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Mobile Buying Guide - Overview 

Buying a new mobile can be a complicated process for people who are not very tech-savvy. There are numerous great smartphone options available which can make it difficult to choose the right mobile. Fortunately, there are a few important factors that can help you decide which smartphone model is suited for your needs. So, we have compiled this smartphone buying guide that includes important things you need to consider before buying a new mobile. 

Things to Check Before Buying a Phone 

This mobile cell phone buying guide will help you understand the factors that you should consider before deciding which smartphone to buy: 

  • Performance 

The performance of a smartphone refers to the speed at which the phone performs various functions. Processing photos and videos, the speed of running games and heavy applications, and the overall smoothness of the operating system are all indicators of a phone’s performance. The performance of the phone depends on the type of processor and the amount of RAM in it. However, these days, even mid-range smartphones have started incorporating powerful processors and high RAM capacity that make them faster. 

  • Processor 

The processor of your smartphone allows it to carry all of its functions. It’s important to pick a smartphone with a fast processor as it will ensure that your phone is capable of carrying out all tasks at very high speeds. Apple phones have A-series Bionic processors, whereas, Android phones are powered by processors from Snapdragon, MediaTek, Dimensity, Exynos, and many more. 

  • RAM  

A phone’s RAM or Random Access Memory refers to a phone’s capability to multitask and run several applications or programs parallelly. The higher the RAM of a phone, the more smoothly it can multitask while a number of applications are running simultaneously. Modern high-end smartphones have RAM of around 8-12 GB. When buying a new smartphone, make sure the phone has RAM of at least 6-8 GB for it to function smoothly. However, Apple smartphones perform much better with lower RAM specs as they are built to be more optimised. 

  • Operating System 

There are mainly two operating systems available to choose from when you are buying a smartphone. The Apple iPhones come with an ultra-smooth and convenient iOS operating system. On the other hand, Android phones come equipped with ‘Android’ operating systems, which are more useful for people who like to customise their phones heavily. If you want a fast, intuitively easy-to-use operating system with very few complicated features, iOS would be the right choice for you. However,  if you like tinkering with your phone and installing custom ROMs and other software, an Android operating system would be a better option. 

  • Display 

Your phone’s display or the screen is also an important factor as you will be using the screen to enter your commands through the touch-based sensors and view the phone's display output. Usually, OLED screens are considered to be the best when it comes to picture quality, but phones with OLED screens can be expensive. Phones with regular LCD screens but good resolution and high brightness can also be considered. Most importantly, make sure the screen has high-level Gorilla glass so that your screen does not break too easily. If you are worried about the screen breaking too easily, you should consider buying the CPP FoneSafe or CPP Mobile Protect cover to insure your phone’s screen and other parts. 

  • Storage

If you are someone who stores a lot of data on your phone such as photos, videos, music, heavy applications and games, then you will need a phone with a high storage capacity. If you need space for all the above, you should choose a phone with a minimum storage of 256 GB. However, if you only use your phone for messaging, calling, email and browsing the internet and do not use too many heavy applications or store media on your phone, a storage of 128 GB should be plenty. 


Now that you understand all the important factors that need to be considered from the smartphone buying guide, you can take an informed decision based on your budget and needs. Remember to buy your phone from a reputed smartphone brand that offers a warranty and good after-sales service. The battery life of a phone is also a factor that needs to be considered. Most importantly, get a mobile insurance plan such as the CPP FoneSafe, CPP Mobile Protect cover to keep your brand new mobile financially covered against theft and various kinds of damages.

Mobile Buying Guide FAQs

  • ✔️ What should I check before buying a phone?

    As per the smartphone buying guide, you should consider factors like processor, RAM, storage, display, etc. when buying a new phone.

  • ✔️ Which steps should I take when choosing a smartphone?

    Here are some simple steps you can follow when choosing a smartphone as per the mobile buying guide:

    • Define your budget and needs. 

    • Compare the features of the best smartphones in your budget. 

    • Buy the phone that provides the best overall value from your shortlisted mobiles. 

    • Get CPP FoneSafe, CPP Mobile Protect cover to keep your phone insured. 

  • ✔️Should I purchase a mobile through an offline store or through online marketplaces?

    These days, most mobile phones are available online and these outlets also offer many discounts. When buying a phone online, make sure you have the option to return it and a valid warranty.

  • ✔️Do I need insurance for my phone?

    The cost of smartphones has gone up over the years, especially the flagship phones. Hence, it is important to get it insured.

  • ✔️Can I buy smartphone insurance online?

    Yes, you can buy the CPP FoneSafe, CPP Mobile Protect covers which are available at Bajaj MARKETS.