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It's no surprise that the iPhone is one of India's top three favourite brands, according to a new Kantar Worldpanel research. It's a sophisticated mobile phone which comes with fashionable construction, powerful camera, and, of course, the exclusivity of the brand. However, considering that an iPhone costs, on average, at least ₹52,000, nobody wants to spend extra money on it, particularly if the screen breaks accidentally. 


An iPhone insurance might possibly be your beloved iPhone's guardian angel, whether it's due to a clumsy child at home, your butter fingers, or a friend or you yourself simply being reckless with it. The best iPhone insurance may be purchased online with just a few clicks in a world where everything is getting digital.

What Makes iPhone Insurance by Bajaj Markets so Great?

In the event that your phone is damaged by fluids or accident, an Apple iPhone insurance plan will provide financial coverage. It can be expensive to repair and replace a damaged iPhone, so it's crucial to get insurance. Benefits from this mobile protection coverage include an annual subscription to ZEE5, a Gaana Plus membership, and F-secure mobile security. With Apple iPhone insurance, available from CPP Group India on Bajaj Markets, you can insure your phone against unintentional damage for as little as ₹649 per year.

1. CPP Mobile Device Protection Plan 

This plan comes with a complimentary iPhone protection plan. This plan provides coverage for the device replacement costs (up to 100% of the base value, prior to applying any discount, cashback, coupon, deprecation and/or standard deductibles) for a total of two instances. You can avail of this subscription for laptops, and smartphones. Mobile Protect can be bought within 60 days of purchasing the product. 

2. CPP Fonesafe Lite 

This plan comes with complimentary mobile device insurance and offers to cover for any damages that are related to the display of the smartphone. However, this is applicable for a total of two instances only. Fonesafe Lite can be bought within 60 days of purchasing the product.

iPhone Mobile Insurance Plan

Here are the details of what is covered by the best iPhone insurance plan: 

  • Used and New Phones: Insurance is available for both used as well as new mobile phones. 

  • Accidental Screen Damages Coverage: Screen damages are among the most usual of all your heartbreaks. All kinds of screen damages caused due to liquid or accidental damage are covered under this iPhone insurance. 

  • Low Costs: You can buy this Apple iPhone insurance at a cost as low as that of a screen guard. 

  • Worldview Cover: You can travel across the world without any worry as the Apple iPhone insurance is valid no matter which part of the world you are in. 

  • IMEI Linked Coverage: This iPhone insurance is applicable to everyone, regardless of whether you, a family member, or a friend uses your phone. It is connected to the phone's IMEI, not the user.

  • Reimbursement up to Insured Sum: You will be displayed a sum known as the sum insured at the moment of purchase. You can get the repair costs refunded up to your specific sum insured when your claim has been approved.

How Do I Buy an iPhone Insurance Policy

  • Step 1: Choose a plan that interests you, then click the "Buy Now" button next to the plan you've selected.

  • Step 2: Complete the online application form by entering your essential information, including your name, phone number, IMEI, and other specifics.

  • Step 3: To validate your purchase, enter the OTP that was issued to your registered mobile number.

  • Step 4: Finish your purchase by paying the premium with a credit card or debit card, a mobile wallet, or any other feasible and preferred payment method.

How Do You Claim Your iPhone Mobile Insurance

To raise your claim for your iPhone mobile insurance, what you have to do is get in touch with the customer experience team. Remember that this needs to be done within 24 hours of your smartphone getting damaged, for you to avail of the benefits that your insurance cover is providing. Here are the ways in which you can reach out to the insurer: 

1. Via Phone

You can get in touch with the insurer via the phone numbers listed below: 

  • 1800-419-4000 is the toll free number 

2. Via Mail 

Here is the mail address at which you can get in touch with your insurer: 

CPP Assistance Services Pvt. Ltd. 

PO Box No. 826 

Kalkaji Post Office 

New Delhi 110019 


Alternatively, you may also get in touch via email by writing to for any queries you may have regarding your claim.

iPhone Insurance Premium for Popular Models

iPhone Models 

6 Months Plan (excluding GST)

Sum Insured 

iPhone 6



iPhone 6S



iPhone 6S Plus



iPhone 7



iPhone 7 Plus



iPhone 8



iPhone 8 Plus



iPhone SE



iPhone X



iPhone XR



iPhone XS Max or XS



iPhone 11 Pro



iPhone 11 Pro Max 



Mobile Insurance for Apple iPhone Inclusions and Exclusions

Here is everything that is included under the best iPhone insurance: 


The most utilised and vulnerable component of a phone covered by the Fonesafe Mobile Screen Insurance iPhone protection plan is the phone screen. Depending on that, Mobile Screen Insurance provides the following to iPhone insurers:

  • Accidental damage caused to the handset

  • Accidental damage on the phone screen 

  • Liquid damages 

  • Gaana Plus subscription for a year 

  • ZEE All-Access yearly subscription for a year 

  • F-Secure malware and antivirus protection for a year 

  • Maximum sum insured (same as that of the handset value)

  • 2 claims allowed in a year


Now, the following are the exclusions for the iPhone insurance Fonesafe Mobile Screen Insurance coverage:

  • Breakdown cover 

  • Damages caused due to pollution 


The following are the inclusions in the Fonesafe Lite Mobile Screen insurance: 

  • Accidental damage on the phone screen 

  • Breakdown cover 

  • ZEE All-Access yearly subscription for a year 

  • F-Secure malware and antivirus protection for a year 

  • Maximum sum insured (same as that of the handset value)

  • 2 claims allowed in a year


Now, the following are the exclusions for the iPhone insurance Fonesafe Lite Mobile Screen Insurance coverage:

  • Accidental damage caused to the handset

  • Liquid damages 

  • Damages caused due to pollution 

FAQs on iPhone Insurance Cover

Can I purchase iPhone mobile insurance if I just got my phone a few days ago?

Yes, you can still purchase an iPhone mobile insurance if you have bought your phone a few days ago.

Can I still acquire insurance for my existing iPhone, which already has a damaged screen?

No, if your phone has an already damaged screen, you cannot get insurance for it. If you are wondering “when should I insure my iPhone”, the answer would be: as soon as possible or right after purchasing a new phone.

How much does an iPhone X insurance policy cost?

The premium for an iPhone X insurance policy is ₹1,529.


Can I use iPhone mobile insurance to cover my old iPhone?

Yes, you can use an iPhone protection plan to cover your old iPhone as long as there are no existing screen damages.

What is protected by an insurance policy for an iPhone?

An iPhone protection plan provides coverage for any liquid and accidental accidents that result in damage to the screen of your iPhone.

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