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Dengue Fever Prevention

Dengue fever is a vector-borne disease that is mainly spread through mosquito bites. The most common symptoms of dengue are high body temperature, intense pain in the muscles and joints, nausea, vomiting, etc. Many individuals in India are affected by this disease every year and any delay in its diagnosis and treatment can be fatal in most cases. We know that prevention is better than cure. Hence, in this article, you can learn how to prevent dengue fever. Let’s get started.

Symptoms of Dengue

The symptoms of dengue could mislead you into thinking that you might be infected with a stomach bug or intestinal illness. However, do not ignore or trivialise the following signs and approach a doctor as soon as you find any of these symptoms in you.


  • Headache

  • Muscle/joint ache

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Pain behind the eyes

  • Rashes

  • Abdominal pain or tenderness

  • Nose bleeds

  • Bleeding from the gums

  • Fatigue

  • Irritability 

  • Restlessness

  • Blood in vomit or stool, etc.

Preventive Measures of Dengue Fever

Infection through contaminated water and food is one of the main reasons for dengue and preventive measures start with erasing any possibility of contamination. Here are some of the dengue control measures and steps you can take for its prevention.

1. Reduce Mosquito Habitat

Mosquitoes tend to thrive around places with stagnant water like flower pots, plastic covers and containers, pet water bowls, etc. One of the easiest yet most important preventive measures for dengue fever is getting rid of stagnant water in or around your house.

2. Stay in Well-Screened Houses

Since we know that mosquitoes are responsible for spreading this vector-borne disease, one of the best control measures for dengue fever is to prevent the entry of mosquitoes. Make sure that all the windows at your home are shut properly from dawn to dusk and that the door screens are not damaged with any holes.

3. Use Mosquito Repellents

Another way to avoid mosquito bites and prevent dengue fever is to use mosquito repellents. This, especially in tropical locations, can help repel mosquitoes from biting you. So, if you live in tropical conditions, or are travelling, you must apply mosquito repellent creams on your body. For children, you can also use mosquito repellent patches, lotions, etc. that are easily available in the market.

4. Wear Protective Clothing

If you are travelling to, or live in dengue-infested areas, it is advised to wear full-sleeved clothes, full pants, along with socks and covered shoes. This will help prevent mosquito bites.

5. Sleep Under a Mosquito Net

This is another easy way to take precaution against dengue fever. Sleeping under a mosquito net acts as a double layer of protection for you and your children from being bitten by mosquitoes.

6. Keep Your House Airy and Well-Lit

Mosquitoes usually breed in dark and damp places. To prevent them from entering your house, ensure that it is well-lit with sunlight. Another hack to get rid of mosquitoes is to light camphor in the room every alternate day for about 30 minutes, as it helps in killing pests.

7. Time Your Outings

Mosquitoes are prevalent outdoors, especially on humid and rainy days. To prevent dengue fever, it is advisable to avoid stepping out on such days. However, if you do have to venture out on such days, carry all your mosquito repellent arsenal with you to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.


Now that you know the measures to prevent dengue fever, ensure that you follow them at all times. However, if you feel like you have symptoms of dengue fever, it is advisable to consult your physician or doctor immediately.


While you are taking these preventive measures, if you do get infected with dengue, the expenses for the medication and treatment of this disease can cost a lot. Hence, if you live in a dengue-prone location, it is a wise choice to opt for a Dengue Insurance policy on Bajaj Markets which will cover the expenses for the medical treatment of this disease.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Preventive Measures of Dengue

Why should I buy the Dengue Insurance cover?

With the Dengue Insurance cover, you can avail coverage of up to ₹50,000 for the treatment and medication of dengue. Hence, with this cover, you can get the treatment done at a reputed hospital without worrying about the expenses.

What are the common symptoms of dengue fever?

 Some of the common symptoms of dengue fever are high body temperature, headache, pain behind the eyes, joint and muscle pain, and mild bleeding from the gums or nose.

What is the amount I will have to pay for the Dengue Insurance policy?

You can get the Dengue Insurance Cover at a nominal premium price of ₹299.

Do regular comprehensive health insurance policies include dengue?

Most comprehensive health insurance plans include diseases like dengue. However, the scope of coverage may vary for different policies. These policies may not cover the cost of OPD treatments, diagnostic tests, medication, etc.

Does the treatment of dengue require hospitalisation?

This would depend on the severity of your symptoms. It is best to consult your doctor and follow their advice if you have symptoms of dengue fever.

What are 4 ways to avoid dengue?

Here are four ways which can help you prevent dengue infections.

  • Use an insect repellent

  • Stay covered with long-sleeved shirts and long-legged pants

  • Keep your home well sheltered by keeping windows, doors and screens closed

  • Make sure that there aren’t any spots in your house left unattended to allow infestation of mosquitoes eggs

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