Buy a Sports & Fitness Injury Cover plan at just Rs. 499/year.


What is Sports/Fitness Injury Cover?

Playing a sport or maintaining a fitness routine is good for your health. It helps you stay fit and builds your stamina, while also allowing you to enjoy your favourite sport. However, sports and fitness activities involve intense physical exertion. This exertion can, sometimes, cause a physical injury that needs immediate medical attention. While you can get the best treatments, they involve a considerable expense, given the increasing medical costs. That is why it is essential to have some financial backing. The Sports/Fitness Injury insurance covers your medical expenses at just Rs. 499/year so that you can enjoy your sports or fitness routine without worrying about the financial loss of an injury. Let us see what comes with this policy.

How to Apply for the Sports/Fitness Injury Cover?

Buying the Sports/Fitness Injury Cover is as simple as 1-2-3. You can buy the cover online with the following steps:

  • Click on 'Buy Now'

    On the product page, tap Buy Now

  • Fill in the Details

    Enter the necessary information in the online application form

  • Make the payment

    Complete the payment through UPI, credit/debit card or any other online payment method

Eligibility Criteria

The Sports/Fitness Injury Cover is available if you fulfil the below-mentioned eligibility parameters:

You should be a resident of India.

Your age should be between 18 years and 70 years.


What's Covered?

The Sports/Fitness Injury Cover offers financial protection against the following instances:


You get a personal accident cover of up to Rs. 2 lakh under the policy, which covers accidental deaths and disablements.

Medical expenses

If you suffer any injury that requires medical attention, you can claim up to Rs. 2 lakh against the cost of the medical treatments. 


Policy Plan Details & Specifications

The coverage details of the Sports/Fitness Injury Cover are mentioned below:

  • Coverage

  • Sports Fitness Injury Cover

    Personal accident cover

    Rs. 2 lakh

    Medical expenses cover

    Rs. 2 lakh

  • Validity

                One year.


What’s not Covered?

There are some exclusions under the Sports/Fitness Injury Cover. The claim is not paid in the case of such exclusions. This includes the following:


Age limits

The coverage is not available if you are below 18 years of age or above 70 years of age.

Injuries suffered due to other reasons 

If you suffer any injury or an accident which is not a direct result of any sport or fitness routine, coverage for such injuries or accidents would not be allowed under the policy.

Self-inflicted injuries

If you suffer any accident due to deliberate and self-inflicted injuries, such claims would not be covered.

Inappropriate use of fitness equipment

Fitness equipment should be used correctly. If you don’t do so and suffer any ache, sprain, or injury, no coverage would be allowed for such contingencies. 


How to Make a Claim?

In the event of a claim, you can simply follow the below-mentioned process:


  • Call

Call up the toll-free number, which is 1800 209 1021. Intimate the insurance company of the claim and the company would register your request.


  • Email

You can also drop an email to to inform the company of your claim. The company would register your claim and help you with the process.

Customer Care Details

If you need assistance with buying the policy or when making a claim, you can contact the insurance company. You just have to send an email to and seek the help you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔️What are the digital premium payment modes available for paying the premium?

    You can pay the premium of the Sports/Fitness Injury Cover policy through a credit or debit card, mobile wallet, UPI, net banking, and other digital payment facilities that are available.

  • ✔️If I mishandle any fitness equipment, would I get covered?

    No, mishandling, inappropriate usage, and unsafe handling of any fitness equipment and any resulting injury would not be covered under the plan.

  • ✔️What is the premium of the Sports/Fitness Injury Cover?

    The premium of the Sports/Fitness Injury Cover is just Rs. 499 per year for a coverage of Rs. 2 lakhs.


  • ✔️Can I buy a policy for myself using my spouse’s phone number?

    Yes, you can enter your spouse’s phone number and buy the Sports/Fitness Injury Cover policy. However, the OTP would be sent to your spouse’s number and you would have to enter it online when buying the policy. 

  • ✔️Can I renew the coverage again after the tenure expires?

    Yes, you can buy the Sports/Fitness Injury Cover again after the coverage expires after one year. You can apply online in the same manner, pay the premium, and get insured.