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Mobile phones have become a fundamental part of our lives. Everything can be performed through mobile phones, from bill payments to grocery shopping, due to their advanced features. Nonetheless, with the enhancement of performance, the cost of these devices has significantly increased. Moreover, with most of the population using smartphones, one of the worst things that usually happen is dropping your mobile phone in water.

In case of such unforeseen incidents, individuals can secure their finances against such hefty repair expenses by purchasing a comprehensive mobile insurance cover at an affordable premium. So, read along to know about the things to follow if you have dropped phone in water.

7 Dos and Don’ts to Follow if You Have Dropped Phone in Water

Often there are high chances of loss or damage to smartphones during festivals. For instance, during Holi celebration, the water and colours can lead to accidental liquid damage to mobile phones. Moreover, it can significantly damage the mobile screen and disfigure essential internal components.

Therefore, if your phone has fallen in water, you can check out the following dos and don’ts to ensure minimal damage:

1. Switch off the phone immediately

Majority of people start to panic as soon as they find that their mobile phone hits water. So if you have accidentally dropped your phone in water, it is always wise to take it out immediately and switch it off. Keeping it on at that moment will shorten its circuit board and ruin other parts. Further, this may prevent further damage and help detect potential internal damage. Although many people are reluctant to follow this, this is an essential step to start with.

2. Remove accessories

The very next step after switching off your mobile phone is to pull out the covers, cases, memory card, SIM card, stylus, etc. Since, nowadays, most smartphones don’t have detachable batteries, if you have that provision, do it immediately. Then, after taking off all these things, take tissue paper and wipe off every bit of moisture from every corner as you can, including connectivity ports, screen, and battery compartment.

3. Don’t try to plug in

If your mobile phone is damaged by water, it is advised not to plug in the charger as it will cause a short circuit and further damage the device. Moreover, it is also suggested not to push any keys as it may push the liquid further into the device.

4. Gently shake the device

Next, shake the device properly. By doing this, you can remove water that might be stuck in the headphone jack, charging ports, etc. If you have a blower or vacuum cleaner at home, make use of it from a safe distance. Sometimes, people use a hair dryer to dry up water from the mobile phone, but its heat intensity can melt the circuit and other parts. So, it is better not to use it ever.

5. Bury the device in rice or an air-tight container

Another effective hack to follow if you have accidentally dropped phone in water and caused liquid damage is burying it in uncooked rice. It is the most commonly applied technique to absorb moisture from the mobile phone. Another option is putting the device inside an air tight container accompanying some silica gel sachets.

The second technique has a better capacity to absorb moisture than rice. However, when choosing any of the methods, you need to keep your phone in the bag or bowl for at least 3 days to ensure that all the moisture has been absorbed.

6. Wait for a considerable time

After leaving the phone in the rice or airtight container for at least 3 days, try to switch on your phone slowly. If there is no substantial damage, it should start working or at least boot. However, if it does not start working, you have to take it to a certified service centre.

7. Back up all data when your phone starts working

Liquid damage to smartphones can often be fatal, but sometimes the device will switch back automatically and power up normally. In such cases, the first thing to do is back up all data stored on your device. Certain components of the device might have the risk of rusting quickly. Also, the smartphone’s lifespan will be significantly reduced due to its accidental fall into the water.

Some Precautionary Measures

Most people habitually take their mobile phones in the bathroom or while washing clothes or utensils. However, these are the places where you should avoid taking your mobile phone. Also, when it is raining outside, and you are getting wet, it is wise not to talk on the phone.


When you purchase a high-end smartphone, you should invest some money to safeguard it. For instance, if you have accidentally dropped phone in water, it will considerably cost you to repair or replace internal components. An effective mobile insurance cover can be an ideal option to bear such expenses. Such budget-friendly insurance plans are available under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. However, note that the phone’s premium will depend on the device's value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase mobile insurance cover online?

Yes, you can purchase this comprehensive policy online on Bajaj Markets.

Is depreciation mandatory in the policy?

No, depreciation value is only applicable in case of total damage or loss. In case of partial failures, you only need to pay the deductibles.

What damages phone battery?

Keeping it under direct exposure to sunlight or in a hot environment can heat up the phone and drain the battery life even more.

What are the most common phone repairs?

Here is the list of most common phone repairs:

  • Port repairs

  • Water damage

  • Screen repair and replacement

  • Broken or faulty button repair, etc.

Are Apple phones covered under mobile insurance cover?

Yes, apple phones are covered under a mobile insurance policy.

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