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How to Check the Refund Status on the IT Portal by Finserv MARKETS

How to Check the Refund Status on the Income Tax Portal online?

12 Oct 2021

The Government of India launched the new version of the income tax portal on June 7, 2021. The main aim behind this endeavour was to improve the user experience of the taxpayers and give them easier accessibility and control over their e-filing process.



If you are wondering about what is the new income tax portal and what are its benefits, it is significant to point out its smoother, faster and mobile-friendly Income Tax Return (ITR) services. You can access and use the features of the portal through

While using the hassle-free e-filing and tax return portal, you would benefit from characteristics like:

  • Multiple login choices

  • Secure login, registration and transaction processes

  • User-friendly and navigable dashboard

  • Integrated chatbot feature for query resolution

  • Optimized customer support section with videos, FAQs, tutorials and user manuals

  • Different options for paying taxes

  • Multi-device support (iOS and Android mobile devices)

  • Simplified ITR utility

Other benefits include tax-based services like Aadhaar and PAN linking, e-verification, PAN verification and e-pay tax. Users can also check income tax refund status easily through this platform. We would further elaborate on the steps for the same.

How to Check Income Tax Refund Status?

To know how to check income tax refund status, continue reading about the three available methods that are explained below in more detail.

Income Tax Refund Check Online via TIN-NSDL Website

Step 1: Access the TIN-NSDL portal using

Step 2: Add in all the necessary details the platform asks for, including your assessment year (e.g., AY 2021-2022, FY-2020-21) and PAN number.

Step 3: You would get a 'Captcha code' in an image format. Type in the code you see and then press on the 'Submit' option.

Step 4: The income tax refund status would automatically appear on your screen.

Note: After the Income Tax Department sends the refund to your bank, the tax refund date/status would be updated after 10 days.

Income Tax Refund: Check Online via Income Tax e-filing Portal (With Login)

Step 1: Open the e-filing portal for income tax using

Step 2: Enter your income tax portal account with your user ID, captcha code and password. Then click the 'Login' button.

Step 3: On the next page, select 'View Returns/Forms'.

Step 4: Click on the 'Select an Option' prompt and click on 'Income Tax Returns'. Add the relevant AY and select 'Submit'.

Step 5: Select the acknowledgement number you receive. You would notice the tax refund status highlighted on the screen.

Income Tax Refund: How to Check Online via Income Tax e-filing Portal (Without Login)

Step 1: Access the following link -

Step 2: On the bottom-left side of the screen, you would find the ITR Status option. Click on it.

Step 3: The action would direct you to the next page where you have to add the ITR acknowledgement number, PAN number and the Captcha code.

Step 4: Select 'Submit'.

Step 5: In case your refund is still processing and the department delays the refund, you would notice the 'Return Processed. Refund determined and sent to the banker' status.


Step 6: If the department accepts the refund without errors, you will see a 'Return Submitted and verified' status.

Understanding Income Tax Refund time

According to Section 244A under the Income Tax Act, applicants for the income tax refund status would receive a monthly interest at the rate of 0.5%. This happens if the refund amount exceeds 10% of the tax amount under u/s 143(1). The income tax refund time for crediting the interest amount can differ in two specific situations. They are explained in the table below.

Refund Interest Period

The applicant filed the ITR on the due date accepted under Section 139(1) or before.

  1. If your tax payment covers advance tax or TDS, the refund period can start from April 1 (unless the date of refund is specifically mentioned).

  2. If you are liable to only the self-assessment tax, the filing date for the ITR or the payment date would be the starting point for the refund period. The refund would be granted on whichever date is later.

Applicants filed the ITR after the accepted due date.

The interest period would start from the date when the applicant files the ITR until the date the department grants the refund. The tax liability component has no effect here.


  • ✔️How to check income tax refund status?

    After the platform sets and verifies the refund, the tax department will process the refund amount. To check the status of your tax refund, you can access either the NSDL website or the portal for income tax e-filing. 

  • ✔️How much time does it take to receive an income tax refund in India?

    In India, the department for Income Tax first takes the time to process the ITR of applicants before completing the refund process. In the Assessment Year (AY), according to the new update, the time limit for return filing and refund claims is the end of that particular AY. For example, in AY 2021-22, 31 March 2022, will be the last date for a refund claim. This date would also work as the last date of refund for Financial Year (FY) 2021.

    Note: The Income Tax Return verification period of tax returns through ITR-V to Bengaluru CPC can last longer.

    In case of delay, the Income Tax Department can pay a simple interest of 0.5% per month to the taxpayer as a compensatory benefit. 

  • ✔️What does income tax refund pending mean?

    Income tax refund pending essentially signifies the period of delay taxpayers can experience in receiving their refunds. There are multiple reasons why the tax refund might show a pending status after ITR verification. Some of these reasons are listed below:

    • In case the user forgot to verify their ITR filing

    • Wrong postal address in case of cheque-based payment

    • Adding incorrect bank account number

    • Inaccurate data computation

    • Filing the ITR after the prescribed due date passes

    • The department can mark a return as defective as per Section 139(9)

    • In case the user changes the date of return intentionally

    • Delayed refund due to non-completion of an offline verification process in time

    If you see a refund pending status due to one or more of these reasons, you can request a refund reissue. This is only accepted if the Income Tax Department issues an Intimation notice first. 

  • ✔️Can I check my income tax refund without login?

    Yes, there is a process through which you can check your income tax refund without login by using your PAN card number.