Buy Maternity Care Plan at just ₹10,400

What is the Maternity Care Plan

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life. Women cherish those moments throughout their lives, but it can come with a lot of complications. There are regular check-ups and assistance required in those times.


Bajaj Markets brings to you the Maternity Care Plan by Bajaj Finserv. This plan will financially cover all your costs for various tests and consultancies. It comes with amazing discount offers which might come in handy with basic services such as blood tests and ultrasound. Read on for more information:

How to Apply for Maternity Care Plan

You can follow these simple steps to apply for Maternity Care Plan:

  • Click on ‘Buy Now’

    Select ‘Buy Now’ option on the product page.

  • Fill in the details

    Put in the required details in the online application form.

  • Make the payment

    Make payment through any means - UPI, Net Banking or any other online method.t

Following these steps, you can sign up for the maternity care plan.

What’s Covered under Maternity Care Plan

  • Lab Test Package –

    The lab test package consists of various tests which are required during pregnancy. The details for these tests are mentioned in the plan details and specifications section of this article.

  • OPD/Doctor Consultation –

    OPD and Doctor’s consultation charges will be covered in this plan up-to the amount of ₹6,600.

  • Network Discounts –

    This plan comes with a lot of network discounts which are mentioned under the plan details section.

Plan Details and Specifications for Maternity Care Plan:

Here are the plan details and specifications:



Lab Testing Package

The lab test package includes the following:



1st Trimester

(no. of tests)

2nd Trimester

(no. of tests)

3rd Trimester

(no. of tests)

1.  CBC





2.  Blood group and Rh typing





3.  Blood sugar – fasting





4.  Urine routine






5.  HBs Ag





6.  VDRL





7.  Anti-HIV 1&2





8.  Rubella (IgG, IgM)





9.      Oral Glucose Tolerance





10.  Tetanus Injection

1 (after 20 weeks)

1 (after 30 weeks)


11.  Ultrasound

2 times –

1 normal

2nd Dual marker at 12 weeks

Triple marker at 16-20 weeks

3 Times

Quadruple marker every month

12.  OPD/Doctor’s Consultancy


Benefits up-to ₹6,600



13.  Gynaecologist Benefit


2 consultations

3 consultations

6 consultations


Network Discounts

1.      Pharmacy – 10%

2.      Consultation – 10%

3.      Lab & radiology – 10%

4.      Health plans and packages – 10%

5.      IPD room rent – 5%

6.      Dental procedures – 10%

7.      Spectacles – 10%

8.      Free ambulance on IPD admissions

The premium for this plan is ₹10,400.

What’s Not Covered under the Maternity Care Plan:

 All exclusions under the Maternity Care Plan will be available on the , Bajaj Markets  website.   

How to claim the Maternity Care Plan:

 You can claim the process in the following ways-


  • Email –

  • Call on - 020-48562555 

If you want to claim your insurance cover, send an email or call on the toll-free number mentioned above.

Customer Care Details for the Maternity Care Plan:

You can reach out through the Bajaj Markets app or website to clear your queries or send an email to


Manage all your queries here

  • ✔️ What is the membership amount for the Maternity Care Plan?

    The premium for this plan is ₹10,400.

  • ✔️ Does this plan cover hospitalisation expenses?

    No, this plan does not cover the hospitalisation expenses.

  • ✔️ Is physical consultation a part of the Maternity Care Plan?

    Yes, you can physically consult with the gynaecologist until you exhaust your monetary limit for the plan, which is ₹6,600 or the number of visits mentioned in the plan details.

  • ✔️ How many consultations can we get with this plan?

    You can get a total of 11 gynaecologist consultancies which are divided according to the trimesters in the plan specifications section.

  • ✔️ How to claim the Maternity Care Plan?

    You can follow the claim process provided on the Bajaj Markets website.