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Thyroid Care Plan Overview

Thyroid is a hormonal disease which can have a serious impact on your metabolism. It is crucial to keep it in check and be aware of the harm it might do to your body. Although there is no prevention of such lifestyle diseases, you can always have a financial backup for the same.

With the Thyroid Care Plan by Bajaj Finserv Health, you can get insurance at just ₹1,799. You can enjoy the range of benefits the plan offers. Read further for more information on the plan.


How to Apply for a Thyroid Care Plan?

  • Click on ‘Buy Now’

    Select the ‘Buy Now’ button.

  • Fill your details

    Add your required details.

  • Make the payment

    Choose payment method as per your convenience.

What’s Covered under Thyroid Care Plan?

  • Lab test package

    A set of pre-defined precautionary tests are included in this plan. These tests can detect the illness. You will also get a check-up for the pre-defined plan every year which will detect if you have the disease or not. Only adults mentioned in the policy will be able to take the test. The tests will only be available at Bajaj Finserv Health Prime Partner Hospitals.

  • OPD/Doctor consultation benefit

    This package consists of consultancies from doctors with a minimum degree of MBBS, BDS, BAMS and BHMS. Allopathic, dental, homeopathic and ayurvedic dental facilities are covered in this package. Consultancies with specialists under this domain are also covered in the same. Only adults mentioned in the plan will be covered. The amount mentioned can be claimed in a single visit or in a series of multiple visits according to the balance.

  • Tele-consultation benefit

    You can consult the doctors within the above-mentioned domain through tele-consultancies. This benefit can be enjoyed only by the members mentioned in the policy.

What’s NOT Covered under Thyroid Care Plan?

  • Exclusions under lab test package: Get access to the lab-test package on the Bajaj Finserv website and have a look at the exclusions. The mentioned will not be covered under this plan.
  • Exclusions under OPD/Doctor Consultation Benefit All exclusions mentioned in the OPD/Doctor consultation benefit, will NOT be covered under the plan.
  • Exclusions under Teleconsultation Benefit - All the mentioned exclusions under the Teleconsultation Benefit will not be covered under this plan.
  • Exclusions to availing Network Discounts - All exclusions mentioned under Network Discounts will NOT be covered in this package.



Thyroid Care Plan Details and Specifications:

Here are the plan details and specifications:

Thyroid Care



Lab Test Package (Prime Network)

No. of tests

Membership fee

No. of tests

Membership fee



Rs. 1,799


Rs. 3,399

Lipid Profile






X Ray Chest



Hemogram & ESR



OPD/Doctor Consultation Benefit
(Open Market Reimbursement)

Benefits up to Rs. 1750

Benefits up to Rs.3000

Endocrinologist, Dietician and General Physician

Teleconsultation Benefit (Bajaj Finserv Health platform)

2 Consultations

3 Consultations


General Physician

Network Discounts (Prime Network)

- 10% Discount on Pharmacy, Doctor Consultation, lab & radiology, Discount on health plans & packages, Dental Procedures - 5% Discount on IPD room rent, & Spectacles - Free Ambulance for IPD admissions

How to Claim the Thyroid Care Plan:

You can claim the plan by using the following methods:

  • Call on 020-48562555


Customer Care Details:

You can connect with us at Bajaj Markets. Write to us at


Thyroid Care FAQs

  • ✔️What is the premium amount for the Thyroid Care Plan?

    The premium amount for the plan has different variations. Refer to the plan details sections for more information.

  • ✔️Where can I claim the Thyroid Care Plan?

    You can claim Thyroid Care Plan through email at -

    or call on 020-48562555.


  • ✔️Can I get the Thyroid Care Plan in Delhi?

    Yes, you can get this plan in Delhi.


  • ✔️Will I get physical consultancy with this plan?

    Yes, you will get physical consultancy with this plan.


  • ✔️What is the validity of the Thyroid Care Plan?

    The plan validity is for 1 year.