Buy ADHD Care Insurance plan at just Rs. 899/year for children and Rs. 1,299/year for adults.

What is ADHD Care Insurance?

Individuals exhibiting a mental health condition marked with impulsive behaviour and unusual activity levels are said to develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. In such cases, the patient would also have trouble concentrating on a single task or staying still for extended periods. Children and adults can indicate such behaviour, and it can affect their work, studies, and personal life to a large extent. ADHD Care Plan, starting at just Rs. 899/year for children and Rs. 1,299/year for adults, aims at supporting individuals through such difficulties by providing numerous benefits, such as doctor consultations, specialist therapies, and network discounts. Let us see the key features of this policy.

Key Features of the ADHD Care Insurance

The key features of the ADHD Care Plan that make this policy highly beneficial include the following:

Vast Medical Cover

The plan offers a vast cover ranging from OPD consultations to behavioural therapy and network discounts.

Affordable Premium

The plan charges an affordable premium that can cover substantial costs arising from medical needs. The premium for children is Rs. 899/year, and that for adults is just Rs. 1,299/year.

Smooth Claims Processing

Reimbursement is provided as early as 48 hours of making a claim. You can reach out to the insurer to get the amount in a hassle-free manner.

How To Apply for ADHD Care Insurance?

Here are the steps that you must follow to apply for the ADHD Care plan:

  • Select ‘Buy Now’ and start your application

    Click on the BUY NOW button to begin your application process.

  • Contact verification

    Enter your details, such as your contact number, and validate the same by entering the OTP into the desired field.

  • Make the payment

    You can make the payment through any online source, such as debit/credit card, mobile wallets, UPI, or other payment modes.


All set! With this, the application process is complete. You will receive the details on your WhatsApp or e-mail ID. 

Eligibility Criteria

Here is the eligibility parameter for this insurance cover: 

  • The plan is open to children and adults facing ADHD problems.

What's Covered under the ADHD Care Insurance?

The ADHD Care Plan covers a range of essentials. Here is what makes it a must-have: 

1. OPD/Doctor Consultations

The OPD/Doctor consultation facility enables you to consult qualified doctors and get benefits up to the allotted amount. If a specific doctor's speciality is mentioned in your plan, you may choose to consult with the doctor of that speciality. The benefit of this policy remains limited and cannot be shared. You can claim the amount in one go or spread it over a series of consultations to the extent defined in the plan. 

2. Behavioural Therapy

Behavioural therapy includes therapy sessions with specialists or doctors that possess a certain minimum equivalent degree, up to the extent of the benefit amount stated in the plan. You may enrol yourself in therapy, take the corresponding sessions, and submit the expenses for reimbursement up to the benefit amount. The benefits are limited to the policyholders and can be claimed in a single visit or multiple visits to the benefit limit as stated in the plan. 

3. Network Discounts

Get discounts on your expenses on healthcare. However, make sure the services are purchased only from the Bajaj Finserv Health Prime Network. Here is a list of discounts that you are eligible for:

Discount Benefit



OPD Consultation


Health Plans and Packages


Labs and Radiology






Dental Procedure


Room Rent

You may use the network discounts multiple times with no upper limit. In addition to this, you may get free ambulance services in case of IPD admissions. 

Policy Plan Details & Specifications

The ADHD care plan details and specifications are outlined below:

  • Coverage

The policy entails the following cover:


  • For children: Behavioural therapy sessions with benefits up to Rs. 1000 along with paediatric psychologist cover of up to Rs. 700 at just Rs. 899/year.

  • For adults: Behavioural therapy sessions with benefits up to Rs. 1,500 along with psychiatrist care cover with a benefit up to Rs. 1,000 at a membership fee of just Rs. 1,299/year.

  • Validity

The plan comes with a validity period of one year. 

What's Not Covered?

The following elements are not included as a part of the ADHD Care Plan:

1. No reimbursements for diagnostic procedures

Reimbursements cannot be made on diagnostic procedures undertaken by the doctor. 

2. Non-transferrable benefits

The benefits of this plan are limited to the policyholder and are non-transferrable to people who are not covered in the plan. 

3. Carry forward

Carry-forwards of unused benefits are not allowed even if the benefit is repurchased after its validity is over. 

4. Non-redeemable

The benefits are non-redeemable to cash. 

5. Clubbing of benefits

You can’t club lab and radiology benefits with any other benefit. 

How to Make a Claim?

Making a claim in case of a doctor consultation benefit or a lab/radiology benefit requires you the follow the below steps: 

  • Bajaj Finserv Health App/Website

    • Sign up, and under my "Health Plans" section, select doctor consultation/lab and radiology benefits. Enter the required fields and upload your invoice. After this, enter your bank details along with a cancelled cheque. 

    • In case you want a claim against a lab test package, enter details of the lab/hospital and the date of redemption. SMS the voucher link displayed on your registered mobile number and share the voucher code to get the benefit. 

  • E-mail

    • You can connect with us at Make sure that you scan and attach a copy of your invoice and mention the required details. Share your bank details along with a cancelled cheque as well to submit the claim. 

    • If you want to claim the lab test package, mention your personal details and the hospital/lab details. A customer executive will contact you to confirm your identity using an OTP. SMS the voucher link received on your mobile number and share the voucher code to get the benefit.


Additionally, please note:


  • You can make a cashless claim for a teleconsultation benefit using the Bajaj Finserv Health App/Website. Sign-up, and under my "health plans," select the teleconsultation benefit option. Select your preferred doctor, date of appointment, and time, and click on submit. You will receive a link 15 minutes prior to the consultation.

  • You can benefit from network discounts by opting for a health service at a prime lab or network. Mention your mobile number and prime network benefit to the billing executive. Share the OTP and get up to a 10% discount.

Customer Care Details

For any queries or assistance related to ADHD Care Plan, you can connect with us at We are available to assist you. 

FAQs on ADHD Care Insurance

  • ✔️I enrolled in the ADHD Care Plan. Recently my son has been diagnosed with the same. Can my plan cover a part of his medical expenses?

    No. The plan is non-transferable. Only those people whose names are mentioned in the policy document are eligible for the benefits of the plan. 

  • ✔️How much time will it take for the reimbursement once I have made a claim?

    After making a claim, it takes up to 48 hours to get the reimbursed amount. To make a claim, you can download the Bajaj Finserv Health App, visit the website, or send an email to

  • ✔️I have changed my mobile number and cannot access the incoming OTP. Can I still make a claim as a part of the ADHD Care Plan?

    Yes. Please connect with our customer support service to continue reaping the benefits of the plan. For this, send an email to, stating your problem and your policy details.