The rich cultural diversity of India is reflected in its various dance forms spanning the length and breadth of the country. From Bharatnatyam and Mohiniyattam in the south to Kathak in the North as well as Manipuri, Odissi, Lavani, and others, each gives you a glimpse of the exemplary heritage of the state that it represents.

Practicing an art form and teaching it to the younger generation is a noble act ensuring that it stays alive for years to come. However, long hours of practice can often take a toll on the physical stamina of dancers resulting in a minor or major injury that can take a toll on their livelihood.

It could also be due to improper flooring on the stage or performing a complicated movement or any other accident. This is where the Dance Accident Cover available on Bajaj Markets comes as a financial cushion to rescue you as a dancer by offering coverage for injuries so that you can focus on recuperating in peace.

Features & Benefits

  • High Coverage Amount

    You can opt for a maximum Dance Insurance of Rs. 2 Lakhs, depending on the injury sustained by you during a performance for a premium of Rs. 349.

  • Accident Protection

    Various injuries that occur due to an accident while dancing are covered as mentioned in the policy document in detail.

What's Covered?

The Dance Accident insurance policy takes care of any harm caused to you in the event of an accident while performing such as: 

  • Fracture Protection

    If you suffer from a fracture of either hands or legs you will be offered coverage of Rs. 1 Lakh.

  • Permanent Disability

    Dance Accident Cover available on Bajaj Markets assists you with a cover of Rs. 2 Lakhs in the event of inability to see using both your eyes or use one hand or feet or both hands and feet. It also covers loss of sight in one eye and disability in one hand or one foot due to a mishap during dancing.

What is not covered?


Dance Accident Insurance, however, does not cover injuries that occur under the circumstances mentioned below:


  • When You Are Inebriated

    If you are injured when under the effect of alcohol drugs or any other intoxicating substances, it will not be covered under the policy.

  • Damage Caused By Self

    Dance Accident Insurance does not cover injury caused due to attempted suicide or inflicted upon oneself or any such illness.

  • Existing Health Conditions

    Any wounds or injuries that are a result of a health condition that you are suffering from before purchasing the policy are also not covered.

How to Apply for Dance Accident Insurance?

The process of purchasing or applying for Dance Accident Insurance is very simple.

  • Visit Bajaj Markets

    Visit our website and go to the Pocket Insurance and VAS products page

  • Select Product

    Select Dance Accident Insurance and click on Buy Now

  • Fill Details

    Fill out the full details required in the online application form

  • Make your payment

    Once the application is complete, make the premium payment and you’re good to go now

Pocket Insurance

Claim Process


Contact our customer care within 24 hours of the accident by calling the toll-free number 1800 209 1021 or by email at customercare@bajajallianz.co.in.

A customer care executive will get in touch with you at the earliest to assist you with how to proceed further.


Documents Required for the claim

For claim registration under the Dance Insurance policy, you will need

  1. A report of the incident
  2. Original bills of the treatment at the hospital
  3. Medical reports
  4. Results of diagnostic test and reports
  5. Filled claim form


Manage your queries related to Dance Insurance here

For how many years will the Dance Insurance offer coverage?

The premium that you pay will protect you against any injuries for a year.

I have fractured my hip during a dance performance. Would that be covered?

Unfortunately, the Dance Accident Cover only covers fracture of the limbs. 

What if I meet with an accident on my way to the performance venue of my dance show?

The policy only takes care of the injury sustained by you during a performance.

Do I need to visit the insurance company to register my claim?

You can file your claim online by submitting the necessary documents and reach out to the round-the-clock helpline numbers for additional assistance.

Do I need to make a cash payment?

No, you can pay using any digital mode of payment at your convenience.

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