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ATM Safeguard Plan Overview

ATMs have always been convenient for cash transactions. It not only helps us withdraw cash, but also helps in other account related inquiries. Even though the ATM premises are safe and secure, you can’t assure the same as you walk out.


There can be many mishaps outside the ATM premises, such as, robbery, theft or assault. To protect you from such mishaps, Bajaj MARKETS brings you the ATM Safeguard Plan from CPP Group India. 


It comes with a nominal membership charge of ₹749 and covers losses up-to ₹50,000. It covers financial losses caused during ATM transactions. Read on for more information.


How to Apply for ATM Safeguard Plan?

  • Click on ‘Buy Now’

    Select the ‘Buy Now’ button

  • Fill your details

    Add your required details

  • Make the payment

    Choose your convenient payment method

Documents Required for the Claim:

Here are the documents required for the ATM Safeguard Plan:


  • KYC Documents – The documents required for KYC, such as, Aadhar Card, Driving License, PAN Card etc.

  • Membership Letter – You must submit the membership letter provided during the subscription process. 

  • Duly filled claim form – You must fill the claim form available on the website.

  • Claim intimation within 24 hrs – You must inform about the upcoming claim within 24 hrs.

  • FIR Copy - In case of burglary or theft, you must file a FIR complaint and submit the copy to avail the claim

What’s Covered under ATM Safeguard Plan?

  • Instant Credit/Debit card blocking

    Your Debit/Credit Card will be blocked instantly after making the claim

  • Credit health report

    You can access your credit health report alongside your credit score.

  • Doctor on-call

    You can reach out to qualified doctors on-call or get clinical advice via mobile app.

  • Emergency travel assistance

    You can get extra financial assistance through this plan. You can get up-to ₹20,000 advance money if stranded during a trip in India and up-to ₹40,000 on an abroad trip.

  • Robbery

    You can get reimbursement of money robbed within 15 minutes of an ATM transaction.

  • Bodily injuries

    The plan covers the first aid expenses of any injuries occurred during the robbery.

ATM Safeguard Plan Details and Specifications:

Here are the major plan details and specifications:


  • Membership fee of ₹749

  • Coverage up-to ₹50,000

What’s NOT Covered under ATM Safeguard Plan:

Below mentioned are the contents NOT covered under the ATM Safeguard Plan:


  • Third party damages or losses – Any expenses related to a third-party victim will not be entertained by the plan.

  • Other damages or losses – Any other damages or losses that are unrelated to the ATM Safeguard Plan will not be covered. 

  • Damages outside coverage tenor - Any damages or liabilities outside the coverage period will not be entertained.

  • Emergency first-aid for a non-member – No first-aid expenses will be covered for a non-member of the ATM Safeguard Plan.

How to claim the ATM Safeguard Plan:

You can claim the plan by using the following methods:


Customer Care Details:

You can connect with us at Bajaj MARKETS. Just write to us at




The one-time membership fees for the ATM Safeguard Cover is ₹749. 

You can apply for the ATM Safeguard Plan through the Bajaj MARKETS App or website. Search for ATM Safeguard Plan in the Pocket Insurance section, click on ‘Buy-Now,’ enter your ‘necessary details’ and ‘make the payment.’ After following these steps, you will be a member of the ATM Safeguard Plan.

The ATM Safeguard plan is a pocket insurance, it is a type of insurance which covers specific expenses. ATM Safeguard covers expenses of mishaps which might have occurred during or after 15 minutes of an ATM transaction. It covers the amount lost during the burglary, bodily injuries, debit/credit card blocking, emergency travel assistance and much more.

You can claim the ATM Safeguard Plan by sending an email to  or you can call on the toll-free number 1800-419-4000.


The maximum covered amount for the ATM Safeguard Cover is ₹50,000.


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