • It gives a precise outcome: While doing the calculation on pen and paper you might make humongous mistakes considering all the important fields and this could delay your plan and action. But the LAP EMI calculator will always stick to basic inputs and the right result to make your life manageable

  • You can schedule your finances: The LAP calculator evaluates and displays the amount of EMI to be repaid. You can always calculate beforehand and choose the budget that goes according to plan and reduce and further monetary problem

  • You can calculate more than one schedule: By the help of the PNB LAP balance transfer calculator you can evaluate plans for different combinations and opt the according to your need. 

Factors affecting PNB Loan Against Property EMI

The factors affecting PNB Loan against Property EMI is as follow:


  • Amount of loan: the LAP loan amount counts on the price of the capital that has to be mortgaged. More the loan against property the more goes the EMI

  • The rate of interest: Initially the interest money to be compensated is higher but as the tenure comes at the verge interest factor lessens and the principal factor advances. The lesser the LAP interest price the lesser is the EMI.

  • The loan tenure: Longer the tenure, lesser will be the EMI amount.

If you are thinking to transfer your LAP balance, head to Finserv MARKETS today! EMI Calculator will prove to be of a great help for you to plan your finances carefully. Calculating EMI all alone could be cumbersome but owning a property is a matter of gratification. To make the work of calculation smooth and manageable, LAP balance transfer calculator is what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔️Is transferring my LAP to PNB will increase my loan amount?

    Yes, by transferring LAP to PNB will let you add additional top-up.

  • ✔️How many times can I avail a loan against property balance transfer?

    You can transfer the balance amount for as many times you require to, considering you are following the given procedures properly.

  • ✔️What is the maximum amount of Loan Against Property I can transfer?

    PNB provides a LAP that ranges up to Rs. 15 Cr.