Buy Viral Fever (Infection) Cover starting at just Rs. 1,549/year

What is the Viral Fever (Infection) Cover

Fever is generally an auto-response made by the immune system to fight against unwelcome bacteria or viruses. However, the fever can become unmanageable if you let it get out of hand. This could result in hospitalisation, lab testing, medication, medical consultations, etc., which cost a fortune. 


To prevent a viral fever from wreaking havoc on your health and finances, it is crucial to have a plan that safeguards your financial interests. Thus, Bajaj Markets offers you the Viral Fever (Infection) Cover from ManipalCigna Health Insurance Co. Ltd., which provides you with a lump sum coverage of up to Rs. 3 Lakhs at a premium rate starting at Rs. 1,549 only. 


Key Features of the Viral Fever (Infection) Cover

Test Coverage

Under this policy, diagnostic lab tests are covered along with other medical requirements in case of hospitalisation due to viral fever.

ICU and Room Rent Charges

The Viral Fever (Infection) Cover provides benefits that protect your finances against ICU or hospital room expenses in case of severe viral disease.

IPD Consultations Cover

Doctor’s fees and consultation charges incurred during hospitalisation due to viral fever are covered by this policy.

How to Apply for the Viral Fever (Infection) Cover

Follow the steps given below to apply for the Viral Fever (Infection) Cover.

  • Tap on ‘Buy Now’

    Select ‘Buy Now’ on the product page.

  • Enter Your Details

    Fill in all relevant details required to purchase this policy.

  • Make The Payment

    Pay the premium rate of the policy through any digital payment platform.

Eligibility Criteria

Following are the eligibility criteria required to purchase the Viral Fever (Infection) Cover.


  • The insured should be between the ages of 18 years and 65 years.

  • The policy buyer should be a citizen of India. 

What's Covered

  • Hospitalisation Charges

    Should the insured individual suffer from a viral fever due to diseases such as measles, rubella, hepatitis, rabies, polio, Ebola, dengue fever, etc., which directly result in hospitalisation, the sum-insured of up to Rs. 3 Lakhs can be provided to the insured. This coverage would include room rent charges, doctor’s fees, ICU charges, etc.

  • Treatment Expenses

    Pre- hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation charges can be covered to fulfil medical requirements to treat viral fever. Up to Rs. 3 Lakhs can be provided to cover treatment requirements such as medication expenses, transfusions, lab tests, etc.

Policy Plan Details & Specifications

The Viral Fever (Infection) Cover can be bought at a premium rate starting at Rs. 1,549.



Premium Amount 

Sum Insured

Hospitalisation Cover

In-patient hospitalisation and day care

Rs. 1,549

Rs. 1 Lakh

Pre-Hospitalisation Cover

15 days

Rs. 1,624

Rs. 2 Lakhs

Post-Hospitalisation Cover

15 days

Rs. 1,704

Rs. 3 Lakhs

What’s Not Covered

Following are the exclusions of the Viral Fever (Infection) Cover.

Pre-existing Diseases

Any diseases or ailments that existed before the policy year are not covered.

Hospitalisation Time

The hospitalisation benefit will not be provided before a hospitalisation period of 48 hours.

Limited Peril Triggers

This policy will provide coverage for measles, rubella, shingles, hepatitis, rabies, polio, ebola and hantavirus fever, dengue fever, Epstein-Barr, Zika, SARS, chicken pox, mumps and smallpox. 


*For complete exclusions, clauses, terms and conditions, please refer to the policy document.

How to Make a Claim

To claim the Viral Fever (Infection) Cover, you may contact the insurer in the following ways.


  • Email

You may contact the insurer, ManipalCigna Health Insurance Co. Ltd., through


  • Toll-free Number

You can call the insurer on 1800-102-4462.

Customer Care Details

To contact Bajaj Markets at if you have any queries, questions or concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Viral Fever (Infection) Cover

  • ✔️Can a minor be a member of this policy?

     Only individuals above 18 years and below 65 years can be active policyholders under the Viral Fever (infection) Cover. 

  • ✔️Will this policy provide me with coverage if I am hospitalised due to a normal fever?

     This policy covers only fever triggered due to measles, rubella, shingles, hepatitis, rabies, polio, ebola and hantavirus fever, dengue fever, Epstein-Barr, Zika, SARS, chicken pox, mumps and smallpox. 

  • ✔️Will coverage be provided for treatment expenses after hospitalisation?

    Yes, post-hospitalisation expenses can be covered under the Viral Fever (Infection) Cover to provide benefits of up to Rs. 3 Lakhs for medication expenses, transfusion charges, etc.  

  • ✔️Can I buy this policy online?

     Yes, you can buy this policy online through Bajaj Markets in a simple three-step journey. Click on ‘Buy Now’ on the product page of the Viral Fever (Infection) Cover. Fill in all the required fields of information accurately. Proceed to pay the premium amount in order to buy this policy.