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It’s the most beautiful time of the year! Are you confused about how to celebrate the week-long holiday season? Well, traveling to beautiful destinations is the best way to gain life experiences and make unforgettable memories with your family and friends. Witness the real merriment and entice yourself during the Christmas and the Near Year’s week. Read on to know more about the best possible holiday destinations you can add to your bucket list for your Christmas week getaway!

1. New York City, USA

Having been playing an extremely important role in the Empire State, Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals in New York City, USA. With breathtaking Christmas lights, light snowfall, and beautiful culture, this city of dreams is the best place to visit during the holiday season. The tallest Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center with the ice skating rink beneath enhances the beauty and fun that come along with the festivities. The horse carriage ride through Central Park, the Radio City Rockettes, 5th Avenue decorations, and the New Year Eve’s Ball Drop in Times Square will end your year with a bang!

2. Vatican City

Vatican City is one of the most attractive destinations in the world but it becomes even more magical during the month of December. Flooded with beautiful scenes, this city is considered to be the spiritual heart of Catholicism since the Pope called it his home. There are decked-up Christmas trees, soothing Christmas lights and carols, lively masses, and well-lit markets during the festive season. The city is exciting and spectacular during the Christmas season, thereby making the city one of the best destinations to visit during the festive season. 

3. Bondi Beach, Australia

Known for offering fairy lights and snow, the Bondi Beach in Australia celebrates Christmas with sun, surf, and sand. A large number of backpackers come out of their comfort zone to the beach to enjoy the most amazing Christmas celebrations. The bands and the DJs enhance the festive atmosphere of the place. Hence, you must visit Bondi Beach in Australia to enjoy the Christmas vibe along the sea.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

The city of Prague is adorned with vibrant Christmas decorations which makes it the best among the top picturesque destinations of the world during the month of December. Whether it is wandering on the Nerudova Street in Mala Strana, or capturing the breathtaking views of the city’s Gothic and Baroque architecture, the experience remains unforgettable. Enjoy the ballet session at the State Opera or the National Theatre or watch an opera singing to enhance your festival experience in the city. Visiting the holiday markets of Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square makes the Christmas season a whole lot of fun! Take your beloved for a romantic getaway from the hustles of this city and enjoy these simple pleasures to end your year!

5. London, UK

Everyone talks about Christmas in London. It is outright fun as it has a host of Christmas lights, ice skating rinks to their traditional markets, and several Christmas shows. Enjoy the beautiful Oxford Street shimmering with Christmas lights high above in the skies along with outstanding concerts in several parts of the city. London has the best Christmas fashion boutiques, treats, and gorgeous bookshops to offer. Visit the ZSL London Zoo, Rainforest Cafe, Royal Albert Hall, and WWT London Wetland Centre this Christmas season with your friends and family to make this getaway a memorable one!


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