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Make your home loan down payment with a personal loan

While every household has certain milestones to achieve, financing such milestones without exhausting one’s savings can be quite the challenge. The solution to this is simple. Such financial needs are significant and can be met with the help of personal loans. Unsecured loans such as personal loans can be availed from lending institutions like banks or non-banking financial companies by individuals to fulfill such requirements.

A personal loan is not secured against any asset which makes it a popular choice preferred for prospective borrowers. On Bajaj Markets, you can avail personal loans at interest rates starting from 12.99% with zero hidden charges.  

The solution to this problem is to make your down payment through a personal loan, as simple as that. In this way, a home loan and a personal loan in conjunction with it will land you into your first dream home at a very young and promising point of your career. Read on to find out how it is possible and why you should consider a personal loan to augment your home loan in the process.

1. Repayment in easy EMIs with flexi personal loan

Worried about how to repay two loans at the same time? With cutting edge financial products like Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan available on Bajaj Markets, you can now repay your personal loan in easy EMIs with the flexi-loan feature. With this feature, you can borrow a chunk of money from your approved credit limit and borrow a part of it whenever in need. You no longer need to bother about applying for a loan again and again.

In this way, you can reduce your EMIs by up to 45% and you only pay for what you have borrowed. Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan adapts to your financial situation and status rather than shaping it. As a result, you can meet your goal of gaining complete ownership much faster, without worrying about the logistics.

2. Pre-approved personal loan offers

Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan can also cut a major hurdle of applying for a loan and waiting for approval. With pre-approved personal loan offers, the delay between application and disbursal becomes insignificant, thereby fast-tracking of your application and reducing uncertainty in your plan. Pre-approved offers take into account, both of your credit history and your ability to repay your loan in a timely manner so that you don't have to check your inbox every hour waiting to take your next step. All you need to do to know your personalized pre-approved offer is to share your name and contact details on the website.

3. Easy-to-meet eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for personal loans are much easier than other types of loans, thereby reducing the entry point for you as a customer. At Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan you can avail up to Rs 25 Lacs at a young age of 23. That means you can now think of owning a home right out of college, with your first job in hand. You need to be an Indian resident, who is 23-58 years old, and working as a salaried employee for an MNC, a public or a private company. If you are still wondering whether a home loan and a personal loan together is a good idea, you might be surprised to know that the lenders are betting in your favor. The younger you are, the higher are your chances of getting a loan approved. The reasoning behind this is, the younger you are as a salaried professional the longer you will earn and higher your chances of successfully paying your loan amount back.

4. Minimal fees and charges

Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan features easy to understand fees with no hidden charges. This means that what you see is what you get. With personal loan interest rates starting at 12.99% and well-documented penalty charges in case of delayed repayments, you can be assured that your financial planning never suffers unanticipated damages.

There are chances you might come across a house or a piece of property that you have been eyeing for years and it has finally gone up for sale. But your savings fell short of the down payment sum and you feel discouraged because that opportunity is now gone. However, if you take a home loan and a personal loan, it will help you afford that down-payment which you were unable to pay earlier. This is exactly why personal loans are named that way! The situation for which they are needed is personal to the individual. Your goals for buying a house and your financial situations are unique and this is exactly why Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans come with a flexi personal loan feature that tailors itself according to your unique financial needs. If you were waiting to build your savings for buying a house, you now have it! You can get it right now and strike it off your life’s to-do.

Happy Customers of Bajaj Markets

Valene Gomes
Getting a loan to take care of my wedding and relieving my parents to enjoy the occasion was the best decision I ever made. Easy-to-apply, amazing interest rate and quick disbursal, what more can one ask for!
Vinamra Jain
I am passionate about the vehicle I drive. I want to protect it with the best available option. What amazed me was the full transparency, quick quotes and the attractive discount on the premium while choosing the annual payment option!
Shehnaz Patel
My husband and I will finally move into our own house this Diwali. All thanks to Bajaj Markets, with competitive interest rates, minimal processing fees and easy to repay EMIs, our dream saw the light of reality in no time!
Brijesh Mishra
Kids grow up fast and to fulfill their dream trip to Disneyland I had everything but instant funds. With no collateral or guarantor required and a hassle-free processing, I gifted my family a memorable trip to Orlando with just a click!
Chandni Arora
The best way to start looking for health insurance is to do a close study of the coverage needs and checking the insurance company's claim ratio. No unnecessary jargons, easy to apply claims process and choice of premia!
Anurag Pandit
I bought my first iPhone using my Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Zero downpayment with a No cost EMI on Bajaj Finserv EMI store just made my day!
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