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A Complete Guide to Travel via Indian Railways - Overview

India is home to a plethora of cuisines and cultures. And we all know that beauty lies in diversity. With cities and towns like Coorg, Munnar, Rishikesh, Malvan, etc., we have some of the most compelling places to explore. The entire domestic trip becomes 10x better when travelled via Indian Railways. Even though flights have gained immense popularity in recent years, railways are still the much-loved mode of transport. And why not? Trains allow you to relish the changing landscape as you sit back and relax. However, every first-timer is scared of messing up their train journey. This article illustrates a few tips and tricks that can help you have a safe and happy train journey to your destination.

8 Tips for Train Travel in India

Here are a few train travel tips that can make your experience with Indian Railways safer, happier, and more comfortable:

  • Always Chain Your Luggage

Protecting your luggage is essential while travelling. If you choose to travel by train for great distances, the journey could even take 24 - 36 hours. And you won't be holding on to your baggage for that long, will you? You might want to stretch your legs every once in a while, take a nap, or get down at a railway station to buy snacks. Chain your luggage to the seat to ensure that your luggage is safe at all times. After all, it's better to stay safe than sorry.


Pro Tip: You can protect yourself against the threat of theft and burglary with baggage insurance.

  • Pre-Order Your Food

Indian Railways offers lunch, dinner, and breakfast to the travellers. However, you won't find enough options. If you are a picky eater, consider using services like food delivery in trains that bring the meal to your seat at the station of your choice. You can pre-order your meals well in advance online.

  • Keep Your Belongings Safe

Along with things that can be packed in the luggage, you might also carry valuable items such as a wallet on your person. Keeping your wallet along will help you buy tea/coffee or snacks as and when needed without a hitch. However, wallets can be misplaced or robbed during rail travels. So, how can you secure it in advance? With CPP Wallet Care Plus! It offers services like emergency travel assistance, PAN card replacement, and 24x7 card blocking.

  • Stay Prepared for Loud Neighbours

Some people like to socialise with strangers during their rail travels. However, that's not what everyone wants to do. Some like to read a book while others would rather complete their sleep quota and blow away the cobwebs before reaching the destination. And with noisy neighbours, getting a good nap can be difficult. So, carry an eye mask and ear plugs to block out any light and noise.

  • Carry Extra Food

Train travel is indeed fun. However, this mode of transport can also take extra time to reach the destination. Hence, you can commence the journey assuming that you will reach the location at least 1-3 hours late. So, pack extra food to sate your appetite. Edibles like fruits, nuts, biscuits, and chips are ideal for train travels.

  • Keep the Charger Handy

This tip is especially important if you are travelling solo. As someone who is travelling alone, you are most likely to spend your train hours on the phone. Hence, pack your charger in a bag that is easily accessible. If the journey time is over 12 hours, you will probably need it at least once.

  • Insure Your Trip

Things can go miserably wrong during trips. We have all heard at least one crazy travel story from our friends, families, or acquaintances, right? Accidents, misplacing valuables, vehicle breakdown, etc. are quite common. However, did you know? You can overcome such unpredictable challenges like a pro with a domestic travel insurance plan. It offers financial assistance in times of need, card blocking, and other complimentary assistance.

  • Trains Offer the Best 'Me Time'

We can't get enough of our 'me time', can we? While solo travelling is a way of spending some time by yourself, train time can also help you revel in your own company. Think about it, where else can you get such uninterrupted time? If you're a movie buff, you could strike off a few movies from your 'to-be-watched list’. If you are an avid reader, train journeys are the time you carry those gigantic books. And nothing beats the feeling of looking outside the window and enjoying the captivating charm of nature with earphones on.


If you want to experience the beauty of India, you must travel via Indian Railways. Here, you not only enjoy the countryside through the window but also meet new people from different backgrounds and cultures. However, we can encounter multiple challenges while travelling. And accidents are pretty common. Hence, it is imperative to insure yourself with an Accidental Death Insurance plan. With this policy, you can ensure your loved ones are financially secure even if you can’t be around to meet their needs.


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Can I make online train ticket booking?

Yes. You can book railway tickets online via the IRCTC app.

Should I buy wallet insurance while travelling to an alien state via Indian Railways?

Yes. Wallet insurance like cpp wallet care plus will offer card blocking facility, PAN card replacement services, emergency travel assistance, and more in case you lose your wallet during your journey.

How will baggage insurance help me during my trip to Rishikesh?

Baggage insurance offers financial security against threats like burglary during your trip.

Can I buy travel insurance online?

Yes. You can buy insurance online at Bajaj Markets.

Why should I travel by train?

Here are a few reasons why you must opt for train travel:


  • Budget friendly

  • You get to have fun conversations with your co-travellers

  • It allows you to enjoy the scenic views of different states and cities

Can I check train PNR status online?

Yes. You can check train PNR status online by visiting the official Indian Railways website.

Do I need accidental death insurance for my rail travels?

Yes. Accidental death insurance is a must-have for anyone who travels regularly. It offers a lump-sum benefit to the nominee in case of unfortunate demise.

What are train safety tips that I must follow?

Here’s are a few rail safety tips that you must keep in mind:


  • Buy Indian rail ticket online

  • Keep your important documents in a sealed bag

  • Bring your own bedding

  • Board the train early


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