How many times have you passed on an opportunity to travel because your home would be left unguarded? After all, it is your most valuable possession and deserves optimum care. Any loss of property can be distressing, but with a home protection plan, you can carry on with your vacation plans with peace of mind. You may have insurance to protect your home from calamities, but how about going a step further and securing it in the event that you are away on a trip? As an add-on to our Home Insurance, which covers the structure of your house as well as the articles in it, Bajaj Markets now presents the Home Protection Insurance cover to protect you from burglaries while you're away.

Features & Benefits

  • High Coverage

    At a small premium of only Rs. 199 per annum, the plan offers coverage of up to Rs. 5 Lakhs in case your home gets broken into.

  • Coverage against damage, loss and theft

    For damages and losses to items in your home incurred while you were away, the Home Protection Insurance offers comprehensive coverage.

What is Covered?

  • If during a burglary when you're away from home, damage, theft or destruction should occur to the following articles, the Home Protection Insurance will provide coverage: furniture, clothes, audio equipment , money, and cheques

  • Electrical equipment and appliances such as TVs, stereo sets, computers, refrigerators and CD players will be covered.

What is Not Covered?



  • If your travel time exceeds 31 days and losses occur

  • Items that are not mentioned under the coverage policy will not be covered

  • Loss of items not present in your home or those you were carrying during your trip will not be covered by the Home Protection cover

  • The claims payment will not exceed the cost of replacing covered items

  • Losses that may occur due to any cause other than a burglary will not be covered. Natural calamities like fires, lightning, flooding, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, or landslides among others are some examples of such events.

  • If you suffer damages to your property due to nuclear, biological or chemical events, the Home Insurance cover will not be liable to reimburse you



The coverage will start when you leave your house and end when whichever one of these events occurs first - time of your return to your house after the trip or expiration of the policy. The coverage will not commence more than 24 hours before you depart, and will cease 24 hours after your return.

How to Apply for Home Protection Insurance?

Applying for a Home Protection Cover is fairly simple. You could avail the insurance instantly over a few clicks by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Visit Bajaj Markets

    Visit our website and go to the Pocket Insurance and VAS products page

  • Select Product

    Select Home Protection Cover and click on Buy Now

  • Fill Details

    Fill out the full details required in the online application form

  • Make your payment

    Once the application is complete, make the premium payment and you’re good to go now


Claim Process


We have made claiming insurance benefits extremely easy so that you can promptly report your losses and initiate the process hassle-free. Either write an email on general.claims@tata-aig.com or call the toll free number 1800119966.

Documents required


Documents that will be required for you to claim benefits under the Home Protection cover are:

●     Filled and signed claims form

●     Copy of your police report

●     Voucher confirming loss or damage to your possessions and the value, quantity and nature of such loss

●     Bank statement if you have lost money or cheques

●     Other documents required by the claims examiner

All documents must be returned to us within three days of making the original claim. The police report must be filed within six hours of you discovering such a loss.

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What do personal effects mean?

When someone forcefully enters a house with the intention to rob it, it is called burglary. Robbery without any forceful entry is theft and when some known person steals, it qualifies as larceny.

Is it important to file an FIR to claim home protection insurance?

You must file an FIR and submit a copy of the report in order to claim the benefits.

When will my Home Protection Insurance cover begin?

Your Home Protection Insurance cover will commence when you leave your place of residence to go on your trip.

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