Argentina Travel Guide

A beautiful South American nation, Argentina has contributed immensely in the field of football. But, what a lot of people do not know is that Argentina also tops as one of the most picturesque tourist destinations. So, if you are looking to scout across the natural wonders of South America, Argentina is a must visit! Traveling to Argentina would get even more fulfilling if you get an Argentina Travel Insurance available at Bajaj Markets.

Argentina: Places to Visit

  • Everyone’s heard of Buenos Aires, and everyone visits Buenos Aires when in Argentina. This city perfectly captures the laid back yet bustling lifestyle of Latin Americans. From heritage structures to the modern culture dominating the spirit of this city, this is a place which offers an interesting mix.

  • If you want to enjoy the cold beautiful glacial scenery and a view of the plains of Patagonia, then the best place to head is El Calafate. It is one of the most beautiful places that this country has to offer. If you are outdoorsy by nature, then you should not give this place a miss. In El Calafate, get ready to explore the natural side of Argentina.

  • Bariloche is another place to visit when in Brazil. Located in the Patagonian region, this place is characterized by the presence of a beautiful glacial lake which is bordered by the Andes Mountains, adding to the scenic beauty of this town.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Languages Spoken 

The most common and main language in use in Argentina is Spanish. However, it differs a little from the Spanish which is commonly spoken in Spain. Argentinian Spanish has a lot of similarities with the Italian language. The other languages spoken here include German, English, French and Italian.

  • Capital

The current capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires.

  • Currency

Argentina Peso is the currency in use in Argentina.

  • Population

  • Best time to Visit

It is best to travel to Argentina when the weather remains pleasant and comfortable. So, the ideal time to visit this country would be during its spring months which begins from October and lasts till about the middle of December. You can also plan a trip to Argentina sometime during the months of April to the middle of June, which demarcates autumn here.

  • Cuisine/Delicacies

The traditional dishes of Argentina are a delight. If you love to have a fair amount of protein in your meal, do try tasting Milanesa. Choripan is another famous traditional dish in Argentina. Llama Steak and Locro are two other dishes that you simply cannot miss tasting when in Argentina.

  • Requirements for Visa Application

To get your tourist visa for Argentina, you will need to visit the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in New Delhi and Mumbai, India with the supporting documents testifying your identity, citizenship and financial credibility.

  • Travel Insurance Benefits

In order to keep yourself and your family covered from mishaps, purchase Argentina travel insurance before your trip and get maximum coverage on your travel to Argentina. Travel Insurance Plans available on Bajaj Markets for Argentina shall protect you against theft of travel documents, passport or other valuables, luggage delays and booming hospital costs. Read further to understand the advantages of travel insurance.

  • Visiting near-by Countries

If you are also planning on visiting the vibrant city of Brazil, do remember to first buy a Brazil Travel Insurance to travel carefree and stay safe as well.


1. Why do I need a travel insurance?

Argentina Travel Insurance available on Bajaj Markets will keep you covered against any accidental damages arising due to health issues, luggage loss, passport loss, theft of valuables, etc.

2. Why should you buy Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance available on Bajaj Markets?

This Bajaj Allianz travel insurance available on Bajaj Markets covers for Argentina, thereby protecting you from unexpected contingencies and helps you explore Argentina without any worries!

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