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What is Comprehensive Car Breakdown Fuel Pump Cover? 

Going on road trips can be a great way of recreation, and to enjoy a great holiday. However, if your car breaks down in the middle of the trip, causing an engine overheating, it will derail your road trip. It will cause chaos and unnecessary expenditure. 


Go hassle-free with Bajaj Markets and opt for the Comprehensive Car Breakdown Fuel Pump Cover by AWP Assistance (INDIA) Private Ltd at just ₹1475 per year. This insurance policy will make your road trips super convenient. Besides ensuring the safety of your car while towing it to the nearest garage at no cost, the policy provides roadside assistance services like spot repair, flat tyre replacement, battery jumpstart, and lost keys. Read on to know more about the services that this plan covers.

Key Features of Comprehensive Car Breakdown Fuel Pump Cover

Here’s what makes this Comprehensive Car Breakdown Fuel Pump plan a must have:

Breakdown of engine

If there is an engine overheating, Allianz Assistance will provide financial assistance on the parts’ maximum up to ₹ 7000.

In case of an accidental breakdown

If any unforeseen event takes place and the covered vehicle collides or crashes against a moving object, resulting in the immobilisation of that vehicle, this insurance policy will cover the expenses of its repair in a body repair shop.

Shortage of fuel

If there is a fuel shortage and the covered vehicle is immobilised, this insurance policy will provide on-the-spot assistance to tow it to a repair shop.

In case of any mechanical or electrical breakdown

If the covered vehicle faces any kind of unexpected mechanical or electrical breakdown, including battery, resulting in its immobilisation, then this insurance policy will aid.

How to Apply for the Comprehensive Car Breakdown Fuel Pump Cover?

The application process for this Comprehensive Car Breakdown Fuel Pump insurance plan is super easy. All you need to do is follow these steps and get covered –

  • Click on Buy Now

    Tap on ‘Buy Now’ on this page

  • Fill in the Details

    Fill in the online application form with the required personal details

  • Make the Payment

    Complete the quick online payment with a few easy clicks


And, that’s all! Your membership details and welcome package will land in the inbox of your registered email ID. 


What's Covered under the Comprehensive Car Breakdown Fuel Pump Cover?

  • If the key is lost, locked or broken

    If the vehicle keys are locked in the covered vehicle, broken, lost or stolen, then this insurance policy will help the policyholder tow it to a repair shop.

  • Any kind of fuel issue

    If the covered vehicle’s fuel is wrong, frozen or polluted, resulting in its immobilisation at the incident site, then this insurance policy will aid with towing it to a repair shop.

  • Deflation of one or more tyres

    If the covered vehicle’s one or more tyres get deflated, resulting in its immobilisation at the incident site, then this insurance plan will provide on-the-spot assistance for towing it to a repair shop.

  • If the battery gets discharged

    of any pilot error, then this policy will take care of it. Also, it is also taken care of if the covered battery has outlived its shelf life leading to a flat battery and possibly requiring a replacement.

Policy Plan Details & Specifications 

Following are the pointers that specify the Comprehensive Car Breakdown Fuel Pump Cover details: 

  • Coverage 

Plan Name

Fuel Pump Breakdown 

Description of the product 

Covers breakdown of the vehicle, cost of fuel pump resulting in breakdown 


Breakdown of the car Is covered due to: Fuel Pump (covered up to INR 5000) 

Duration of the Program 

One year 

Coverage Radius 

Pan India 

Number of services offered (Membership Duration) 

1 part covered per membership period 

Free Towing (Radius) 

Up to 50 Kms 

Battery jump Start (Covered or not) 


Flat tyre assistance (Covered or not) 


Locked/lost key (Covered or not) 


Fuel delivery 

On Actuals up to 5 litres 

Taxi benefits 

Arrangement of Taxi 

Cooling Period 

Clutch – 30 days. Roadside Assistance Benefits – 

 10 days 

Price (Including GST) 

₹ 1475 

What’s not Covered under the Comprehensive Car Breakdown Fuel Pump Cover? 

Let’s also understand some of the mandatory exclusions of the Comprehensive Car Breakdown Fuel Pump Cover plan – 

  • Any type of loss, damage, theft, death, bodily injury, cost or expense that is indirectly associated with the incident that caused the policyholder to claim, unless expressly stated in this membership. 

  • Ionisation of radiation or contamination of radioactive substances from any nuclear waste or the nuclear fuel arising from the burning of nuclear fuel. 

  • In cases of an invasion, war, terrorism, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), rebellion, civil war, revolution, riot or civil commotion, insurrection, military or usurped power. 

  • Declared natural disasters like flood, hail, hurricane, storm, rain, sleet or snow, lightning, wind, or other similar events when officially declared as a natural disaster by the authorities, resulting in the immobilisation of the covered vehicle. 

  • Consequences of the use of drugs and other alcoholic substances. 

  • Acts of self-injury 

  • Consequences of incidents occurring during races, events, or motorised competitions. 

  • The expenses related to the replacement parts unless specified in Your Assistance Coverage document. 

  • Fuel, congestion or toll charges. 

  • Covered vehicle’s immobilisation is determined by the systematic recalls of the manufacturer, periodic as well as non-periodic maintenance operations, checks, and assembly of accessories. 

  • Repetitive breakdowns of the vehicle after our first intervention. 

  • Fuel gauge is faulty. 

  • Malfunctional speedometer. 

  • AC is not working, or the boot cannot be opened. 

  • Horn-related issues. 

  • Mirrors that are damaged. 

  • Fuel cap that is damaged or faulty. 

  • Sunroof, windows cannot be opened or closed 

  • Faulty seat adjuster or seat belts. 

  • Illuminated traction control lights. 

  • Other illuminated non-safety-related lights/service warnings. 

How to Make a Claim 

Make a claim in the following ways: 

  • Call 

Call on the toll-free number 1800 419 9039. 

  • Email 

You may also email the team at by mentioning your policy number and other details. 

Customer Care Details 

Feel free to connect with us at Bajaj Markets. Just write to us at:



Frequently Asked Questions About Comprehensive Car Breakdown Fuel Pump Cover

Yes, your membership can be cancelled at any time as per your wish. You can call our 24-hour helpline for assistance or even send us an email. In case you want to cancel within 30 days from the date of the commencement of your membership, you will receive a full refund of your payment. However, note that it is only applicable if you haven’t made any claim. 

No, this insurance policy does not care for the covered vehicle’s faulty fuel gauge. 

This insurance policy is applicable all over India. 


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