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What is a Duplicate PAN Card

A PAN card is one of the essential documents, and if you misplace it, getting a duplicate is a priority. A duplicate PAN card is exactly similar to your original one. You can apply for a duplicate one when your existing PAN card is damaged, misplaced or stolen. 


So, in case you want to learn how to apply for a duplicate PAN card, read on. Thanks to the simplified process initiated by the Income Tax Department, applying for a duplicate PAN card has become hassle-free. 


For a guide on how to get a duplicate PAN card, check out these pointers.

How to Get a Duplicate PAN Card

A duplicate or a reprint PAN card can be applied online and offline. Here are a few different situations when you can apply for a reprint of your PAN card. 

1. Loss/Theft

Since a PAN card is an essential document that can be utilised for various reasons, you may carry it in your wallet. As a result, it can be quite easy to lose your PAN card or have it stolen. 


At such times, applying for a duplicate PAN card is essential before the next tax season begins. 

2. Misplaced

While misplacing your PAN card may mean that it can show up later, it is best to apply for a PAN reprint or duplicate as soon as you become aware of its loss.

3. Damaged

Your PAN card can be damaged due to wear and tear, leading to its important details getting obscured or erased. For instance, if the hologram or picture is scratched, you may have to get a duplicate PAN card.

How to Generate Duplicate PAN Card Online

Applying for a PAN card reprint or duplicate online is extremely simple. Additionally, there are multiple ways you can apply for a duplicate PAN card online. Read on to learn the different methods for applying for a duplicate or reprint PAN card.

A. Applying Through NSDL

  • Head to the TIN-NSDL portal and navigate to ‘Services’ and then ‘PAN.’

  • When you scroll down the screen, you will find an option for ‘Reprint of PAN card,’ where you must click on ‘Apply.’

  • The online PAN card application will be displayed to you, where you must select the ‘Changes or Corrections in Existing PAN Data/Reprint of PAN Card’ category and then the application type for the same

  • Fill in all the required fields on the application and click on ‘Submit.’

  • Once you have submitted the form, a token number will be issued to you

  • Make a note of the token number, which will also be sent to your registered Email address, and then click on ‘Continue with PAN Application Form.’

  • You will then be required to fill out the information on the ‘Personal Details’ page and select from the options given regarding how you would like to submit your documents for the application. You can either submit the physical documents for KYC or submit them online for e-KYC with an e-signature

  • You will then be asked to choose between a physical PAN card and an e-PAN card

  • Once that is done, enter the contact information in the required fields and submit the application

  • You will be directed to the payment page once the application is submitted. Once the payment has been completed, you will be issued an acknowledgement receipt for the payment

  • The PAN reprint or duplicate card will be issued to you within the next 15-20 days

B. Applying for a PAN Card Reprint Through Aadhaar Card Details

  • Visit the portal https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com/paam/ReprintEPan.html website and enter your PAN details

  • Enter the required details, including your Aadhaar number, date of birth, and GSTIN if you are representing a business

  • Read the declaration and tick the required box

  • Enter the captcha code for verification and then click on ‘Submit’

  • Get the details of your PAN card on a new page

  • Scroll down and choose whether you would like to receive the OTP on your mobile number, Email ID or both, and click on ‘Generate OTP’

  • Enter the OTP and click on ‘Validate’


That’s all, and your request will now be sent to the NSDL department.

C. Applying for a PAN Card Reprint Through UTIITSL Portal:

By using your Aadhaar Card and PAN card details, you can apply for a PAN reprint or duplicate by following the same steps mentioned in Method B above. 

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How to Generate Duplicate PAN Card Offline

In case you wish to generate your PAN card reprint or duplicate offline, there are ways to do that too.

  • You have to download the application form, titled, ‘Request for New PAN Changes or Correction in PAN Data’ from the websites of either the Income Tax department or the NSDL portal, or the UTIITSL portal

  • Fill in the application form in block letters and mention your 10-digit PAN card number

  • Submit a couple of passport-size photographs along with the form, and they need to be signed over carefully

  • You have to submit the completed application along with your proof of identity and proof of residence to the nearest PAN card centre

  • Once you make the payment, you will be issued a 15-digit reference number, which can be used to check your application status

  • Your application will be forwarded to the Income Tax department’s PAN services unit, and if the information provided by you is correct, your duplicate PAN card should reach you within two weeks

Eligibility & Documentation to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card

1. Eligibility to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card

While knowing how to apply for a duplicate PAN card is essential, it is equally crucial to know the eligibility parameters. Here is a list of individuals entitled to apply for a duplicate PAN card:

  • Companies

  • HUFs

  • Individuals

  • Limited Liability or Partnership Firms

  • Companies

2. Documents Required for a Duplicate PAN Card

Now that you are aware of how to get a duplicate PAN card make sure you submit the following documents before you apply for one:

  • Self-attested proof of identity, such as an Aadhaar card, Voter’s ID, etc

  • Self-attested proof of residence, such as utility bills, Aadhaar card, etc

  • Self-attested proof of birth date, such as birth certificate, passport, etc

  • PAN allotment letter or a self-attested copy of your PAN card

3. Charges for Duplicate PAN Card

Different charges are levied when you apply for a duplicate PAN card, depending on several factors. However, the major changes apply to whether or not you require a physical PAN card. 

a) If you require a physical PAN reprint:

Mode of Application


Fees (excluding taxes) (in INR)

Fees (including taxes) (in INR)

Offline Application

Dispatch to an Indian address



Dispatch to address outside India



 Online Application with e-KYC and e-Sign

Dispatch within India



Dispatch outside India



 Application Submitted Through Separate Online Link

Dispatch within India



Dispatch Outside India



b) If you do not require a physical PAN card:

Mode of Application


Fees (excluding taxes) (in INR)

Fees (including taxes) (in INR)

Online Application

Dispatch to the Email ID



Offline Application

Dispatch to the Email ID



Disclaimer: Note that these charges are indicative and can change according to Government regulations.

How to Download Duplicate PAN Card

Follow the steps mentioned below to download a duplicate PAN card:

  • Step 1: Visit the official portal of NSDL

  • Step 2: Mention your PAN details

  • Step 3: Enter the Aadhaar number in case of individuals

  • Step 4: Provide your date of birth details

  • Step 5: Key in your GSTIN number

  • Step 6: Enter the captcha text

  • Step 7: Click on the ‘Submit’ tab


Following these steps, you can access the site and apply for or download a duplicate PAN card.

Who Can Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card

There are several types of taxpayers in India, including individuals, businesses, and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs). However, only individuals can apply for their own PAN card reprint. 


The others require an authorised signatory to file the application for PAN reprint or duplicate. Here are the authorised signatories allowed to file for a PAN card reprint or duplicate.

Taxpayer Category

Authorised Signatory




HUF’s Karta


Any Director

Firm/Limited Liability Partnership

Any Partner

Artificial Jurisdiction Person/AOPs/Association of Person(s)/Local Authority/Body of Individuals

Authorised Signatory as per Incorporation Deed

Things to Know About Duplicate PAN Card

There are several important points to know while applying for a duplicate or reprint PAN card. Continue reading to learn more about them.

  • If your PAN card is lost or stolen, file an FIR and attach it with your submission documents.

  • You can pay for the duplicate PAN card through DDs, net banking, and debit or credit cards.

  • It is important to note the acknowledgement number assigned to you once your payment is complete, as it helps track your PAN card application status. 

  • Applicants who are minors must mention their Aadhaar number in their application.

  • If you submit attested documents with a thumb impression, get them verified first by a magistrate, notary public or a gazetted officer using the official stamp and seal.


You can get all the additional details on how to get a duplicate PAN card on Bajaj Markets.

FAQs on Duplicate PAN Card

There are online and offline methods to reprint your old PAN card. The above article has mentioned these methods in detail.

You can apply to duplicate or reprint your original PAN Card if it is lost. The duplicate or reprint copy will be a replica of your original PAN Card.

You can apply for a PAN Card reprint by using your Aadhaar number. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Know Your PAN’ facility provided on the Income Tax Department’s website.

You will be required to pay a fee of ₹110 while applying for a duplicate or reprint PAN card.

Once your application has been submitted and the documents verified, you can get a duplicate PAN card within 15 to 20 days.

By opting for a PAN card reprint, you will get a new card with the same number.

It is an offence to have more than one PAN card. You are liable to pay a penalty of ₹10,000 if you have two or more PAN Cards.

In case you wish to surrender a duplicate PAN card, you can write to an assessing officer with all your personal details and indicate which card needs to be surrendered and which is to be retained.

You need a duplicate PAN card when your existing card is lost, damaged or stolen.

Yes, it is important to file an FIR if your PAN card is stolen or lost.

Yes, as you get a duplicate PAN card from a regulatory authority like the Income Tax Department, a duplicate one is very much valid.

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