Buy a Knee Screening Package plan at a premium of just ₹1,399.

What is the Knee Screening Package?

Knee related issues can be caused due to numerous reasons. Some of which are old age, accidents, as a side-effect to other diseases and a lot more. It is always better to have an insurance policy which covers all your extra costs for knee related issues such as lab testing and OPD consultations. This package always comes in handy, especially if you drive a two-wheeler or engage in a lot of physical activities. 


Bajaj Markets brings to you the Knee Screening Package by Bajaj Finserv Health. It comes at a premium of just ₹1,399. Read on for more information.

How to Apply for Knee Screening Package

You can follow these simple steps to apply for Knee Screening Package:

  • Click on ‘Buy Now’

    Select the ‘Buy Now’ option on the product page.

  • Fill in the details

    Fill the required details in the online application form.

  • Make the payment

    Make payment using any of the payment methods (UPI, Net Banking or any other online method).

What’s Covered under the Knee Screening Package:

  • Lab Testing Package

    Benefits included with the lab testing package include x-rays, uric acid test, blood tests, and urine tests. The "Plan Details" section contains a specified limit for these tests.

  • OPD/Doctor’s Consultation

    Any doctor of your choice can be consulted. Any member listed in the plan may receive assistance from the facility. It can be used up till the funds are completely utilised.

  • Network Discount

    We provide numerous network discounts with this plan. All the members mentioned in the plan are eligible to use these discounts, which are unlimited. The screening package includes x-rays, uric acid test, blood tests, and urine tests. The below section contains all the necessary information on network discounts.

Plan Details and Specifications for Knee Screening Package:

Knee Screening Package

Benefits Covered

Lab Testing Package

Number of Tests

X-Ray for Knee Ap (bilateral)


X-Ray for knee lateral (bilateral)


Urine routine


Blood sugar (random)


Uric Acid


OPD Doctor consultation benefit 

Benefits of up to ₹700

Network Discounts

  • 10% discount on doctor’s consultation, lab testing, preventative health check-ups and pharmacy

  • 5% discount on IPD room rent

  • Free ambulance service on IPD admissions

  • 10% Lab and radiology discount 

  • 10% Health plans and package discount

What’s Not Covered under the Knee Screening Package:

1. Exclusions under Lab Testing Package:

The following items are excluded from the lab testing package:


  • Usage outside of Bajaj Finserv Health network. Tests can be done only in hospitals included in this network.

  • Utilization via a non-member

  • Not redeemable for cash

  • No carry-over

  • Only certain locations will provide the home collection policy


2. Exclusions under OPD/Doctor’s Consultation:

The following items are excluded from the OPD Consultation Benefit:


  • No refunds

  • No transferrable benefits

  • No cash-redeemable benefits

  • No carryover policies


3. Exclusions under Network Discount:

The following items are excluded from the network discounts:


  • Network discounts cannot be combined with other offers

  • Not to be used outside of the Bajaj Finserv Health network

How to Claim the Knee Screening Package

 You can claim this cover in the following ways-

  • Email –

  • Call on - 020-48562555 

If you want to claim your insurance cover, send an email or call on the toll-free number mentioned above.

Customer Care Details for the Knee Screening Package:

You can reach out through the Bajaj Markets app or website to clear your queries or send an email to

FAQs on Knee Screening Package

  • ✔️What is the premium amount for this package?

    The premium amount for this package is ₹1,399.

  • ✔️Does this plan cover hospitalisation expenses?

    No, this plan does not cover the hospitalisation expenses. However, it gives a 5% discount on IPD admissions and a free ambulance service.

  • ✔️Is physical consultation a part of the Knee Screening Package?

    Yes, you can physically consult with any doctor of your choice.

  • ✔️How many consultations can we get with this plan?

    There is no limit to the number of consultancies. However, you have a monetary limit of ₹700, up-to which you can use the plan for doctor’s consultancies. 

  • ✔️How to claim the Knee Screening Package?

    You can follow the claim process provided on the Bajaj Markets website.