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36% of Indian travellers are eager to satiate their wanderlust by travelling in the next 3 months, as revealed by a recent survey conducted by Zostel. Close to 32% of the respondents are planning to wait till the year end and resolve to travel in the next year.(2) If you too are among those confined to your home, aching to break free of the monotony of life, you might already be planning your next vacation, aren’t you?


However, paucity of funds can be a dampener to your enthusiasm. Don’t worry, because you can now tick that exotic holiday off your bucket list even when you are strapped of cash with the travel loan available on Bajaj Markets. It takes care of all the expenses you would incur right from transport, food, stay among others, so that you can just sit back and relax! Here are a few reasons why you should consider taking a online personal loan to fund your next holiday when the travel bug bites you and also, check out a personal loan calculator to calculate your monthly EMIs.

Reasons Why you Should Consider Personal Loan For Travel

1. Higher loan limit:

Whether you want to hike your way through the Grand Canyon on your road trip in the US or enjoy the serene backwaters of Kerala, you can do so much more without worrying about the cost. With the holiday loans available on Bajaj Markets you can credit up to Rs. 25 Lakhs instantly. This can easily take care of the flight tickets to and fro from your hometown to the destination of your choice, luxury stay at a hotel or resort, meals for the day and even other activities you might have planned for your recreation.

2. Interest payment on usable amount:

 Suppose your lender has sanctioned you a personal loan with a credit limit of Rs. 10 Lakhs, however during the course of your trip you manage to spend close to half of it, i.e. Rs. 6 Lakhs. Now, you do not have to pay interest on the entire amount, but only on what you have utilised. This feature makes a travel loan affordable by helping you reduce your interest outgo which can become a financial burden otherwise. At the same time, you also have the flexibility of making repayment as you choose to spend.

3. Withdraw easily:

 Do not want a lump sum loan amount in your account in one go? No worries. Holiday loans allow you the convenience of making withdrawals anytime as per your preference and needs. There is no set limit to the number of times you can withdraw money from your loan account. There are no formalities or official procedures required for doing so. Moreover, if you wish to foreclose your loan, you can even do so, without paying any additional charges. The choice is all yours!

4. Interest only EMIs:

The EMI of a travel loan available on Bajaj Markets is relatively cheaper than other loans considering you are given the option to repay your principal once your loan term nears completion. This facilitates the ease of repayment since you need to pay only the interest component as the EMI every month. You have considerable time to arrange and plan to repay the principal loan amount, without dipping into your savings and exhausting your life corpus in the process.

5. Make a switch:

As if all the advantages listed above were not enough, you have the added benefit of shifting your loan to another type.  If anytime during the duration of your personal loan for travel you feel like you want to switch to a term loan, because it is more convenient, you can do so without any hiccups. The transition is easy and smooth and you are provided full freedom of choice to do so.


Holiday loans are a perfect way to go on a trip within your budget without breaking your wallet. They are economical, flexible, help you save on the interest,  and also dole out huge amounts to manage vacation costs. When you apply for a travel loan available on Bajaj Markets, there is no collateral required, documentation is minimal with the entire application process online which makes it convenient for the borrower. You can get a loan to the tune of Rs. 25 Lakhs approved quickly within 3 minutes and get the money in your account within a span of 24 hours so that you are ready to jet, set and go!

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Begin with loan repayment after you are back from your trip with flexible duration choices ranging from 12 months to 5 years as per your financial comfort. Bajaj Finserv Personal loan available on Bajaj Markets comes with assured transparency, no additional charges and absence of third party involvement throughout the lending cycle. So do not let finances be a handicap to your dream to see the world and avail a personal loan today. The traveller in you would thank you for this decision later!

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