What is Menstrual Care Plan?

Menstruation is an important part of any woman’s life.  Any malfunction in this can severely affect a person's physical and mental health. This plan provides diagnostic tests that help identify if something is wrong with the insured person's reproductive health.

Keep track of your reproductive health with the Menstrual Care Plan offered by Bajaj Finserv Health Limited on Bajaj Markets at just Rs.2,499/year. Scroll below to find more.


How to Apply for the Menstrual Care Plan?

The process of applying for this plan is simple.

  • Select 'Buy Now'

    Click on the ‘Buy Now’ option and fill out the application form with your basic details.

  • Confirm your application

    After entering the details, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Enter the OTP and confirm your application.

  • Make the payment

    You can make the payment using a debit/credit card, UPI, mobile wallet, or through other online payment modes.

What's Covered under Menstrual Care Plan?


Doctor/OPD Consultation Benefit

  • Talk with a physician of your choice up to the benefit amount included in the plan and submit the bill for refund. The bill should state the doctor's name and specialty, consultation fees,  details for refund, consultation date, doctor’s registration number and doctor stamp.
  • The benefits can be enjoyed by all the members listed in the policy.
  • The benefit amount can be spread over multiple visits or in either a single visit for consultations.


Lab Test Package (Pre-defined)

  • Every year, you will have the choice to use a pre-defined lab test package for check-up.
  • Only adults can undertake the health care tests. The tests will only be available at Bajaj Finserv Health Prime partner labs and hospitals which is revised on a regular basis.


Network discounts

List of discounts offered:

  • Out Patient Department Consultation Discount – 10%
  • Health Packages & Plans Discount– 10%
  • Radiology & Lab Discount– 10%
  • Spectacle Discounts– 10%
  • Room Rent Discount– 5%
  • Pharmacy Discount– 10%
  • Free Ambulance for In Patient Department Admissions

There is no cap on the maximum discount, meaning it can be utilised an unlimited number of times.


Policy Plan Details & Specifications

Here's a table to help you understand all that's covered in the Menstrual Care Plan:

Menstrual Care

Lab Test Package

No. of tests

Membership fee

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone











Benefits up to

Endometrial Biopsy


Pap Smear


OPD / Doctor Consultation Benefit

(Open Market)

Benefits up to: 

Rs. 750

Specialist Type: Gynaecologist

Network discounts (prime network)

  • 10% discounts on doctor consultation, lab tests, preventive health check-up, dental procedures, spectacle, and pharmacy
  • 5% discount on IPD room rent 
  • Free ambulance service on IPD admission




What’s not Covered under Menstrual Care Plan?

Exclusions Under Doctor/OPD Consultation Benefit

  • Reimbursements cannot be claimed for any medical treatments undertaken
  • The benefits cannot be transferred to even the family members.
  • No extension of benefits not utilised is allowed, even after repurchasing of benefits after the 1-year validity.
  •  Benefits are not redeemable for cash
  • The doctor consultation cannot be merged with other benefits

Exclusions Under Lab Test Package

  • Outside the Bajaj Health network, the lab test package cannot be enjoyed.
  • Only at select locations the home collection facility is available.
  • The benefits cannot be transferred to others, even to the family members.
  •  No extension of benefits that is not utilised is allowed, even after repurchasing after the 1-year validity.
  • Benefits are not redeemable for cash


Exclusions To Network Discounts

  • The discounts cannot be redeemed with other benefits
  • Outside the Bajaj Finserv Health Prime network, network discounts are not applicable.



How to Make a Claim

Doctor Consultation Benefit/Lab and Radiology Benefit

There are three ways to claim reimbursement for the radiology and lab benefits or for doctor consultation benefits:

Bajaj Finserv Health app

  1. Install the “Bajaj Finserv Health app”.
  2. Register using your mobile number and choose the purchased plan from my "Health Plans"
  3.  Select either "Doctor Consultation" or "Lab & Radiology Benefit" option.
  4. Add the information and upload the invoice.
  5. Share details of the bank account and upload an image of a cancelled cheque.
  6. Submit the claim.
  7. Within 48 working hours, the claim will be refunded to your bank account.


Emailing customer service

  1. Email customercare@bajajfinservhealth.in
  2. Include a copy of the receipt with all the information clearly legible.
  3. Specify the hospital or lab’s name, patient's name and the bill amount.
  4. Share bank information (account number, IFSC, bank name, primary account holder name) along with a cancelled check that you can upload
  5. Within 48 hours, the claim will be paid out immediately to the bank account.


Teleconsultation benefit

Bajaj Finserv Health App

  1. Get the Bajaj Finserv Health app now from the app store.
  2. Use your mobile number to register.
  3. Choose Purchased plan under "My Health Plans"
  4. Choose the tele-consult benefit.
  5. From the physician list, pick the physician of your choice.
  6. Choose the preferred day and hour.
  7. Submit
  8. The link to join the call will be sent to the client 15 minutes before the appointment
  9. The doctor will take the call at the allotted time and date.


Bajaj Finserv Health Website

  1. Visit the website bajajfinservhealth.in to get started.
  2. Use your mobile number to register.
  3. Select the Purchased plan in the "My Health Plans"
  4. Choose the teleconsult benefit.
  5. From the medical practitioner list, pick the medical practitioner of your choice.
  6. Choose the preferred day and time.
  7. Submit
  8. The link to join the call will be sent to the client 15 minutes before the appointment
  9. The medical practitioner will take the call at the allotted time and date.


Emailing to Customer Service

  1. Email customercare@bajajfinservhealth.in
  2. Specify your name, the date, and the name of the hospital or lab.
  3. The customer service representative will contact you to verify their identification over the phone using an OTP SMS and link shared on your cell phone number.
  4. Share the promo code to benefit from cashless laboratory test kits


Network Discounts

  1. The following methods are available for getting network discounts on the Bajaj Finserv Health Prime network:
  2. Visit and take advantage of medical services at any lab or hospital in the Bajaj Prime network.
  3. Tell the billing representative about the Health Prime Network perk and your mobile number.
  4. Give the executive the One Time Password to receive up to 10% off of services used at the hospital or lab.


Customer Care Details

You can connect with us at Bajaj Markets. Write to us at:



Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔️What is the premium for Menstrual Care health insurance?

    The membership for this plan is Rs.2,499, inclusive of taxes.


  • ✔️What is the validity of Menstrual Care Plan?

    This insurance policy is valid for a tenure of 1 year.

  • ✔️ What is included in the Menstrual Care health plan?

    Lab test package, network discounts and OPD/doctor consultations are covered under this plan.