Buy Cost of Support Items Benefit at just Rs. 259/year.


What is the Cost of Support Items Benefit?

In the event of an accident or an illness, support items become a necessary tool to help you recover. However, Support items such as a wheelchair or an artificial limb can be quite expensive and having to pay for it can be burdensome. To avoid such an expense and to help you get on your road to recovery without worrying about all the expenses you’d have to incur, Bajaj Markets presents Cost of Support Items Benefit from Manipal Cigna Health Insurance. 

With this benefit, you can get coverage of up to Rs.5000 for support items prescribed by your physician post an accident at a minimal premium rate of Rs.259.

How to Apply for the Cost of Support Items Benefit

Here’s how you can apply for the Cost of Support Items Benefit:

  • Click on the ‘Buy Now’ option

    You will find the ‘Buy Now’ tab on the policy page. Click on the option to begin the application process.

  • Fill up the necessary details

    Share all your basic details on the online application form displayed on your screen. Verify your application by entering the OTP you have received on your phone.

  • Pay the premium

    After successful verification, you can pay the premium amount using any online mode of payment like a credit card, net banking, etc.

The membership details of your plan will be sent to you through WhatsApp or mail.


Eligibility Criteria

You will be eligible to apply for the Cost of Support Items Benefit if you are between the ages of 18 and 65. 


What’s Covered?

Here’s what’s covered under the Cost of Support Items Benefit:


  • Cost of Support Items 

The Cost of Support Items Benefit covers the cost of support items such as artificial limbs, intraocular lenses, crutches, stretcher, tricycle, spectacles and wheelchair prescribed by a medical practitioner post an accident or injury, provided the mishap occurs within the validity of the cover. 


  • Medicines and Blood Transfusion

In case medicines have to be imported or there’s a need for blood transfusion during a surgery, such costs will be covered under this benefit. This is applicable only when the required treatment is given on an out-patient basis at a hospital or a daycare centre within India. 


Policy Plan Details and Specifications 

The Cost of Support Items Benefit covers the expenses of support items up to Rs.5000 post an accident/injury when medically prescribed at a premium of Rs.259.


The plan details and specifications of the benefit are as mentioned below: 


Surgery Cost of Support Items

Support Items post-accident/injury

Coverage for the cost of support items for up to Rs.5000

Medicines and Transfusion of Blood

Expenses incurred for pharmaceutical imports

Blood transfusion in case of surgery


What’s Not Covered

Here’s a list of things that are not covered under this benefit: 

  • Accidents due to adventure sports 

Accidents that might occur during adventure sports will not be covered.


  • Pre-existing diseases

Any pre-existing diseases that are not mentioned under this benefit will not be covered. 


  • Hospitalisation less than 48 hours 

In case of Hospitalisation under the time frame of 48 hours, the benefit will not be applicable.


  • Waiting period 

A waiting period of less than 30 days will not be valid. 

In the case of specific illnesses, a waiting period of less than 2 years will not be valid. 


Here’s a list of all the illnesses that are covered under the Cost of Support Items Benefit: 

-Varicose ulcers and Varicose veins.

-Knee Replacement Surgery, Joint Replacement Surgery, Prolapse of intervertebral discs if not caused by accident.

-Hysterectomy for menorrhagia, prolapse of uterus or fibromyoma, surgeries of the genito-urinary system, nodules, cysts, polyps, skin and internal tumours, and breast lumps unless malignant. 

-Myomectomy for fibroids, benign prostate hypertrophy and all types of hydrocele.


-Stones in the urinary urogenital and biliary systems in addition to calculus diseases.

-Deviated nasal septum, chronic suppurative otitis media, sinusitis and related disorders.

-Gout, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and non-infectious arthritis.

-Tonsil/adenoids surgery, tympanoplasty, other benign throat, ear, nose disorders or surgery.

- Vertebrae disorders including but not restricted to congenital internal, spondylolisthesis, spondylitis, and spondylosis

- Gastric and duodenal ulcer

- Polycystic ovarian diseases

- Abscess related to the anal region, piles, pilonidal sinus, fissure, haemorrhoids, fistula in the anus, and all kinds of hernia.


How to Make a Claim

Here’s how you can claim the Cost of Support Items Benefit: 

  • Toll free contact number: 1800-102-4462

  • Email:


Customer Care Details 

In case of any queries, you can write to us at


Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔️What if the expenses of the support items surpass the benefit amount?

    If you exceed the maximum benefit amount, the insurer is not entitled to pay the difference amount above the coverage limit. You will be required to incur additional costs. 


  • ✔️Does the policy cover support items required post accidents and surgeries alike?

    Yes, the policy covers the support items required post accidents and surgeries alike. 


  • ✔️If I require a blood transfusion during a planned surgery, will this policy cover the costs of that transfusion?

    In the event of a planned surgery, the policy will not cover the costs of a blood transfusion. The benefit only covers accidents/injuries that occur within the policy year.