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Vector-Borne Disease - Dengue Cover Plan

Dengue is one of the most common vector borne diseases, especially during the changing seasons. It can lead to serious repercussions in case it gets serious. It also has many side effects which might affect your health post recovery.

Bajaj Markets brings to you the Vector-Borne Disease – Dengue Cover Plan which covers all the required and necessary expenses. With minimal premium rates starting at just ₹809/- you can reap the amazing benefits offered in this cover. Read on for more information.


How to Apply for the Vector-Borne Disease - Dengue Cover Plan?

  • Step 1: Fill Online Application Form

    Click on ‘Buy Now’ and complete an online application form.

  • Step 2: Enter OTP

    Enter an OTP sent to your mobile number for form completion.

  • Step 3: Make Online Payment

    Make payment through online payment methods.

You will receive the policy membership details on your registered email ID.

Eligibility Criteria 

Anyone within the age of 18 and 50 years is eligible for the Vector-Borne Disease - Dengue Cover Plan.

What’s Covered in the Vector-Borne Dengue Cover Plan?

1. Hospitalisation Costs

Hospitalisation costs up-to ₹1 lakhs will be covered under this policy. The admission to the hospital should be within the policy tenure. 

2. Diagnosis

The dengue diagnosis charges will be covered under this policy. It includes all the tests required for the detection of the disease.

3. Medicines and Pharmacy

The policy covers all the required expenses related to medical and pharmacy

4. Doctor’s Fee

The doctor’s fee and other OPD charges will be covered under this policy

5. Treatment Expenditure

Treatment charges such as tests, hospitalisation, ICU, transfusions, consultation fees, medicines, etc are covered under this policy

What’s Not Covered?

1. Other Fevers

Any other kind of fevers other than dengue fever will not be covered in this plan

2. OPD

Any other consultancies such as general practitioners, nutritionists, dermatologists, etc. that are not dengue will not be covered in this plan

3. Age Above 50 years

Anyone above the age of 50 years is not eligible to apply for the plan 

4. Prior Hospitalisation

Expenses prior to hospitalisation will not be covered under this plan

5. Pre-existing Ailments

Any pre-existing disease or diagnosis will not be covered under this policy

*A complete policy wording is available for customers to read before purchase.

How to Make A Claim? 

You can claim this policy under the Hospital Insurance Plan by contacting the insurer.




Toll Free Number: 1800-102-4462


Contact Us:

For any queries related to coverage, exclusion, and other details reach out to us on


Can I access this policy abroad?

Under the terms of this policy, emergency medical care will be available anywhere around the world. The insured person will be taken to the closest medical facility under adequate medical supervision if there is no nearby medical aid available. Please consult the policy wordings for additional information.

What documents would I need to submit during the claim?

To make a claim, you will need to provide a photo ID, policy copy and KYC documents. The discharge card, invoices, original diagnostic reports, etc., will be required to utilise the benefits of this policy. 

How will I get the updates with regard to my policy?

Written (hard copy/soft copy) communications, notices, and instructions will be sent to the policyholder's registration address. The mobile number or email address submitted in the insurance application will be used for other digital communications.

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