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19th of November is widely celebrated as International Men’s Day. This is a day to acknowledge the many kinds of contributions men make every day, and to celebrate the massive potential that they hold within them. 


Although times are changing and the roles of men and women are becoming increasingly fluid, many men today are still primarily seen as providers for their family. At the same time, younger men today have more avenues than ever before to explore their swashbuckling sense of adventure.

If you’re a man, regardless of the stage of life you’re at, the fact of the matter is that having access to loans when you need them can go a long way towards achieving your goals. Let’s take a look at the various ways in which loans can help you grow personally and fulfil your duties as a provider throughout your life.

Men in their 20s

This is probably the most exciting and eventful decade for a modern man. During this decade, you’ll graduate, perhaps go abroad for your higher education, get your first job, start rising through the ranks at work, and probably meet the person you’ll spend your life with. This is also when you’ll probably buy your first car, and perhaps even a house.


Going abroad to get a postgraduate degree has become increasingly common these days, as doing so typically translates into much better career prospects. However, such degrees don’t come cheap: between living expenses and tuition fees, you could easily spend anything between 30 and 80 lakhs to get one.


It’s precisely such situations that education loans are meant for. You don’t need to have a large corpus already saved up: you can simply get an education loan, get a great job, pay the loan back, and enjoy all the benefits that come with the education provided by an internationally well-regarded institution.


The 20s are also when travelling far and wide makes a lot of sense: you’re young and full of energy, enthusiasm, and adventurousness. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to domestic destinations: a travel loan will allow you to start ticking places off your travel bucket list right away!

In addition, a vehicle loan will let you purchase your first car without breaking the bank. And towards the end of your 20s, you might finally bite the bullet and decide to buy a house. Or you might wait until your early 30s to do so. In either case, you’ll need…

Men in their 30s

House is one of the first really big purchases that working professionals have to contend with (in fact, there’s a good chance it’ll be the biggest expense of your life), and home loans are what make houses affordable for a huge number of people.


If you’re a man in your early 30s, you probably either have a child already or plan to have one soon. Once you have a child, your role as a provider will have begun in earnest. You’re going to want to show your children the best of what the world has to offer, which will translate into family vacations, both domestically and abroad. Once again, travel loans are what will let you plan such vacations without a worry in the world!

Men in their 40s

The 40s: when things can be wonderfully smooth and tranquil. You’re well-established in terms of your career, your family is thriving, and your retirement plan is on track. During this decade, the one big expense you’re likely going to have is your children’s education: it’s their turn now to spread their wings and fly forth! Again, you can always avail yourself of a personal loan to this end, so that your children can attend the university of their choice, no matter where it may be.

Men in their 50s

By the time this decade of your life rolls along, you’ll probably be enjoying the well-deserved fruits of your experience and wisdom. However, the big expenses aren’t quite over yet! Indeed, there are three important things you’re going to have to plan for: home renovation, your children’s weddings, and medical emergencies.


If you bought your house when you were in your late 20s or early 30s, it’ll probably need some major work by now, which could set you back a fair bit. However, knowing that you can just take out a home renovation loan should let you sleep easy.


As far as your children’s weddings are concerned, you’ve probably been saving for them all along, but which father can resist wanting to make them just a little more lavish than originally planned? Once again, a personal loan will prevent you from straining your finances when you’re so close to retirement.


Lastly, the 50s mark the start of several health conditions, so it’s prudent to set aside a fund for medical emergencies. However, you don’t need to worry about ever compromising the quality of health care you get, because you can always get a loan to tackle any unexpectedly large medical expenses.

Loans: Helping Men be the Best Version of Themselves

Men today are held by others and themselves to a very high standard. If you’re a man, knowing that you have a reliable source of funds when you need them is an immense relief, and allows you to plan your life and provide for your loved ones with confidence. This is exactly what various kinds of loans allow you to do: from growing your mind with travel and education to celebrating the most important events in your family members’ lives, loans let you live life to the fullest. Just like every man should.

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