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CASHe Personal Loan Eligibility

A Personal Loan is a loan that is directly provided by the lender or bank for a given tenure, without pledging any collateral. The procedure for applying for this type of loan is fast-paced and easy. CASHe Personal Loans can be applied online which reduces the hassle of approaching the bank and their long arduous paperwork. With Bajaj Markets, the process for applying for a CASHe Personal Loan is very simple and convenient.

CASHe Personal Loans are instantaneous funds that you can avail of during any time of need. The loan amount starts as low as Rs. 7,000. Since the procedure is done completely online, it ensures a quick application and verification process. You can even repay the loan online up to 1 year. You'd need to upload nominal documents such as identity proof, address proof, and income proof. Once your application is verified and approved, your loan will be disbursed within a few minutes or hours.

Factors Affecting CASHe Personal Loan Eligibility

Your Personal Loan in CASHe eligibility can be affected by several factors. These factors include:

  • Age

You must meet the age criteria that are set by your lenders to avail of a CASHe Personal Loan. You should be in the age group ranging from 21 years to 40 years.

  • Income

Your income determines your loan repayment capability. The more you earn, the higher the chances of being eligible for the loan.

  • Employment

You must have a stable job under your present company. 

  • Current Liabilities

If you have any existing loan that you are repaying, the lender would want to know the details of it. Using the information, the lender would want to determine whether you have an adequate income to repay your existing loan in addition to the new CASHe Personal Loan that you plan to avail of.

How to Improve Your CASHe Personal Loan Eligibility?

There are numerous ways you can improve your Personal Loan in CASHe eligibility. Other than focusing on the factors that affect your CASHe personal loan eligibility, you can also do the following:

  • Try not to switch jobs every 6-8 months. This indicates instability in your occupation. A stable job under a company for a minimum of 1 year is crucial to be qualified for personal loans.

  • Ensure that every pre-existing loan is repaid and cleared before applying for the CASHe Personal Loan. Having an existing loan indicates the lenders regarding your reduced repayment capability. This in turn decreases your eligibility.

  • Availing of a CASHe Personal Loan asks for nominal documentation. Hence, you must submit original documents so that there are no discrepancies.

  • Maintain a healthy credit profile to avail loans at a low rate of interest.

FAQs on CASHe Personal Loan Eligibility

  • ✔️What are the CASHe Personal Loan eligibility criteria?

    To avail of a CASHe Personal Loan, you have to fulfil certain criteria.

    •  You have to be a salaried employee.

    • You must fall under the age group of 21 to 40 years old to apply for the loan. 

    • You must be a resident and citizen of India.

    • Your minimum monthly income should at least be Rs. 12,000 to avail of the CASHe Personal Loan.

  • ✔️What is the maximum loan amount an applicant can get?

    The maximum loan amount that you can avail of from a CASHe Personal Loan is up to Rs. 4 Lakhs.

  • ✔️Will CIBIL Score affect my Personal Loan from CASHe?

    Having a good CIBIL score always helps with availing loans easily. The three-digit number is established on your credit history. The higher your credit score is the increased chances of other loan approval.

  • ✔️Do I need to have a guarantor to apply for a Personal Loan from CASHe?

    If you completely qualify for an instant CASHe Personal Loan, you can apply to avail of funds without a guarantor.

  • ✔️How do I get in touch with CASHe?

    To get in touch with CASHe regarding any queries or information, you can send an email at support@CASHe.co.in.

  • ✔️What is the interest Rate of CASHe Personal Loan?

    CASHe Personal Loan comes at competitive interest rates. The EMIs vary according to the tenure of the loan.

    Interest Rate

    2.25% - 2.5% per month

    Maximum Loan Amount

    Rs. 4 Lakhs

    Loan Tenure

    From 3 months to 1 year

  • ✔️What is the processing fee of CASHe Personal Loan?

    There is a minimal processing fee on availing of a CASHe Personal Loan. The processing charges are either maximum of Rs. 1200 or 2% of the principal loan amount, whichever is higher. This depends on the loan tenure.