Why should you opt for a Personal Loan in Aurangabad?

Aurangabad is a popular city in the state of Maharashtra. It has a great historical significance and hence, attracts tourists in large numbers. It is one of the fastest growing cities of Asia and it tops the list of developing cities. Also known as the tourist hub of Maharashtra, Aurangabad has immense scope for small businesses due to the continuous arrival of tourists from various parts of the country.

Since Aurangabad is an emerging city for start-ups, many entrepreneurs are availing personal loans to fund their business. Due to a comparatively lower interest rates, personal loans have become a popular financing option. However, before applying for a personal loan, it is necessary to check the eligibility criteria set by the financial institution. The eligibility criteria might differ from one financial institution to another. If the applicant satisfies the eligibility criteria, they can apply for a personal loan by filling an online application form and uploading all the required documents.

Documents to avail Personal Loan in Aurangabad

Some of the basic documents required to apply for a personal loan are mentioned as below:

  • Identity proof:(Passport/Id card/voter card/driving license/Aadhar Card). It can be any one of them.

  • Residence proof:(Passport/voter card/driving license/Aadhar Card/Ration Card). Applicants living in a rented house, have to submit their rental agreement.

  • The applicant must submit their PAN card, which is an important document under the KYC formality.

  • Salaried applicants have to submit their salary slip of the last three months as well as bank statements of the last six months.

  • Self-employed applicants have to submit the ITR of the last three years. The registration of their business should be done beforehand.

  • Two passport size coloured photos. (Applicant should not be wearing glasses)


Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan in Aurangabad

Availing Bajaj Finserv Personal loan in Aurangabad is a hassle-free process. Borrowers can apply for a personal loan and submit their documents online. Once this is done, the verification process will be initiated. Post verification, the loan amount would be disbursed within a short span of time. With Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans, the entire process is full of ease. From borrowing the amount to the repayment of the loan, Bajaj Finserv Personal loans offer complete freedom to their customers. Borrowers can choose the loan tenure and decide their monthly payable instalments as per their convenience. They can also get an estimate of their EMI with the help of an online personal loan EMI calculator. This can help them plan their monthly expense accordingly.

With personal loans available on Finserv MARKETS, borrowers can access their loan account online. This helps them to easily monitor their balance, the amount of interest they have to pay on the principal, and their remaining tenure

Personal Loan in India ensures that the applicants get the desired amount within the stipulated time so that they do not miss out on any opportunity due to lack of funds. While availing personal finance in Aurangabad, it is advisable to read the terms and conditions of the loan agreement carefully before signing it. This can be extremely helpful in avoiding any inconvenience in the later stages.