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What is CPP Mobile Insurance?

When we buy a smartphone, we invest a significant amount and use the device for 2-4 years. However, to make it live for 2-4 years, you must keep the handset safe from potential threats like viruses, accidental damages, etc. With the right mobile phone insurance cover, you can safeguard your finances from any possible phone repair or replacement expenses.

Check out CPP Mobile Protect, a unique plan available to you at just ₹1,215 for an annual cover. The policy offers financial coverage in case of accidental and liquid damage to your phone. The plan also provides various add-on benefits, which will be explored further in this article.

Pricing of CPP Mobile Phone Insurance

The CPP Mobile Protect plan covers mobile devices of various price ranges. The plan’s premium depends on the handset value. So, check out the below table to know the cost of mobile insurance for different price ranges.


Handset Price (in ₹)

Membership Cost

























Above 1,00,000


Key Features & Benefits of CPP Mobile Phone Insurance

Here’s why you should go for this mobile insurance in India:


Complementary Antivirus Protection

Keep your device protected from malware and viruses with the leading internet security plan, F-secure.

Free Unlimited Entertainment

Enjoy music, videos, movies, and more all year long with complimentary Gaana Plus and Zee5 subscriptions.

Accidental/Liquid Damage Cover

Safeguard your device against any liquid and accidental damages for one year.

Card Blocking Through a Single Call

You can now report the loss of your debit and credit cards and block them with a single call to CPP’s helpline number.

Complementary Protection Against Accidental or Liquid Damage

In case of liquid or accidental damage, this plan provides coverage of up to 100% of the basic invoice value for replacement costs.

How to Buy CPP Mobile Insurance?

Follow these simple steps to buy mobile insurance online:

  • Step 1: Click on the ‘Buy Now’ Button

    Click on ‘Buy Now’ on the ‘CPP Mobile Phone Insurance’ page.

  • Step 2: Fill in the Details

    Enter the required details in the online application form.

  • Step 3: Make the Payment

    Complete the premium payment via your preferred online payment mode.

That’s it! You will get the membership and policy details on your registered email ID.

Documents Required

Keep the following documents handy to buy a Mobile Phone Insurance in India:


  • Dealer warranty documents

  • Mobile phone model details

  • Documents of the product

What’s Covered

Here are all the inclusions of the mobile insurance:


  • Accidental Damage to Mobile Screen

Damages caused to the mobile screen are covered under this plan. However, your phone must be in your custody when the screen gets damaged.


  • Accidental Damage to the Handset

Accidental damage caused to the handset is covered under this mobile protection plan. However, the phone must be on your person during the event. 

Plan Specifications and Details

Let’s understand the key specifications of the Mobile Phone Insurance plan:


Premium Amount

Depends on the price range of your mobile

Coverage Limit

Depends on the handset value


1 year

Payment Methods

UPI, Mobile Wallets, Debit Card, Credit Card

List of Smartphone Brands Covered under the Plan

This plan provides mobile protection to leading smartphone brands, which includes:

  • Apple

  • Asus

  • Gionee

  • Google

  • Honor

  • Huawei

  • Lenovo

  • LG

  • Micromax

  • Microsoft

  • Motorola

  • Nokia

  • OnePlus

  • Oppo

  • Realme

  • Samsung

  • Vivo

  • Xiaomi

What’s Not Covered?

Here are all the exclusions of CPP Mobile Protect:


  •  Change in Ownership

You cannot get the benefits of the plan if the ownership of the mobile changes.


  • Electric Damages

The plan does not cover any damage or loss arising due to overloading, over-straining, or short-circuiting of the device.


  • Manufacturer Warranty/Guarantee

The plan excludes cover for loss or damage to the part responsible for the manufacturer warranty or guarantee.


  • Recall by Manufacturer

The plan does not provide benefit for the failure of any parts that are subjected to a recall by the manufacturer.

How to Make a Mobile Phone Insurance Claim

To make a claim, follow the steps mentioned below:


Step 1: Get in touch with the insurer and register the claim.


Step 2: Upload your KYC details.


Step 3: Once your claim is verified and approved, you will get a call to schedule a device pickup time.


Step 4: Your device will be picked up from your provided address.


Step 5: You will get an estimate from the brand's authorised service centre once the device is received. A payment link will be shared with you regarding the excess amount in case you claim a partial loss.


Step 6: Your device will be repaired and returned to you.


Note: In case of a total loss, you need to courier your mobile device box along with its charger, headphone, USB, etc. to the address communicated over email.

For queries, you can contact the customer care team via either of the following ways:


  • Toll-Free Number:


  • Mail Your Queries:

CPP Assistance Services Pvt. Ltd., PO Box No. 836, Kalkaji Post Office, New Delhi - 110019.

  • Email:


Deductibles Applicable

Under the mobile insurance plan, deductibles are applicable on claims for partial losses:


  • Up to ₹20,000:

An excess 5% of the claim amount subject to a minimum of ₹500 per claim.

  • ₹20,001 to ₹50,000:

An excess 5% of the claim amount subject to a minimum of ₹1,000 per claim.

  • More than ₹50,000:

An excess 5% of the claim amount subject to a minimum of ₹1,500 per claim.


Under this plan, depreciation is applicable based on the device age in case of total loss:


  • 0-3 months:

15% depreciation

  • 3-6 months:

25% depreciation

  • 6-12 months:

50% depreciation

Bajaj MARKETS Customer Care Details

You can connect with the Bajaj MARKETS team by writing to us at:

Mobile Phone Insurance FAQs

  • ✔️Can I opt for transferring my CPP Mobile Protect Plan?

    No, you must note that this plan is non-transferable. It means that if you sell your phone after purchasing the insurance, the plan cannot be transferred from one owner to another.


  • ✔️What is the refund policy post-cancellation?

    If you cancel the plan before 30 days, an amount of ₹50 will be deducted. However, if you cancel your plan after 30 days, you will have to bear a deduction of ₹400.


  • ✔️Is depreciation mandatory?

    No, depreciation is only applicable in case of a total loss. However, in case of partial loss, you will have to pay the deductibles. 


  • ✔️Can I buy mobile insurance online?

    Yes. You can buy mobile phone insurance online on Bajaj MARKETS.


  • ✔️Are Apple phones covered under the CPP Mobile Protect Plan?

    Yes. Apple phones are covered under the CPP Mobile Protect Plan.