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5 Waterfalls near Nashik for Every Traveller to Explore

Nashik is a beautiful city in Maharashtra famous for its ambiguity and serenity to tourists. Besides being known for its historical importance and inherent cultural value, Nashik makes for a notable tourist destination as it is endowed with the surreal beauty of the waterfalls. 

Those who want to experience the bounty of nature amidst evergreen forests and tranquil water must visit the waterfalls in Nashik. The silvery white water gurgling down the lush green forests is a visual delight. The several waterfall sites in Nashik make for popular tourist spots, offering visitors solace from the pell-mell of the city. 

However, one must look at the following destinations to streamline their searches for the best waterfall sites. 

5 Waterfalls near Nashik

Individuals looking to visit waterfalls near Nashik can choose any of the sites from the following options. These sites offer ultimate bliss and peace, making holidays serene and refreshing.

1. Someshwar Waterfall – 11 Kms From Nashik

Someshwar Waterfall is located near Ambedkar Nagar, Maharashtra, in the suburbs of Nashik. It is among the list of popular destinations in Nashik. This fall is small but offers a picturesque site within the vicinity of the Someshwar temple. The beauty of this fall will make visitors amazed. The cascade has an altitude of 10 metres and is formed over the holy river Godavari. A day’s trip to this site is ideal for people who want to experience the serenity of the waterfall and exotic surroundings far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

2. Umbrella Waterfalls – 68 Kms From Nashik

Umbrella Waterfalls, Nashik, is a major tourist attraction located at Bhandardara Dam in Maharashtra. The waterfall is the backdrop of an ivy-covered bridge, and the Bhandardara dam forms backdrop of this waterfall, setting an incredible site for visitors. As the waterfall falls on naturally placed semi-circular rock gives out a projection of an umbrella. Especially during monsoons, visitors can see the waterfall taking the prominent shape of an umbrella. It is a majestic waterfall that provides a suitable ambience and view and is considered one of the best camping sites. Moreover, this site has hydro attractions – Wilson dam near it. 

3. Dabhosa Waterfalls – 90 Kms From Nashik

Dabhosa Waterfall, located near Nashik in Thane, Maharashtra, is covered with lush green surroundings, making it a favourable destination for a weekend getaway ideal place for visitors to enjoy grandeur of nature and eye-soothing multi-drop waterfall. The waterfall is formed over the Fendi River and falls from an altitude of 300 metres. Even adventure seekers will find this place ideal as they can trek, participate in rappelling, rock climbing, zip lining etc. 

4. Dugarwadi Waterfall – 37 Kms From Nashik

Dugarwadi Waterfall, located near Trimbakeshwar, Trimbak, is a picturesque waterfall. The waterfall emerges from one of scenic wilderness point of the Sahyadri Mountain ranges. The soothing backdrop and serenity of this area set an inviting ambience for visitors. A visit to this place will help one escape the clamour of city and enjoy mesmerising beauty of nature at a close quarter. One can enjoy this waterfall from a height of 450 feet, along with splashing sound of cascades.

5. Vihigaon Falls – 58 Kms From Nashik

Vihigaon Falls is a seasonal cascade that is located in Igatpuri. The waterfall cascades down from the Sahyadri Mountain range like a broad stream of water. It gushes down from a height of 120 feet and reaches a small pool at the mountain base. The site looks stupendous even from a distant view. In monsoons, the cascade becomes voluminous, enhancing the site’s beauty. Moreover, Vihigaon Falls is an ideal place for adventure seekers who can engage in exciting outdoor activities. 

Though these sites look best during monsoon season, one must refrain from swimming under the waterfall as one might succumb to an unforeseen circumstance. Secondly, visitors must give extra attention to their possessions and accessories that they have carried along. Any digital or mechanical accessories, like a watch, may get damaged or lost. One must opt for a Watch Insurance Policy to secure such possession. 


To sum up, visitors looking for a rejuvenating vacation must explore the waterfalls in Nashik. The enchanting waterfall sites are popular among city dwellers, nature lovers, adventure seekers, and photography enthusiasts. These majestic works of nature never fail to amaze and delight onlookers and look even more breathtaking during monsoons. However, travelling to these sites can be safer if one is secured under a Monsoon insurance plan as the rainy season brings along diseases. Moreover, one can negate the number of accidents that are common during this season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔️Is it safe to visit waterfalls during monsoons?

    Yes, it is safe to travel to waterfall sites during rainy seasons. The season enhances the charm of these places. However, one must exercise extra attention and be careful while driving. Moreover, one must refrain from swimming as the volume of the water increases. 

  • ✔️Why is Nashik famous?

    Nashik has been the hub of commerce and trade in India. In addition, Nashik is one of the popular pilgrimage sites and home to numerous temples. The city is also famous for several vineyards and wine tasting tours. 

  • ✔️Can visitors travel to Dudhsagar waterfall in monsoons?

    Dudhsagar waterfall is open for visitors throughout the year. Hence visitors can go to the site during monsoon seasons. However, they can experience and enjoy the site to the fullest from the month of November to May.

  • ✔️What are the major sources of tourist attractions in Nashik?

    People who want to explore Nashik and connect with its serenity and cultural aesthetics must explore the Sula Vineyards, Brahmagiri hills, Saptashrungi, Harihar Fort, Pandavleni Caves etc.

  • ✔️Is Bhagirath waterfall near Nashik?

    Yes, Bhagirath waterfall, also known as Vangani falls, is around 150 km away from Nashik. It is one of the picturesque and breathtaking waterfalls near Nashik that takes visitors to a world of tranquillity.