Coverage of up to Rs. 60,000 | Security against malware | Buy now at just Rs. 749

What is Key Insurance?

Losing your home or vehicle key is a common situation that you can find yourself in often. Hence, for such an unforeseen situation, you must opt for a key insurance plan. This plan is available for as low as ₹749 per year. You can use this reimbursement money to cover the key replacement charges and fees of the locksmith as and when required.

Why is Key Insurance Important

In recent times, sophisticated lock technologies are preferred over conventional locking systems. This is so because they offer greater safety and can be easily customised according to an individual's needs. So if this system gets damaged, you might have to pay an enormous amount to have it repaired. However, you can cover the entire cost of the lock replacement system as well as the locksmith charges by simply purchasing key insurance for just ₹749 per year.

 Features of the key protection cover

Here are the reasons why this plan is a must have:

Emergency Travel Assistance

Get coverage of up to ₹40,000 for travel and hotel booking, in case you lose your key while travelling.

Instant Card Blocking Service

If your wallet gets lost or stolen, the key protection cover allows you to block all your cards with a single call.

Hassle-free Online Application

Get key protection insurance cover conveniently from the comfort of your home by filling out an online form.

How to Apply for a Key Insurance Cover

Steps to apply for a key insurance plan are as follows:

  • Step 1: Click 'Buy Now' option

    Click on the 'Buy Now' on the page.

  • Step 2: Enter essential details

    Fill in all the necessary information correctly.

  • Step 3: Complete the payment

    Process the payment to complete your purchase.

What's Covered

The inclusions of a key insurance policy are as follows:


  • Coverage on key replacement

You can make a claim of this pocket insurance if your car or home key is lost or stolen to have a new key made.


  • Break-in coverage

If there is a break-in to your home or personal vehicle, you can claim this policy to cover key replacement and lock changing charges.


  • Reimbursements on lockout

You can get coverage on the locksmith charges under this policy if you get locked out of your home or car.


  • Reimbursements on rental charges

You can claim a reimbursement if the replacement process of your vehicle’s lock exceeds 24 hours and you need to rent a car for your journey.

What's Not Covered

A few exclusions of this plan are as follows:


  • Commercial vehicle key loss

You cannot claim this policy in case you lose the keys of a commercial vehicle and are looking to replace the same. 


  • Intentional damage

You will not be eligible to make a claim if you intentionally lose or damage the keys due to ignorance.

How to Make a Claim & Documents Required to Process the Claim

  • For making a claim, you can opt for the following:


  • For key replacement claims:

  • You can call 18002667780 or 1800-22-9966.

  • You can send an SMS to 5616181 writing 'CLAIMS.'


  • For emergency travel claims:


  • You can write an email to stating your queries.

  • You can place a call on the toll-free number 1800-419-4000.


  • The essential documents for raising a claim are as follows:
  • KYC documents

  • A membership letter from Travel safe

  • An original copy of the FIR confirming the theft

  • A copy of the invoice reflecting a new key purchase

Why Replacement of Keyless FOB(Frequency Operated Button)/Remote Key is Expensive

The replacement of the keyless FOB/remote key is relatively more expensive than conventional key systems. FOB keys or remote keys generally operate on a computer-generated code. This code is unique for each vehicle. Hence, you need specialised tools if you are replacing this key system which requires excess time, cost, and labour. Due to this reason, you will need a lot of money to repair them.


  • ✔️How much money can I claim under a key insurance policy?

    With Bajaj Markets key insurance policy, you can claim up to ₹60,000 in a year.


  • ✔️ Does the plan cover the cost of the lock too?

    Yes, the plan does cover the cost of the lock in case your car or house gets broken into.


  • ✔️What are the modes of payment available while purchasing insurance?

    You can pay through credit card, debit card, net banking or UPI.


  • ✔️Can I extend a key insurance plan after 1 year?

    Yes, you can easily extend your key insurance plan after one year.


  • ✔️What should I do if someone steals my car keys?

    You can claim your key replacement charges with your Bajaj Markets key insurance plan.

  • ✔️What should I do if my car locking system is damaged?

    You can raise a claim on Bajaj Markets and get your lock replacement charge covered.