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What is Mental Health Package 2

Mental Health issues have become a major concern nowadays. And it is the need of the hour to educate everyone on these issues. Mental health issues don’t only trigger one person but their entire family. And therefore, it is extremely important to keep these things under check.

Mental Health Package by AWP Assistance (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers unlimited tele-consultations and online counselling sessions at a premium of just ₹1300. 

How to Apply for Mental Health Package?

You can follow these simple steps to apply for Mental Health Package-

  • Tap on “Buy Now”

    On the product page, click "Buy Now."

  • Fill in the Details

    Enter the necessary information in the online application form.

  • Make the payment

    Complete the payment through UPI, credit/debit card or any other online payment method.

You will be able to sign-up for the Mental Health Package as you finish with these steps.


Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for this plan is 18 years and above. 


What's Covered under Mental Health Package 2

Mentioned below are the things covered under the Mental Health Package:

            1.     Teleconsultation - You can have unlimited tele-consultations with the concerned doctors. This includes counselling sessions and scheduled hospital visits to psychiatrists.

             2.     OPD - Up to 2 OPD consultations will be allowed under this package. A one-month waiting period will be applicable under this process.


    Plan details and specifications for Mental Health Package:

    Here are the plan details and specifications:



    OPD Consultations

    Plan Validity

    Rs. 1,300


    2 OPD consultancies by psychiatrist

    1 year

    What’s Not Covered under Mental Health Package 2

    The following features are not covered in the Mental Health Package plan:

  • Physical Consultation facility is not covered if the doctor prescribes to visit them in person.

  • Tele-consultation while it is a medical emergency.

    These features will not be covered under the insurance.


    How to claim the Mental Health Package 2

    You can claim the process in the following ways-

  • Email –

  • Call on - 1800-419-9039

    To claim your insurance cover, send an email or call on the toll-free number mentioned above.


  • Customer Care Details

    You can reach out through the Bajaj Markets app or website to clear your queries or send an email to


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the premium for Mental Health Package 2?

The mental health package comes at a premium of ₹1300/- for a tenure of one-year.


What is the validity of the Mental Health Package 2 plan?

This insurance policy is valid for a period of 1 year.

Is physical consultation a part of the Mental Health Package?

No, physical consultation is not a part of this package. If you are called by the doctor for a hospital visit, you must pay for the expenses out of your pocket.


How many consultations can we get with this plan?

You get unlimited consultations in this plan.


How to claim the Mental Health Package?

You can follow the claim process provided on the Bajaj Markets website.


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