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What is the Accidental Hospitalisation - Animal Attack Cover?

Every year, animal attacks account for thousands of deaths. Sudden encounters like these can cause extensive injuries that may require expensive life-saving treatments, which can prove to be highly expensive. To save yourself the trouble of managing your funds for such a treatment, you can opt for the Accidental Hospitalisations - Animal Attack Cover policy, which provides coverage against expenses resulting from medical care required after domestic and wild animal attacks. This policy is provided by ManipalCigna Health Insurance, and includes complete hospitalisation coverage. You can select from multiple variants of the policy, starting at Rs. 53/year, giving coverage of Rs. 1 lakh. This goes up to Rs. 3 lakh, where the premium is charged at just Rs. 89/year. Let us see what the benefits of availing this policy are.


Key Features of Accidental Hospitalisation Cover

Here is what the Accidental Hospitalisation Cover - Animal Attack can help you with:

Pre-hospitalisation expenses

Pre-hospital charges for a period of 10 days before admission to the hospital are covered under this policy. However, such expenses can only be claimed when the causes for pre-hospitalisation and admission are the same, that is, accidental animal attacks. All charges are covered up to the limit as per the policy variant.

Post-hospitalisation expenses

The policy covers up to 10 days of post-hospitalisation expenses from the day of discharge from treatment. This, however, is only valid if an approved medical consultant has clinically confirmed the diagnosis. All charges are covered up to the insured sum.

Accidental Hospitalisation expenses

The plan covers certain expenses during hospitalisation arising from domestic and wild animal attacks. The insurance lasts till the total sum insured is utilised and can only be availed if hospitalisation occurs during the validity of the policy. So, these are the benefits of the accidental hospitalisation cover. Now, let's find out how to avail this policy to secure your near future.

How to apply for the Accidental Hospitalisation - Animal Attack Cover?

The accidental hospitalisation cover against animal attacks has a pretty straightforward application process. It can be availed using the following steps:

  • Click on Buy Now

    Clicking on the 'Buy now' option on this page will take you to the application page, where you will be asked to enter your general details.

  • Check for OTP received

    The application form will require you to add your mobile number, which can be registered by inputting the OTP received on your mobile number.

  • Pay the premium

    The premium can be paid via various payment modes like credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, UPI, etc.

Your application has now been completed and submitted. That's all it takes to obtain an Accidental Hospitalisation Cover! Go to your email inbox to read about obtained membership.

Eligibility Criteria

To opt for the Accidental Hospitalisation Cover from Bajaj Finserv, you must pass the basic eligibility criteria:


  • You must be an Indian citizen.

  • You must be an individual in the 18-65 age group.

What's Covered under the Accidental Hospitalisation - Animal Attack Cover?

  • All hospital costs

    All expenses arising from charges like operation theatre costs, surgeon's fees, fees for accommodation into ICU/ CCU/ HDU, fees for nurses, and medication are covered under this insurance policy.

  • All treatment charges

    Treatment charges include diagnosis tests charges, charges for renting rooms in a hospital, expenses for blood transfusions, and other medications which are crucial for recovery.

  • Charges for diagnostic tests

    In an unforeseen animal attack, injuries endured will require proper examination, which involves performing several diagnostic tests. Inevitable accidents may also require multiple diagnostic tests to be performed. This insurance policy covers the costs of all such diagnoses to be held.

Policy plan details and specifications

The following pointers describe the plan details:

  • Coverage limit

Premium amount


Rs. 53

Rs. 1 lakh

Rs. 71

Rs. 2 lakh

Rs. 89

Rs. 3 lakh

  • Validity

The plan is valid for a term of one year.

What's not covered?

Let's now understand some of the exclusions of this cover:

  • Injuries arising from participating in adventure sports

The policy doesn't cover accidents endured during sporting events like trekking, rock climbing, camping, or skiing.

  • Claim raised before 48 hours

Hospital charges are not accounted for under the policy scheme if they are made before 48 hours of continuous hospitalisation.

How to Make a Claim?

Make a claim in the following ways:

  • Call

To raise your claim, you can give a call on the toll-free number 1800-102-4462. A support executive will answer all your queries and register your request once a call is made.

  • Email

You can also write an email to and a support executive will reach out soon.

Customer Care Details

Any issues arising from the policy like claims, exclusions, and overall coverage can be addressed by emailing A customer support executive will reach out to you to answer your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accidental Hospitalisation Cover

What are the payment methods available for purchasing online?

For purchases made online, several payment methods like credit and debit cards, UPI, net banking, and mobile wallets are available.

What is a FlexiCare policy?

A Flexicare policy is a unique offering from Bajaj Finserv which allows users to have access to continuous cash flow up to a certain sanctioned limit in times of emergencies.

How to obtain a certificate of insurance purchased?

All policy documents and certificates of insurance are dispatched by Bajaj Finserv or its partners within 5 business days of the insurance purchase. If you haven't received your documents, please raise a support request via

How to get a refund after cancelling an insurance subscription?

The concerned insurer will process your refund within 10 business days of registering your request for a refund. The processing time differs with each policy variant and depends on the mode of purchase and processing times of individual partners.


The refund amount is dependent on the policy's free-look period which is available in the terms and conditions document. A refund request made within the free-look period is expected to receive a full refund. A request received after a free-look period will get a prorated, surrendered, or even nil amount based on terms and conditions.


How to register a general insurance claim against the Accidental Hospitalisation - Animal Attack cover?

All claims can be made by writing to You can also contact the concerned representative at the toll-free number 1800-102-4462.

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